One RMBC Planning messed up before?


Couple devastated by council decision to convert £10,000 dream garden BACK to wasteland A COUPLE who spent £10,00 transforming wasteland into their dream garden have been told they have to convert it back. Glyn and Katie Garbett, from Rotherham, South … Continue reading

A simple planning question – the answer rather complex?


On 25/08/2016 14:31, Rob Foulds wrote: Dear Sirs I note from your response that these records are indeed available electronically, therefore please arrange to provide them to me under the Freedom of Information Act and no doubt you will redact … Continue reading

Did they try to keep this quiet?


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Did they try to keep this quiet? Seems that this particular planning application has been dealt with in a very low-key way, Why? Further information: The planning notice appeared on the 18th August, just the one, on a lamp post … Continue reading

Planning Advice to be charged


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All this does is gives council planning officers the power to effectively deter an applicant if their proposal doesn’t meet with their prejudicial views on development. And then when the applicant submits their application, the officer simply refuses it, and … Continue reading

With a little help from his ‘friends’?


Barry Dodson, the Ex-Labour Councillor, Ex-Mayor (for three weeks) and currently a non-party member, is standing for the Council as an Independent for Rotherham East Ward. Normally in cases where they stand against official Labour candidates, their vote is likely … Continue reading

Rotherham councillors to be handed back powers


Rotherham councillors to be handed back powers ROTHERHAM councillors are set to take back some decision-making powers from Government-appointed commissioners after the Government agreed services were “of predominantly good quality, well-run and have strong leadership in place”. Housing, education, public … Continue reading

RMBC Planning Consultation

Gallery this is where you can place your objection. There appears to only be 1 currently regarding LDF0208 and it needs more! Though that comment from Anita Webster is excellent so at the very least can you all copy and … Continue reading