How Corrupt is Britain? A Conference

Corruption Definition: “the abuse of public office for private gain” World Bank.

The Independent brings us news that shames us all:

Scandal: Just how corrupt is Britain?

Rotten banks, dodgy cops, MPs on the fiddle. A conference on public life has evidence to topple long-held assumptions

Conference: How Corrupt is Britain?

10 May 2013, University of Liverpool
9.30am to 5pm

`How Corrupt is Britain?’ is a one day conference which will bring together campaigners, academics, key public figures and journalists to explore how we should tackle the corruption of public life in Britain. There will be an evening showing of the film `Who Polices the Police?’ by Ken Fero.

Seen Elsewhere – From the Star

Police disciplined for ‘snooping’ in confidential files

editorial imageRobust stance: Deputy Chief Constable Bob Dyson.
Published on Saturday 9 July 2011 11:07

A TOTAL of 44 South Yorkshire Police officers and workers have been disciplined for breaching their access rights to confidential databases, writes crime reporter Claire Lewis. To read the full article, click here.

In the light of recent stories featuring Police, corrupted by journalists and private investigators, this story may yet not be complete or the Police’s actions so far, adequate to the circumstances!

This widespread and systematic casual abuse is an outrage and leaves all citizens feeling potentially vulnerable! This was not just ‘snooping’ but in each case criminal offences were undoubtedly committed and appear to be going inadequately punished!

The catastrophic loss of confidence in the police that these cases leave us with, can only be repaired when those who were caught breaking the law are properly punished for their crimes! Have we a ‘News of the World’ style cover up here?

See also Big Brother Watch. Also from the Star, Shock retirement: South Yorkshire Police chief tells why he is stepping down early. Is there a link?