Gerald Smith – Hilda Jack’s Account


“Cllr. Smith not endorsed as a candidate for the 2014 election and referred to the NEC of the Labour Party for his caution for an election offence in 2011? Surprise surprise in trouble again for not putting his name on … Continue reading

Mystery deepens!


Rothpol can bring news of a mystery concerning the qualification for service on Aston cum Aughton parish council of a Labour member, Derek Corkell. Remember when the last round of parish and Town council elections took place, Gerald Smith the … Continue reading

Rotherham’s disgraceful parade gets ever longer!

Rotherham is rapidly building up an increasingly long list of councillors guilty of acting outrageously but go, as yet, unpunished by the Rotherham Labour Local Government Committee, Labour Group or the Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Labour Party.

The labour Party should hang it’s head in shame for the disgraceful way that in Rotherham, actions that would result in Party expulsion anywhere else, are actively tolerated and the guilty not only go unpunished but are protected! These outrages must stop! The Labour Party must deal with it’s own dirty washing, before it makes the description ‘Scum Labour’ entirely apt!

Gerald Smith is both a borough and parish councillor. So disgraceful has this this man’s behaviour been over the years, that it is most certainly time he paid the price for them. What we have never been able to understand is, why Rotherham and the Regional Labour Party have not acted before to rid the town of this flawed man. Read all about Gerald Smith, Police caution and all! Read on…..

Rotherham’s very own Blue Badge abusing councillor, still evading justice, or at least the wrath of the public, hiding like the coward that he is, behind a wall of silence from Labour Group. Read on….

This situation cannot continue, Labour must deal with this without further delay.


The latest tale of abuse of position comes to our attention.

The ‘Two Homes Scandal’, described by Grant Shapps on Monday in parliament, comes to Rotherham with the ‘I’m-Alright-Jacks’.

Is this yet another manifestation of ‘Scum Labour’ in action?

Yet another tale of council mismanagement and abuse of power is, I understand, about to break and will be carrying it here soonest!

Bringing up the rear, is our very own Parliamentarian, currently in disgrace. Ongoing Police investigation, We have checked! This man is either extraordinarily greedy or a crook. We shall see which one in due course!

The full sorry tale can be found Here…..

Does Rotherham have their very own ‘Two Homes’ councillor?

Speculation is rife throughout the borough that Rotherham may well have their very own ‘I’m-Alright-Jacks’, with reports coming in of at least one councillor living in council accommodation whilst owning a property about a mile away!

More information is being sought, if readers have more information on this or other examples of apparent abuse of power please let us know see, About Rotherham Politics.

Grant Shapps: “A lot of people who are in council houses have second homes”

Grant Shapps: “A lot of people who are in council houses have second homes, and they rent out their main home or the council home. That is another scandal that I am sure he will appreciate our bringing to an end.” Hansard Monday 31st October 2011.

Is Grant Shapps perhaps, a mind reader?

Another one of Gerald Smith’s lies nailed!

Gerald Smith’s outrageous behaviour during the parish council election campaign of this May is being exposed for what it was, a total disgrace for a politician engaged in democratic politics!

Today we can nail the blatant lie and fabrication by Smith that Christian Democracy is “a far right European organisation. This can be verified by the parish clerk.

We have the definitive answer to that particular canard from Professor DL Hanley of the University of Wales, who states:

“I can state unequivocally that to describe Christian democracy as belonging to the far right reveals at best political ignorance and at worst the desire to mislead.
The Christian democrat movement and its European instance the EPP (European
People’s Party) are recognised by all political scientists as located firmly in the
tradition of centrist or moderate centre-right politics. Christian democracy has always
been firmly opposed to the far-right.” Read Letter from Prof Hanley in full.

So there we have it, Smith is either a liar or a fool, either way he is unfit for ‘public service’ and should consider his position and resign. The Aston parish clerk also should resign for either being a fool or something much worse!