More Labour Embarrassment!

For a few days now Patrick Cawkwell has been sharing his obnoxious opinions concerning the Palestine conflict and his fulsome support for the terrorist organisation, Hamas. Together with his contemptible views on the Northern Ireland situation, where he seems to think, that the conflict is not yet over!

These views were shared with us using his Community Champion wordpress identity! which also includes this cosy picture of this Labour Party member with his Mum and Caroline flint who, no doubt, will be mortified to be associated with his extremist views.

Patrick states that he is “Community Champion/Streetpride Champion for Doncaster and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Councils respectively.”


It is easy to see how negative impressions might develop as a result of these intemperate postings?

Embarrassment then, for Labour in Doncaster, for Caroline Flint, Ed Miliband and Rosie Winterton, all local Labour Doncaster MPs.

Rotherham Labour does not escape embarrassment either from these outbursts because of the associated confusion with the use of the title, Streetpride Champion for Rotherham!

Patrick Cawkwell’s obnoxious views must be repudiated as publicly as they were published on Rotherham Politics and until Patrick stops living in fantasy land, his views will not be welcome on Rotherham Politics, as we also find his words deeply offensive!

Patrick (Bert) Cawkwell Facebook IRA Outrage!

Rotherham Politics is grateful to Don Buxton once again, for spotting this Facebook posting from Patrick John Cawkwell, known to his chums as Bert and to us, as the Conisborough Canary.

Facebook Patrick John Cawkwell (Bert):

If Patrick Cawkwell is a member of the Labour Party, he seems to be doing his darnedest to provoke them into terminating his membership?

A few random questions?

Rotherham Politics poses the difficult questions:

Why are the Conservatives in Rotherham so poor at providing opposition?

Why did the independent remuneration panel only take evidence and advice from Council Officers, before recommending more? Rotherham Politics thinks that ordinary people should have had an input!

Where was Iain StJohn, when he was unaccountably missing from meetings of Anston parish council last week? And the linked questions, why were the usually rowdy and domineering Labour members so polite and quiet? Will this spread to other parish councils? No one should hold their breath whilst waiting, leopards do not change their spots!

Surely, when the Council nods through Councillors allowances, aren’t they actually setting the total sum to be paid, not with extras like a pension or NI payments? Councillors are not employees! Are these extra payments actually legal? Interesting question at least!

When will all Rotherham’s citizens be able to view meetings over the internet? This is an equalities issue as well as an outrageous deficit in Rotherham’s democracy! The cameras are not just for Mayor making, they are for every day!

Aren’t ‘special responsibility’ payments supposed to be paid for ‘special responsibilities’? Why then, are most Labour members in receipt of these ‘special’ payments? There’s nothing ‘special’ if everyone gets them!

What does RotherFed actually achieve? Beyond providing employment opportunities for at least one ‘favoured son’, it would appear?

When will the RMBC website actually let the public view what is being done in their name? The search function is a waste of time, just when you think you have found the document you seek, it’s invariably missing! There is some evidence that the search functions work an awful lot better if you are logged on through the Council’s own servers.

Is the Great Firewall of Rotherham, Up or Down?

Section 106 Agreements, aren’t they just legalised extortion?

Did the community champion wear himself out with his recent magnum opus in the Advertiser? Or has he realised that you cannot defend the indefensible?

Why exactly does Chairman Ireland of Anston parish council, want a chain of office?

Why has ‘Darren the Defector’, been the most common search term for over a month now?

Are there any Liberals left in Rotherham?

How much does the Mayoralty cost? Isn’t it just an expensive anachronism? Why did it become a political reward and part of the Leader’s patronage? Why have all been Labour?