Rotherham By-Election – The Pivotal Moment?

The unacceptable face of Rotherham labour politics showed itself for what it is, as a result of their own botched selection. This resulted, not in a candidate of undoubted ability and track record such as Richard Burgon, but a complete unknown, with a decidedly dodgy labour pedigree.

What looked like a clever move by Tom Watson and labour’s NEC on Monday, turned into a disaster on the Tuesday night. Where is Tom Watson? Disappeared just like Tom Wrigglesworth?

Labour’s selection meeting turned into farce when, frustrated that their outrageous behaviour at the meeting went unrewarded, walked out! This was ight in front of Len Tingle and the BBC’s cameras, showing the whole country labour’s disarray!

Those whose behaviour before, during the selection meeting and subsequently, that has been simply outrageous, must be properly held to account. Many labour members and others simply can’t understand why Akhtar and others, have not been suspended from labour already? Just how much disrepute must one person cause before the party disciplines them?

Should labour lose on Thursday, which now seems more than likely, this will have been the pivotal moment, when they lost it!

Rotherham By-Election – TUSC Rally

Rotherham Politics can report, Mondays TUSC pre election rally was well attended and supported.

The message was clear the condem cuts in this area are devastating local jobs and services not to mention peoples lives.

Meanwhile the labour party are falling the people of Rotherham with the current ukip scandal alongside 2 local MP’s seemingly fiddling their expenses, after the emergence of Kevin Baron’s second home scandal, and a candidate the local party don’t even want!

Not to mention deputy leader of the borough council mr Akhtar’s foul mouthed tirade at a respect supporter.

The TUSC call for a stop to all the cuts with almost 2000 more emergency and public service jobs to go in the area. The people of Rotherham need an alternative and the TUSC can be the solution for the hard pressed people of Rotherham.

Rotherham By-Election – Labour Blind Panic Edition

Breaking News:

Labour has pulled their candidate from tonight’s hustings event, broadcast and organised by Radio Sheffield! Bottling it! Never looks pretty! Source BBC.

Latest announcement: Sarah Champion has pulled out of the Radio Sheffield debate tonight at New York stadium not because of the Foster Parent issue but the time would be better spend on valuable canvassing =of course it is Sarah. No open and transparent report from Council yet -no bets that that will be released after the election.

Initial reports indicate that after, running away from a microphone, much jocularity was the order of the day for those present! Sarah the Chump, indeed! Since when did any serious politician run away from a handy microphone? Well she’s no politician, is she! Her advice must have come from Cllr Look, Duck and Vanish MBE, he’s good at making himself scarce.

Labour has reached the unenviable position of actually losing Rotherham on Thursday. Their dirty tricks department is involved and there is a pretty good chance that even if the labour party should manage to scrape a victory, the Elections Court beckons. Phil Woolas, anyone?

Labour shouldn’t worry too much, Harriet Harman is on her way, leading the cavalry!

We can reveal that the Trades Unions; CWU, GMB, Unite and Unison are hopping mad about Sarah Champion’s selection, hardly ‘working class’ is she? No full timers working, perhaps that’s why? Who did Len McCluskey and Co want? Richard Burgon, the outstanding candidate on the long-list, that failed to make it to labour’s short-list. Wonder why not?

For those on the left, TUSC are holding a pre election rally at the Unity Centre tonight at 7pm. Candidate  Ralph Dyson, Dave Nellist, a former Workers MP on a Workers Wage, and Michael Lavalette, Preston socialist councillor are speaking.

Labour campaigning now reported to be counter productive! All that labours party workers are now doing is to serve to highlight Rotherham Labour Parties special problems!

News is just coming in of a very interesting campaign tactic from labour!

Canvassers covering Broom, in Councillor Mahroof Hussain’s ward are mystified by the reaction of some voters in this once Labour stronghold.

“Some say they are under the assumption that because he is canvassing he must be standing as MP.”

“They think they’re voting for Mahroof and when you tell them this is not the case they are mystified”

Turns out that Mahroof must be in denial? He is letting constituents believe, they will be able to vote for him on Thursday! Conning constituents, is what the labour seems to specialise in, but need it be quite so blatant!

