Neil Hamilton behaving badly?


Politics in Rotherham has always been robust, shall we say, but it would appear in Rawmarsh they go one better, with this obvious attempt at intimidation. This kind of unacceptable and frankly childish behaviour just brings the Labour Party into … Continue reading

Rawmarsh 2014 – Labour out campaigning


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Or….Every picture tells a story? The Labour Party is out campaigning in the Rawmarsh Ward, thought readers might be amused by this photo presented as evidence by John Healey on his twitter feed: Judging by this turnout they must be … Continue reading

Fire and Passion Vs Beermats

Last night’s well attended public meeting held by TUSC in Rawmarsh illustrated an age old problem for passionate, but small and resource-poor groups such as TUSC. How do you compete to get your message heard when others (in this case UKIP) have the money to ‘shout’ louder?

The meeting was about to get under way in the Earl Grey pub when someone noticed the beermats – specially commissioned UKIP beermats, both sides carrying the UKIP message. Clearly, UKIP have thrown a lot of money at this round of local elections, and a party political beermat is a stroke of genius. We all (well, me anyway) look at beermats when we’re in a pub. We play with them, flip them, pick at them, and even read them. I’ll wager that those beermats have been read by people who would not normally look at an election leaflet. The number of potential voters reached by a beermat may not be large, but every vote counts in an age of voter apathy.

It may seem frivolous to talk about beermats but the principle is important. TUSC’s anti-austerity message needs to be heard as widely as anyone else’s message. It doesn’t really matter whether you agree with TUSC or not, we should all agree that no candidate should be ‘priced out’ of the democratic process by the greater resources available to others.

As for the meeting, Rotherham TUSC displayed all the fire and passion that we’ve come to expect from them. Andy Gray, the candidate for Rawmarsh, concentrated on the bedroom tax, and made a compelling case against this insidious attack on the least affluent. Martin Hickman, an active trade unionist and TUSC member warned of the dangers of apathy in a spellbinding ten minute talk. Last, but definitely not least, was Mary Jackson, TUSC candidate in the recent Mayoral election in Doncaster. Regardless of your politics, if you get a chance to talk to Mary, you should grab that chance – an amazing woman with some great stories and an ability to cut to the heart of the issue that a top cardiac surgeon would envy. Kudos to Andy’s agent, Chris Bingham, for turning what might have been a bit of a non-event into a very worthwhile evening.

Warren Vale

PS: Rotherham TUSC are beginning a local campaign against the bedroom tax. If you want to join their fight, I believe there is a meeting next week in Rawmarsh at the Earl Grey pub at 7pm. I’m sure they will post details with Rothpol as soon as they are able. Remember, the bedroom tax doesn’t care who you vote for, so don’t let it put you off that it’s a TUSC initiative. Maybe a chance to see some joint activity between TUSC, Respect and any concerned Independents?

Rothpol’s thanks goes to Warren Vale for this excellent piece. Other reader contributions always welcome.

Rawmarsh By-Election 2013 – A question for Lisa Wright?

*A question for Lisa Wright.*

Your NHS employers allow staff to take *paid* time off for duties as a
Councillor, meaning you could be receiving a £12,000 Councillor’s allowance
while facing no loss of income from taking time off at work.

In effect getting double pay. This is at a time when;

*“** **Rotherham NHS Trust says it needs a “smaller hospital, with
substantially fewer beds”, and a smaller workforce to save £50 million over
the next four years”.***

*Dr Peter Carter, the RCN’s general secretary said “What the hell is going
on when the hospital trust in a town like Rotherham, with all its poverty,
can say they’re going to cut 750 jobs? They can’t do that and still provide
the same level of care,”*

Any payment for paid time that you refuse from the NHS may only be a drop
in the deficit ocean.


you must be aware that many people including Labour Party members are
aghast at the allegations of cronyism and nepotism already circulating
about your husband and his rise to power.  I am sure these allegations are
unfounded and that his recent appointment of a political friend is pure
coincidence and that she was selected from highly competitive long list.


As a politician who I am sure wants to be seen as having integrity, a promise
to the electorate that you will not be requesting or accepting either your
council allowance or payment for the time you will be taking off from the
NHS will go down well.

We are aware of Tory hypocrisy when they say that “we’re all in together”.
Let’s prove that Labour really is more moral and principled than them.

Wil Ewart

Vacancy Declared!

The vacancy for the Rawmarsh Ward has now been declared:

Declaration of Vacancy, Rawmarsh Ward

Two electors needed to ensure an election, get to it!

See also: Shaun Wright Steps Down as Borough Councillor

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN under Section 87(2) of the Local Government Act 1972 that a casual vacancy exists in the office of Borough Councillor for the RAWMARSH WARD of the borough of Rotherham.
An election to fill the vacancy will be held if notice in writing of a request for an election is given to Mrs J Collins, Director of Legal and Democratic Services, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Riverside House, Main
Street, Rotherham S60 1AE by two registered electors.
If no such request is received, the vacancy will be filled at the next ordinary elections in May 2014.
Martin Kimber
Chief Executive
3 April 2013