PJ Cawkwell – Letter

Patrick Cawkwell has provided the text of his letter in this weeks Advertiser, we publish it to in order to help to carry out his wishes, I quote “I’d like as many people as possible to see it”:


Before people cry foul at the bus drivers or public sector workers striking over pay and conditions, I’d like to draw their attention to something that requires urgent resolution.
The Chief Executive of the publicly owned Royal Bank of Scotland earns £1.2 million per annum, with a bonus this year of £963000 which means with all that lumped in to one sum, even if he had to pay tax on the bonus, this leech would get over £4000 per day.
Is someone able to explain to me that whilst Stagecoach drivers, nurses, teachers, police officers, cleaners, class room assistants and lollipop crossing patrol staff have to strike to earn a few more pennies, this gentleman who is in charge of a publicly owned asset can get such a massive income?
This bonus has been authorised by George Osborne and David Cameron, the very men who want to wage war against the public sector.
Another issue that appears to be getting attention is benefit theft/fraud.  Benefit theft/fraud is a serious issue, however, tax evasion by massive companies makes the effect of benefit theft/fraud look minuscule.  Osborne is keeping the tax evasion issue well out of the public gaze as it’s all his gang of cronies who is affected.
Lets tackle the massive amount of unfairness in this country of ours – and let’s do that by starting at the very top – NO to massively inflated salaries, NO to tax evasion for the richest companies and NO to insulting pay and conditions to some of our most hard working guys on the front line.

P J Cawkwell”

Star success for Rothpol commenter – PJ Cawkwell makes it into print!

The Star has today published a defence of the public sector workers who took strike action on Wednesday.The principal author, our very own Community Champion, PJ Cawkwell!

It’s right to strike

Published on Friday 2 December 2011 09:00

People should remember this week’s strike is not and has never just been about public sector pensions. This is also about a way of life.

I won’t sit back and let the Government charge me to see my GP, or to use any NHS facility, or to see day care centres for the elderly close down, or see the privatisation of public sector call centres such as HMRC and the DWP which means people being sacked to make way for lower-paid staff. Read on……………