Sheffield Council carries out seven ‘spying missions’ on residents and businesses


Council bosses in Sheffield have authorised seven convert surveillance operations against residents and businesses in the past four years. Town hall officers have used surveillance to catch benefit fraudsters cheating the system, traders selling counterfit goods and shop owners selling … Continue reading

The Snoopers?

Dear Rotherham Politics,

I couldn’t help but smile tae missen when I read this in today’s “Star” –

Seems like our more highly paid than Sheffield City Councillors have now entered the realms of intelligence, surveillance, deep cover, dead letter boxes and all the other items associated with the control of Rovrum’s citizens.

Looks like they aren’t too busy to snoop into peoples’ lives, cos RMBC alone conducted 160 operations under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 – the ninth highest use of the measures in the UK.

So there we have it, THT is now an active hub of “intelligence gathering” akin to the KGB. “Intelligence gathering” and RMBC Elected Members and Officers are just such opposite terms in reality.

I wonder whether they’ll use their extensive James Bond powers to investigate the Blue Badge Abuse Councillor? Maybe the Ms Stasi Commissar Head of Laybah Corporate Control will issue a party edict proudly proclaiming the successes that RMBC-Pravda have provided to the town’s citizens through covert surveillance and espionage?

Answers please on a piece of white cardboard left under the front wipers of the black Beemer that’s always parked obstructing the paved pedestrian area outside THT but never gets a penalty ticket.

Yours Sincerely,

If any of the 160 victims of this unacceptable behaviour should be reading this, please get in touch, we would very much appreciate it, email Rothpol.