Polling Fraud: Rotherham Needs Help from Respect


“50% of those convicted for electoral fraud since 2000 have been of Pakistan, Kashmiri or Bangladesh origin, although these communities make up only 2% of the UK population. The total number of cases is relatively few, however most party organisers … Continue reading

Getting Organised For 2014


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Right across Rotherham the political scene is hotting up for 2014! Candidates are being chosen and, for some, the campaigning for next years elections has already started! Rothpol has resisted the temptation to become associated with any Political Party and … Continue reading

Doing the rounds – Champion on Yvonne Ridley!


This is doing the rounds, its from Ms Champions Twitter page. Just on @BBCSheffield re CSE. Is Yvonne Ridley bitter because she lost? Why can’t she acknowledge positives happening now in #rotherham? – 08 Lower than a snakes belly to … Continue reading

Yvonne Ridley on Radio Sheffield this morning!


Child sexual exploitation, the story that won’t go away. Not until it’s fixed, at least in South Yorkshire. How will we know when that has happened? There will be quite a number of men behind bars, that’s how!!! Toby Foster … Continue reading

Wil Ewart – says thank you!


Thank you to Keith Vaz, the Home Affairs Committee, Ann Cryer, Andrew Norfolk and the many others who are doing their best to expose and reduce the sexual abuse of children through grooming in Rotherham and other British towns. And … Continue reading

Yvonne Ridley’s reaction


There should, of course, be resignations, apologies and an investigation of those who have deliberately covered up this scandal for years. Rotherham is a rotten borough and Labour has attempted, in the past, to put a sticking plaster on the … Continue reading

Akhtar, the BNP and the English Defence League need each other; or why he hates Respect


Asbo is happiest on the anti-fascism, anti-racism soap box, becoming the leader, the man of substance he wants to be. He is sure of his ground and the support of his community. With Respect he changes tone, more the abusive … Continue reading

Rotherham Respect… Was I there at the start of something big?

First report on yesterday’s meeting of Respect Rotherham, our thanks go to Warren Vale for this:

“Let me start by saying well done to Sarah/Kiran. With alleged shennanigans again over a venue (this time forced to change over fears of rioting if you can believe that – but I’ll leave the details to Respect members to share), Sarah/Kiran and her small team of four managed to get 40 people in a room on a late Saturday afternoon to witness the official birth of Rotherham Respect and that’s no small feat.

Of course we were there to hear from George Galloway, but we’ll get to him shortly. I want to stick with Sarah and her team just for a moment. I’m sure that everyone on this blog realises just how quickly we all lose our ‘innocence’ in politics and it was refreshing to see young people still full of charm and naivety leading the Respect charge in Rotherham. Don’t go changing too quickly Sarah. Of course public speaking will get easier, but you were great, don’t go down the slick and polished route too soon.

So George? I’ll admit that politics is like rock n roll to me. If Dave, Ed and Nick are the bland One Direction of politics (pun intended), then George is the Sex Pistols – angry, confrontational but still lovably British. The Sex Pistols were the perfect band for the punk era and in some ways, Respect should be the perfect political party for these angry, nihilistic times. “No-one speaks for me anymore” is a refrain that needs to change, and quickly. At the moment, neither, Respect, TUSC nor the growing independent movement under Simon Copley are quite hitting the mark. Time will probably change that, but time is short.

George and Yvonne spoke passionately about Respect core beliefs of Peace, Justice and Equality, and you’d have been hard pushed to find anyone disagreeing with those sentiments. We were a little short on detail, particularly local campaigns in the offing, but that’s to be expected from a party just finding its feet locally. What gave me pause to consider Respect a little more than I may have done before was the make up of the audience. There were people there whom I admire and respect greatly, stalwarts of the Rotherham left, who are moving towards Respect, and this in itself demands our attention.

One point raised that does need addressing was an audience question concerning the notion that Respect is an Islamic Party. This is not true as any glance at the history of the Party will show, but it is a perception that persists. It is up to all of us, Respect supporters or not, to dispel this notion and examine policies rather than skin colour or faith. Let Respect stand or fall on policy, not on some distracting false division. So Sarah/Kiran, get some more meetings organised, advertise them here on Rothpol, and grow your numbers. It was a great start yesterday, but it was just a start. I know some of the people who helped with Yvonne’s campaign in November, and these wise old heads (sorry Tom) should be brought even closer in to Rotherham Respect – there is much you can learn from them and, dare I say it, there is much they can learn from you.

Does Rotherham need Respect? Well yes, if the rise of UKIP endures. Labour is not an option for much of the left, and TUSC are still not chiming with the public in a meaningful way so far. Respect may provide that organised opposition. Council seats are winnable next year (although a Parliamentary seat may still be a fair distance off into the future, sorry George) and there is definitely a ‘Rotherham’ feel to the Respect youngsters there yesterday.

Respect in Rotherham is new, it’s young, and it’s exciting. It’s small, so your voice can still be heard. Most importantly, it’s here to stay. So whatever your feelings towards marmite George, Respect are worth examining. Keep Rotherham Respect young, keep it vibrant, keep it going. George was great (as always), but it’s Galloway’s Garrison here in Rotherham that could make a difference.

Warren Vale

Rotherham Respect may be contacted through the Secretary, Sarah Kiran Mahmood, by email click here.

Open Invitation From Respect Rotherham

GGRotherham Respect’s public meeting will be at:

S60 2EY

at 5pm on Saturday May 4th, all those interested welcome!

Please note the change of venue, full report on this, later!

Rotherham Respect may be contacted through the Secretary, Sarah Kiran Mahmood, by email click here.

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