Ed Miliband’s relaunch – Unconvincing!

I already know I’m a sad old so and so, but in the hope that Ed’s re-launch speech would propel him to new popularity and true engagement with the voters, I watched the whole event, questions and all! Needn’t have bothered, there was a distinct air of ‘back to the future’ here. Convincing he most certainly was not!

Unfortunately I didn’t even witness a competent appraisal of Labour’s record in government. Nor was there an explanation for running deficit budgets every year from 2001 onwards, which are now a major source of our current difficulties. He ‘was there’ during the relevant period, so he should know the answer, but won’t share it with us.

Miliband even had his very own wardrobe failure with his loose tie! Made what he said look amateurish. He looked and sounded like a distant academic, giving a lecture to a group of disinterested students, that or very young, more like a schoolboy perhaps?

He must have had more relaunches than Michael Foot by now? Read the text of Ed Miliband’s speech.

The reaction on the social networks is decidedly underwhelming, but two contributions stand out. The first from Peter Hain, cheerleader in chief, that took the view Ed Miliband appears to be capable of ‘walking on water’. The second, rather bizarre contribution, came from Ed Balls, who repeated the mantra first coined when Michael Foot was Labour Leader by Jim Mortimer! Ed’s the leader and he’s 100% behind him. Can’t get more strange than that.

Meanwhile, David Miliband the other Milibrother, was spotted in a swanky restaurant, The Delaunay WC2,  lunching! Specialties of the house, caviar and oysters!

Ed Miliband Aid

Who said us bloggers don’t have a sense of humour?

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ed Miliband MP

“Every day, cruelty and mistreatment of Ed Miliband make his life a misery.  His foibles, gaffes and occasional typos result in what might seem to many harmless banter, but cause a waking nightmare for Ed.  We work to end this cruelty.” Read on……..

Comrade, the 'Great Leader' R'Ed Miliband – Speaks at Labour's, 2010 Supreme Soviet Conference.

For the history books? An early draft of the speech: Published here in the interests of historical completeness for the future dialectical materialists to examine .

R’Ed Miliband, The Unions Peoples Choice, shares his vision for the future for the first time as the newly installed ‘Great Leader’.

Comrades I stand here humbled by the support of just a few, soon to be gone, Union Bosses and I will forever be in their debt. Thank you Tony, Derek, Charlie, Dave, Billy and Paul from the bottom of my heart! Note: that will probably have to go R’Ed.

New Labour is Dead, the fact that I am standing here and not my brother proves it.

My victory is a victory for socialist principles and I intend to lead us into the next socialist millennium! Beyond the certain revolution to come!

I told a constituent just the other day, that with me and my principles at the helm everyone will drive Rolls Royces after the revolution, I must say he looked a little perplexed at this saying he didn’t want said Rolls Royce he was reassured however when I told him that after the revolution he would do as he was told!

Can’t tell you any more because I didn’t have time to look at my hourly email of instructions from Derek and Charlie so I will speak for an hour, sound new and refreshing but say nowt, as they say in the frozen North of Doncaster!

Then walk straight out amid much fanfare, back to my hotel before anyone realises that I have gone and stops clapping. Very good in PR terms I am sure, just in case anyone realises the audiences lack of sincerity – nice trick don’t you think?.

By the way, where exactly is Doncaster in relation to Primrose Hill? Not that I will need to know until 2015 if the hated counter revolutionary capitalist Government of Camlegg endures until then?

Supreme Comrade, R'Ed Miliband for ever after to be known as, the 'Great Leader'. Bathed in imperial purple, with a matching tie, what is he trying to say? If I ruled the world? Perhaps?

Note for historians: Just as well this very early Draft was abandoned and replaced with the vacuous diatribe of nostrums that appealed to the needs of the ‘sound bite’ and to pull the audiences strings, a majority of whom did not in fact support him, whilst saying absolutely nothing! Nothing new there then! Compare it with the actual speech as delivered, click here.

Clearly evidence of back sliding from the purity of his socialist ideals he said he had during the campaign. Cries of ‘sell out’! Already being heard from the left wing! Oh dear, I am sure it will end in tears.

Those interested in ‘dialectical materialism‘, like R’Ed’s  dad Ralph, was certain that there was no parliamentary road to socialism and even wrote a book entitled the Parliamentary Socialism: A Study of the Politics of Labour (1961), to argue his case. Still in print, my copy has been well read over the years and his views as refreshing, informative and relevant now, as they were when he wrote them down!

Never, I am sure, did anyone expect that he would father two sons seemingly engaged in trying so hard to prove his thesis right!