Jahangir Akhtar – Disloyalty knows no bounds?


A little while ago after Jahangir realised his future in the Labour Party was all behind him, I learned something I find incredible! An email arrived at UKIP HQ, addressed to Nigel Farage, offering his services and promising to ‘spill … Continue reading

United Multi-Cultural Centre – Questions for Parveen Qureshi


Check out the accounts of UMC on charities commission website which is tax payer funded charity and note £000’s (thousands) worth of transactions from UMC to Pumpoosh Enterprises LTD which both happen to be controlled by Parveen Qureshi with clear … Continue reading

Coincidence or coordination?


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The Unity Centre and REMA’s accounts have been overdue. Now, without explanation, both sets of accounts have now been filed on the same day! Coincidence or coordination? . .

Surprise move by Akhtar


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Rotherham Politics learned of developments at the Unity Centre! Jahangir Akhtar in a surprise move, has resigned from the Chairmanship of the Unity Centre Board, with effect from Wednesday, citing ‘political’ reasons! The Unity Centre was to be Rothpols next … Continue reading

Welcome to Rothpol’s latest contributor!


Quite out of the blue, Rothpol suddenly had a flurry of activity from an anonymous commenter recently. All three were left on the post, FOI – Two answers arrive! Taken together they are at least attempting to muddy the waters: “how … Continue reading

Another take – blaming it on link to MacShane?

Political Scrapbook had a different take entirely on the mystery of Moofy’s failure to be selected for the Rotherham seat:

Was local Rotherham candidate kept off shortlist over MacShane links?

11:20am Wed November 14th

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With Labour’s controversial selection process for Rotherham culminating in a walk-out by local party members last night, questions have been asked as to why the leading local candidate was excluded from the shortlist after Labour sources claimed they needed “a clean break from the past”.

Having a literally glittering record for his ten years on Rotherham council, Mahroof Hussain was the obvious omission from a panel of candidates which is set by the party at national level. But local members stormed out of the selection meeting Read on………

Will Ed Fix It For Moofy?

After the shenanigans of the Rotherham CLP candidate selection meeting for a replacement Member of Parliament, even Moofy realised he may have made a tactical blunder.

Since things have settled down a bit, we understand that no less than three meetings between Ed Miliband and Moofy Hussain, have taken place.

The result, according to Moofy, he will be shoehorned in as a candidate to fight the 2015 General Election. Moofy thinks that Rother Valley would be a suitable berth from which to start a parliamentary career and is said to be focussing his interest there.

Why did Moofy get an MBE? A very interesting question indeed! The question, explored on Tales From the Town Hall. We hear, the reason may be have been motivated by more down to earth considerations?