Canklow Rape Case – Advertiser coverage as it developed


This story shows the local press, and the Advertiser in particular, at it’s best. I have little doubt this coverage assisted the police in catching the perpetrator. Additionally it showcases the exemplary work of South Yorkshire Police, who should be … Continue reading

Operation Central briefing


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Thanks to an anonymous contributor, I am able to bring you this rather illuminating document. It appears to show rather more than those involved might have wished us to see? .

Litigation: Go in as Pigs, come out as Sausage Meat


Not convinced by the Tisers reporting of the current defamation case by the 3 MP against Collins of UKIP. They don’t seem to understand the role of the Judges first ruling back in April that the UKIP Collins had made … Continue reading

Political rivals’ legal case adjourned


Political rivals’ legal case adjourned THE legal battle between three Labour MPs and a UKIP rival will rumble on into next year. Read on… See also: The questions that arise?  

The questions that arise?


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How did the Advertiser know the hearing was listed in time to print it? As of Wednesday lunchtime, the usual deadline for articles in the Advertiser, the details of the hearing had not been released on the public court list. In fact, … Continue reading

Campaigner’s call for new Rotherham child abuse scandal probe


One not to be missed by Michael Upton, from the Advertiser: Campaigner’s call for new Rotherham child abuse scandal probe Posted On: 05 June 2015 A CAMPAIGNER has called for an inquiry into the actions of senior public officials embroiled … Continue reading