Rotherham’s Democratic Deficit – Is democracy thwarted, democracy denied?

The outrageous democratic deficit experienced by 75% of voters in Rotherham’s parish councils, was exposed entirely by accident when an occasional contributor highlighted a broken link on RMBC’s website, now working, I suspect as a result of this exposure.

The last parish elections were held in May 2011, except in 3 out of 4, no one was even allowed a vote! Some elections these! Some democracy this!

How often have we heard from some Labour wag commenting, even on Rotherham Politics, that elections are too expensive!

This viewpoint is the grandest delusion of all, that those in control, know best and have a right to go untroubled by elections!

How do they do it? Is it an offence under legislation? Who looses in this process? Some of the immediate questions that come to mind, they will be dealt with, in a later posting exploring this phenomenon in detail. If you would like to make a contribution, please leave a comment.

Perhaps – Rotherham’s biggest democratic deficit?

A quick analysis of elections information of parish councils in Rotherham reveals much:

Anston parish council Elections
Aston cum Aughton parish council Elections
Bramley parish council No Elections
Brampton Bierlow parish council No Elections
Brinsworth parish council No Elections
Catcliffe parish council No Elections
Dalton parish council No Elections
Dinnington St Johns Town Council Elections
Firbeck parish council No Elections
Harthill with Woodall parish council No Elections
Hellaby parish council Elections                                                                                                   Laughton en le Morthen parish council No Elections
Letwell parish council No Elections
Maltby Town Council Elections
Orgreave parish council No Elections
Ravenfield parish council No Elections
Thorpe Salvin parish council Elections
Thrybergh parish council No Elections
Thurcroft parish council Elections
Todwick parish council No Elections
Treeton parish council No Elections
Ulley parish council No Elections
Wales parish council No Elections
Wentworth parish council No Elections
Whiston parish council No Elections
Wickersley parish council No Elections
Woodsetts parish council No Elections

The links to the basic information work, unlike RMBC’s website. As usual these links should open in your browser, use back button to return:

Results contested parish council elections

Results uncontested parish council elections

The bare facts are these, there are 27 parish and Town Councils in Rotherham Borough.

There were no elections at all in 20 parish councils and elections, in at least a part of the parish, in only 7!

This is a startling result! Labour’s true democratic deficit starts at the bottom and goes all the way to the top, it would seem!

Thanks to Accidental Anarchist for starting this little hare running.

Town & Parish Councils – Information at your fingertips

Rotherham Politics brings readers more important information and makes it available at the click of a mouse:

Model Contract of Employment and Job Description Parish Council Clerks                         Model Code of Conduct for Parish Councils
Model Standing Orders for Parish Councils
Model Complaints Procedure for Parish Councils
Model Financial Regulations for Parish Councils
Model Audit Procedure for Parish Councils

This information tells readers how a parish council should be run, certainly not widely adhered to in the parish councils of Rotherham Town.

Rothpol is very grateful to the source of this information, can’t tell you who because they ticked the no publicity box.