Sadiq Khan an asset or liability? Surely He Must Go?

Even a cursory review of the background of this oleaginous and arrogant politician, throws up serious questions about him. This information should have prevented him from even standing as a Labour candidate, never mind for the Shadow Cabinet! It speaks volumes about Labour’s candidate selection procedures! They after all did allow ‘honest’ Eric Illsley to fight his seat of Barnsley Central only for him to be exposed as a serious expenses cheat within days of the election!

R’Ed Miliband is going to have serious problems with Sadiq Khan, as his own judgement is now being called in to question because of his closeness to Khan. Sadiq Khan after all was R’Ed’s Leadership Campaign Manager.

Previously a whip, under the tutelage of the much disliked but effective, then Chief whip, Nick Brown, he was a good pupil by all accounts. Presumably, he knows where the ‘bodies are buried’ ! This may go some way to explain his rise, almost from nowhere! Some of his own ‘unburied bodies’  are presented below.


Khan is a three time expenses cheat, most recent case concluded just this week, with a requirement for refund of monies previously paid out against a fraudulent, re-submitted, previously rejected claim! The sum involved £2,551 and he has agreed to return it. Why is unemployment not the consequence for these calumnies?

Terrorist Links:

It has been reported that five family members plus a number of clients belonged to fundamentalist group Hizb ut-Tahrir. Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Party of Liberation. (See wikipedia entry) Banned by governments throughout the middle east because of, it’s links to terrorism, it’s view of muslim world domination and the establishment of the caliphate. This group is not exactly mainstream in muslim circles and have been the subject of much criticism, even by former members such as Ed Hussain or Maajid Nawaz of Quilliam.

He tried to defend 9/11 plotter, Zacarias Moussaoui. Moussaoui asked lawyer Sadiq Khan to represent him after being accused of being the ’20th hijacker’ but the Americans wouldn’t agree, leaving us to suppose they know something we don’t? See this in the Sun.

Stop Press 11 October 2010. Fresh questions about links to terrorism:

Guido Fawkes raises very serious questions that go to the heart of his basic honesty when confronted with the issue of his truthfulness about the extent of his relationship with Babar Ahmad. Babar Ahmad is wanted by the United States for a series of very serious charges. It would appear that he has lied to parliament or the Prime Minister or even both. Not exactly the actions of someone suitable for high office, even of the shadow variety!

Stop Press 12th October: Guido again raises more serious questions with this latest Posting, Khan We Have A Straight Answer Please?

Report into the bugging of Sadiq Khan on his visits to see Babar Ahmad in Woodhill Prison.

Web page removed by Khan, once questions about the extent of his relationship with wanted terrorist, Babar Ahmad were being asked.

Daily Mail story on bugging.

Decidedly dodgy clients:

He defended Ali Dizaei the bent copper, successfully on this occasion, getting him off before he was eventually banged to rights and amusingly served part of his prison term in Wandsworth nick, in Sadiq Khan’s own constituency of Tooting.

Interestingly in 2002, he defended Maajid Nawaz, then a Hizb ut-Tahrir activist imprisoned in Egypt, was unsuccessful at keeping him out of jail and during his incarceration Maajid realised that he was barking up the wrong tree and later went on to form Quilliam with Ed Hussain.


I know that we expect our politicians to be hypocritical, but voting in parliament at 19:00 to close Post Offices then at 20:00 in a public meeting in Tooting High Street in his constituency, said he was opposed and was cheered to the rafters, really takes the biscuit! See this report in the Wandsworth Guardian.

This little lot and the fact that there are doubts about his security status*, should qualify him admirably for his role as Shadow Justice Secretary.

Are we about to see one of the shortest tenures in the Shadow Cabinet in history? We shall see!

Back in my day it was, ‘Reds under the beds’, we needed to be fearful of.

It now seems that ‘muslim extremists under the beds’ has become the order of the day in the modern Labour Party.


*It has been reported in the press that Sadiq Khan has been investigated by among others, MI5, MI6 and by the CIA after Zacarias Moussaoui asked him to defend him. Jack Straw was involved at the time, perhaps he should tell us what he knows about this seemingly dodgy politician?

How did Rotherham's three MP's Vote? What does it reveal?

This is the way the three local MP’s voted in the Labour Leadership Election.

Candidate Abbot D Balls Ed Burnham A Miliband D Miliband Ed
Barron, Kevin 5 4 1 3 2
Healey, John 1 2
MacShane, Denis 1

Want to look for someone else? Full List Here. Harriet Harman did not Vote, nice move given that she is still Labour’s Deputy Leader.

Now the Constituency Section of the Leadership Electoral College:

Leadership Votes by Constituency
Candidate Abbot D Balls Ed Burnham A Miliband D Miliband Ed
Rother Valley 11 16 34 69 38
Wentworth 10 32 28 118 69
Rotherham 9 18 21 85 45
Totals 30 66 83 272 152

Votes by CLP: Full List Here

Votes by Affiliated Members: Full List Here

This goes a long way to explain Denis doing a passable impression of the ‘Vicar of Bray’, through gritted teeth, within minutes of the result and John Healey’s seeming determination not to let himself appear in the same camera shot as David Miliband during R’Ed’s Leader’s speech yesterday, I’m sure he will now have neck ache, we might have the explanation?

