Abuse scandals prompt rogue cabbie crackdown


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A purge on rogue minicab drivers will be launched after the child exploitation scandals in towns such as Rochdale and Rotherham. The Times understands that new legislation will create national standards to improve passenger safety. The Department for Transport (DfT) … Continue reading

Champion progresses further – Cruel, unfair and discriminatory


Cruel, unfair and discriminatory The recent ruling of the Court of Appeal confirmed what Labour, local councils, charities and campaign groups have been saying since the ‘bedroom tax’ was first introduced – it unfairly discriminates against society’s most vulnerable people. … Continue reading

MP Dan Jarvis ‘may not represent Labour’ if party moves to scrap Trident


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MP Dan Jarvis ‘may not represent Labour’ if party moves to scrap Trident Former Labour frontbencher Dan Jarvis has suggested he may not represent the party at the 2020 election if its policy is to scrap the Trident nuclear deterrent. … Continue reading

One Nation Labour?

This from Progress, shows just how out of touch the Metropolitan elite really is:

Labour’s One Nation battleground plan

Stephen Twigg

Last week Labour published our battleground seat list – the key seats strategy for the 2015 general election. 106 seats right across the country. No no-go areas for Labour. A signal of intent that Labour will campaign tirelessly for a majority Labour government. Along with colleagues from the shadow cabinet and across the parliamentary Labour party, I will be visiting as many of the 106 seats as possible over the coming two years, supporting constituency Labour parties and prospective parliamentary candidates to secure Labour gains from all of our political opponents. It is vital that we all give as much as we can to win these seats. Read on…………

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Sparking children’s imagination

John Healey MP  |   6 March, 2012 Progress Magazine

We should extend to the children of armed forces personnel a scheme which helps under-fives build their own collection of books, writes John Healey Armed forces personnel and their families make sacrifices for the rest of us: I want the government to make a modest extra effort to reward them by backing the extension of … Read on…….

How do we deal with Russia?

Denis MacShane MP  |   8 March 2012 Web exclusive

1.    Russia is a business, not a functioning constitutional, let alone democratic nation-state.  There is no distinction between political and business life, between state employees and those who run enterprises of any shape. From the collapse of communism onwards, politics has been paid for by the parastatal and private sector enterprises principally based on energy, … Read on……..

Why do Progress publish MacShane diatribes?

“Progress is the New Labour pressure group which aims to promote a radical and progressive politics for the 21st century. Founded in 1996, we are an independent organisation of Labour party members and trade unionists.”

From the Progress website:

Labour and Tories fall out of love with the Poles

Denis MacShane Posted on 5 October 2011

“It is little secret that there is no love lost between the government and what should be their natural allies in Europe, the pro-American non-Eurozone centre-right government in Warsaw. Poland goes to the polls on Sunday and for the first time in its post-communist history the centre-right government of Donald Tusk’s Civic Platform is expected to be re-elected. Two key ministers – Radek Sikorski, the foreign minister, and Jacek Rostowksi, the finance minister – are both British-educated Poles close to the Conservative party.” Read on…………..