Statement from RMBC – Fostering case


Statement from RMBC – Fostering case Published Monday 26th November 12 Councillor Roger Stone, The Leader of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council said: “This morning I received a report of the immediate investigation that was ordered early on Saturday by the … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election – Even More Labour Travails!

What has happened is clear:

– REVENGE – the usual dirty trick from the local nulabor mafia to slur the name of the foster parents because they dared to leave nulabor

– POLITICAL SABOTAGE – the usual dirty trick from the local nulabor mafia to discredit UKIP just before an election – RECOMMEND – local publicity calling for nulabor candidate to be disqualified

– CHILD STEALING – such young children are prime targets for the lucrative child market – google “child stealing”

– COMMON PURPOSE – see the attachment, we must fear for the safety of the children, see also ‘more than corrupt-amended and urgent information-amended

– STUPIDITY – if the foster parents were racist, would they be fostering children of East European descent ?


Good luck with your project

Read the attached Common Purpose – Sharp Practice.

Rotherham By-Election – More Labour Travails! Fresh Disgrace?

I’ve got a minor scoop for you, Rothpol types. Nothing too amazing, but it deserves to be brought to wider attention locally. I’ve been reading tweets from the twitter account of labour party campaign workers who have been seconded up north due to the local party refusing to campaign, here are some extracts

Just blasted the Respect office with Things can only get better with @simonevans117 @Becca_J_M @JoeGaytten and @TyronWilson

“Just blasted the #Rotherham Respect office with Things can only get better with @simonevans117 @becca_j_m @joegaytten and @TyronWilson”

Yeah that’s right Danny came all the way from surburban London to drive by the Respect offices with his car speakers.

This northern rail train has got to be the shitiest, crapiest train I’ve ever been on! We would never settle for this in the South East’

“Simon Evans
This northern rail train has got to be the shitiest, crapiest train I’ve ever been on! We would never settle for this in the South East’”

Then stay in Portsmouth then Simon if you hate the north so much!

@Pete_Allison ’14 year old on the run after getting out of her dreams and into her car without consent’

@Pete_Allison Look, it’s you if they made an E-FIT out of you aged 14 (links to )

@Pete_Allison ’14 year old on the run after getting out of her dreams and into her car without consent’

would any sensible person Jokes about a sexual assault on teenage girls if they were campaigning in Rotherham?


Rothpols thanks go to interested outsider, for being so observant and bringing this to our attention.

Rotherham By-Election – Sunday Roundup!

A week ago the Rotherham by-election looked set for a routine, if unspectacular, labour victory. A week can be a truly long time in politics and none more so, than this last week for labour.

There is a major link between Joyce Thacker and Sarah Champion, labour’s by-election candidate. Common Purpose! Joyce Thacker follows their principles, that have got Rotherham in such hot water, and Sarah Champion is a graduate of Common Purpose!

Tomorrow will, no doubt, reveal the full extent of embarrassment over the UKIP foster carer story, this from the Daily Mail, typical of the current crop of stories in the ‘dead tree press’ and probably more of the same treatment in Mondays editions.

UKIP and Respect supporters, very visible today, continuing their campaigns with renewed vigour and purpose. No reports of others out campaigning today, if you have them please send them in! Email Rothpol.

Latest report: TUSC Candidate Ralph Dyson and over 20 supporters canvassed all over the town today, going door to door in groups in Canklow and several other areas of the Boston Castle ward. A motorcade was also driving around town urging people to vote for Ralph!

The TUSC are holding a pre election rally at the Unity Centre tomorrow at 7pm. Candidate  Ralph Dyson, Dave Nellist, a former Workers MP on a Workers Wage, and Michael Lavalette, Preston socialist councillor are speaking.

Last week, Rotherham Politics, was viewed more times than MacShane got votes in 1994, can report our hit counter indicates that the 2010 vote, has been exceeded this week!

Rotherham By-Election – Saturday’s News!


I feel like I am intruding on private grief here, with any news from the Labour camp as almost total disintegration of their campaign plan, seems to have taken place today!

The Telegraph broke the UKIP fostering scandal last night, in it’s first editions on TV!