No sign of Kevin Barron.

Local Labour Party members are reportedly not best pleased with Healey and Barron, the next round of meetings should be interesting! Surprisingly Denis has been adjudged to have voted correctly on this occasion, most unusual!

David 'Don't call me Dave' Miliband Quits!

David Miliband, the nearly man of Labour, beaten by R’Ed his younger brother, after a campaign for the leadership that has exposed him to have become an accomplished student and practitioner of Niccolò Machiavelli*, has announced that he will not be running for the Shadow Cabinet.


*Machiavelli, Niccolò, 1469-1527  Author of  ‘The Prince’, download ebook here. An exposition on statecraft and power politics as practised in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Studied, even today, by politicians everywhere!


Doubtless Doncaster North’s, R’Ed Miliband is also familiar with the work and theories of Lenin and Stalin if not Mao as well!

This collection of socialist demagogues refined Machiavellianism into a instrument of State centralised power and oppression, responsible ultimately for millions of lives lost.

Political principles of  ‘democratic? centralism’ as practised by the likes of Derek Simpson and Tony Woodley, still exist and are being followed in UNITE.

Leninism and Stalinism still exists in the Trades Unions and the Labour Party of the 21st century!

The Labour Party was essentially built upon Leninist principles but most members grew up and realised their essentially undemocratic nature and have been steadily moving away from them, until now that is!

Things do not bode well for labour as behind the scenes as Labour Parliamentarians are gearing up to fight the battle for leadership succession again in the Shadow Cabinet elections. Plans are afoot to deliver R’Ed a Shadow Cabinet whose members did not vote for him and then to take the ruthless new Leader, captive and exercise control over him that way!

Nice plan but will it work?

David called for an end to tribalism and factionalism, fat chance of that when battle between the differing clans is now locked, in what may eventually become a civil war within the Party, we will see!

Comrade, the 'Great Leader' R'Ed Miliband – Speaks at Labour's, 2010 Supreme Soviet Conference.

For the history books? An early draft of the speech: Published here in the interests of historical completeness for the future dialectical materialists to examine .

R’Ed Miliband, The Unions Peoples Choice, shares his vision for the future for the first time as the newly installed ‘Great Leader’.

Comrades I stand here humbled by the support of just a few, soon to be gone, Union Bosses and I will forever be in their debt. Thank you Tony, Derek, Charlie, Dave, Billy and Paul from the bottom of my heart! Note: that will probably have to go R’Ed.

New Labour is Dead, the fact that I am standing here and not my brother proves it.

My victory is a victory for socialist principles and I intend to lead us into the next socialist millennium! Beyond the certain revolution to come!

I told a constituent just the other day, that with me and my principles at the helm everyone will drive Rolls Royces after the revolution, I must say he looked a little perplexed at this saying he didn’t want said Rolls Royce he was reassured however when I told him that after the revolution he would do as he was told!

Can’t tell you any more because I didn’t have time to look at my hourly email of instructions from Derek and Charlie so I will speak for an hour, sound new and refreshing but say nowt, as they say in the frozen North of Doncaster!

Then walk straight out amid much fanfare, back to my hotel before anyone realises that I have gone and stops clapping. Very good in PR terms I am sure, just in case anyone realises the audiences lack of sincerity – nice trick don’t you think?.

By the way, where exactly is Doncaster in relation to Primrose Hill? Not that I will need to know until 2015 if the hated counter revolutionary capitalist Government of Camlegg endures until then?

Supreme Comrade, R'Ed Miliband for ever after to be known as, the 'Great Leader'. Bathed in imperial purple, with a matching tie, what is he trying to say? If I ruled the world? Perhaps?

Note for historians: Just as well this very early Draft was abandoned and replaced with the vacuous diatribe of nostrums that appealed to the needs of the ‘sound bite’ and to pull the audiences strings, a majority of whom did not in fact support him, whilst saying absolutely nothing! Nothing new there then! Compare it with the actual speech as delivered, click here.

Clearly evidence of back sliding from the purity of his socialist ideals he said he had during the campaign. Cries of ‘sell out’! Already being heard from the left wing! Oh dear, I am sure it will end in tears.

Those interested in ‘dialectical materialism‘, like R’Ed’s  dad Ralph, was certain that there was no parliamentary road to socialism and even wrote a book entitled the Parliamentary Socialism: A Study of the Politics of Labour (1961), to argue his case. Still in print, my copy has been well read over the years and his views as refreshing, informative and relevant now, as they were when he wrote them down!

Never, I am sure, did anyone expect that he would father two sons seemingly engaged in trying so hard to prove his thesis right!