Betting has been suspended on Respect’s Yvonne Ridley.

Town full of election campaign workers and candidates, most feeling gratified that for once Rotherham’s broken, dysfunctional Borough politics, was now visible to everyone including Labour HQ! Except labour of course, who watched throughout the day, the cataclysm overtaking Rotherham and the labour party.

Labour’s election specialist, has reportedly returned to London and no one has even been able to confirm that he will return?

Respect again showed why their campaigning strategy is working and Rotherham voters seeming to be warming to Yvonne and her campaign style.

UKIP must have thought all their birthdays must have come at once? Will have benefited as it is mostly Labour voters that move to UKIP! Nigel Farage, is hoping mad! So are we!

A treat at bedtime: As well as Joyce Thacker, another graduate of Common Purpose turns out to be none other than the hapless labour candidate, Sarah Champion. Visit, As if it could not get worse, Shaun Wright and Joyce Thacker’s roles, in the Rotherham grooming scandal, are also coming under close scrutiny by the media.

More news later and a digest.

Send us your news, pictures or anecdotes to Rothpol.

Rotherham By-Election – Simon Wilson, on Fostering Scandal

I thought it would be helpful to share my thoughts with readers on today’s disturbing events.

My overriding concern is for the three young children; presumably they were taken away from their original home because Rotherham social services had genuine concerns over their well-being.

For the last two months they have benefited from being brought up in a safe, stable and secure home; they have now been removed from this environment. I understand that it is difficult to find foster carers able to take multiple children from the same family and I therefore urge Rotherham Council to very quickly find a foster home where all three children can live together; the fear is that they either remain in council run children’s care or are split up amongst different foster carers. Neither of these outcomes will help the children.

I also welcome Michael Gove’s announcement that he will lead the enquiry into this incident.

If chosen by the people of Rotherham to serve them as their next MP I will do all in my power to support this enquiry, and to ensure that Rotherham Council has in place the most robust safeguarding measures possible to protect all vulnerable members of our community.

Simon Wilson

Twitter: @SW4Rotherham

Other contributions from candidates on this topic would be both welcomed and instructive for readers of Rotherham Politics and for Rothpol.

Rotherham By-Election – Labour Signs Of More Distress?

Breaking News coming in, of an astonishing outbreak of intemperance from labour!

Imagine the scene today, outside College Road Mosque, Deputy Leader of the Council Cllr Jahangir Akhtar in the company of  Lord Nazir Ahmed, Maria Eagle MP and their candidate, the hapless Sarah Champion.

Respect members were leafleting along with supporters of other parties.

Jahangir Akhtar then aggressively approached the little group of Respect supporters, demanding to know why they were there stating:

“it’s disgusting, no good Muslim would disturb here.”

Despite the fact that, everyone was legally and legitimately there, being explained to him by one of those present, Akhtar launched into the following tirade of invective:

“who the fuck are you?
I was talking to him!
You shut the fuck up!
I know of your dirty tricks,
in Bradford elections”

A Respect member, queried his behaviour, asking if it was appropriate for the Deputy Leader of the Council to behave in such manner, especially outside a place of worship to which he replied “I’m not here representing the council!”

At this point, he was ushered away by his colleagues, including Lord Ahmed.

Those who were treated so abominably by Labour’s Deputy Leader? Ridley’s Election Agent accompanied by Respect’s solicitor. Not the smartest move, I would have thought?

Update: During yesterday afternoon and evening, after realising his disastrous error Akhtar tried to mount a fightback. He started suggesting that it was the religious insult, that had provoked him, pity he couldn’t find more than two of his relatives to participate. No support then?

This tweet is typical:

For the recored (sic) their were over 300 people who witnessed the disgusting behaviour of the Respect candidate outside the Mosque #jumaprayers

After investigation, I can report that there is no truth in Akhtar’s statements. Akhtar’s ‘witnesses’ were all inside the Mosque, including Akhtar and in fact actually witnessed nothing!

Anyway his own insulting behaviour, was far more disrespectful. Nothing could justify this public outburst of filth!

Bringing the Labour Party into disrepute appears to have become the norm in Rotherham and especially so in Akhtar’s case!