News just in! Police to probe Labour Dirty Tricks!

Police to investigate the Dirty tricks played by Gerald Smith and Holderness Labour!

Following the elections on May 5th this year when Labour went well beyond the acceptable, issuing election leaflets that were deceptive and libellous in the Parish of Aston-cum-Aughton, a complaint has been made to the Police in this case and it can now be reported that the Police have opened an investigation!

We are aware that there are similar problems in the Parish Council of Anston, where Iain St John and the local Labour Party have also been reported to the Police and we understand that this will be formally investigated as well.

Comment: Labour really need to understand that they don’t own Rotherham, they cannot expect to act outside of what is legal, decent and honest! The people own Rotherham! They need to understand that simple fact! Increasingly the public are no longer prepared to let them get away with their control freak, arrogant, greedy and dictatorial ways! Power to the people! We say!!…

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Gerald Smith – A very busy man

Gerald Smith as was mentioned before in a previous post, is one of Rotherham’s most disagreeable of local politicians. He first took his Holderness seat on Rotherham MBC at the election on 4th May 1979, the same day Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister, some 32 years ago and Jack Layden was very much in charge back then. His powers are weakening as the years slip by and now only just, has a toe hold left in Cabinet as Cabinet Member, Regeneration and Environment. This years Cabinet when it is announced, may provide further evidence of this politicians waning star.

Smith is also a member of Aston-cum-Aughton Parish Council, to which he was re-elected without much enthusiasm from the voters this year.

Last years publicly revealed councillors allowances put him in fourth place in the Rotherham Greed list, see Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Greediest Of Them All?……. Only Roger Stone (Council Leader), Terry Sharman (Deputy Leader) and Richard Russell (Cabinet Member) had more.

Smith is of course a Labour Politician and has had a ring side seat in the scandals that have afflicted RMBC over the years. He is busy, I list below links to his wide range of activities:

Cabinet Responsibilities:

Committee appointments:

Appointments to outside bodies:

Quite a list I must say, some of these must pay as well, I wonder how much?

These links below are worth keeping an eye on if you are a student of Gerald Smith:

Register of Interests

Gifts and Hospitality

Declarations at meetings

I am collecting anecdotes about Gerald Smith from throughout his political career. If you have a good one, share it with us, either by leaving a comment by clicking on the comment link below or by emailing us, instructions on RikiLeaks.

Judge for yourself – Aston-cum-Aughton – more on dirty tricks!

The full truth will out about this very low and grubby dirty trick by cowardly unnamed Holderness Labour members.

Firstly I am indebted to the local contact for providing me with the following scans of the Aston-cum-Aughton Independents, a sub-group of the Rotherham Independents, I should point out nails one of the most blatant lies in the offending and offensive election literature put out by Labour Party Members!

They really should take a lot more care with the facts, when making claims. Even Phil Woolas, with the benefit of Gerald Shamash as his legal adviser, had eventually to accept that lies on election materials can get you in a lot of hot water indeed! We will hear more on someone called Gerald later.

There are others that will be addressed in a future posting, when I am furnished with scans of similar election material from Labour.

Click on the images to enlarge, use browser back button to return here.

Undoubtedly the best, most open and honest political appeal I have ever seen! No wonder the local Labour Party is worried? They should be!

Aston-cum-Aughton Parish Council Website, for more information.

MacShane – Do the Tories know something we don’t?

Jackie Whiteley

In a very surprising move Rotherham Tories have selected their proposed candidate for the Rotherham Constituency, despite the next General Election being four years away. Could it be that they know something we don’t? An upcoming by-election for Rotherham, perhaps?

Denis MacShane, the currently disgraced, Member for Rotherham. Was elected as Labour, now sits as Independent, after being ejected from the Party when news of the Metropolitan Police investigation into his parliamentary expenses broke on the 14th Oct last year.

This egregiously arrogant and at the very least, greedy MP, looks to be in serious trouble and a by-election must be a distinct possibility sometime later this year.

Jackie Whiteley fought the seat at last years General Election for the Tories and came second with a creditable 16.7% vote share, has been selected as prospective parliamentary candidate. Is this further evidence of expectation of MacShane’s comeuppance to come?

When? We wonder, will Labour do the same given that they do not yet have a candidate themselves?

I hear that the Rotherham Independents may be looking for a ‘standard bearer’ should this by-election be called – watch this space.

News update – Rotherham’s Independents are inviting applications to be PPC for the next time this seat is fought, anyone interested should contact Peter Thirlwall in the first instance.

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‘We’re all in the same boat’ like hell we are!

Reg Littleboy

I opened my Advertiser this week. On page 3, I was surprised to see Reg Littleboys’ face grinning, rather vacuously, out at me as part of a story entitled ‘We’re all in the same boat’. I read on with amazement and not to say increasing ire!

What a stunt to pull! A cut of 1.1% for all staff including the Chief Executive, Martin Kimber. A cut of 1.1% in councillors allowances, so they can claim to be sharing the pain equally! Even the Tories on Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council were well out of touch with public sentiment on this issue proposing a miserly 5% cut for the next financial year.

The people of Rotherham were expecting a grand gesture this year from their community leaders. A recent canvass of views on this, indicate that significant reductions in the ‘fat cat’ salaries, expenses and allowances were favoured by most and the most popular figure indicated as the minimum acceptable cut being 20%.

It is little wonder then, that most consider their community leaders to be motivated largely by personal greed, certainly not public service!

This stunt, to put it into some perspective, will likely not be enough to save even one whole job, big deal! Do they think we are stupid? They are certainly taking us for a ride! For the Town Hall ‘Fat Cats’, the ‘gravy train’ still runs from the station, it would appear?

As far as I am aware, only one political group in Rotherham is in touch with public mood on greed. They have called for reductions of significant proportions, of the order of 40%! This group are the Rotherham Independents and some of Rotherham’s voters will get the opportunity to vote for one of their candidates in May.

Independent Member For Rotherham – Denis MacShane – Another Website!

A quick internet search of references to Denis MacShane reveals a new website This was registered as a domain on 14th September 2010. This domain has been registered in the name of  Mike Britland.

Incidentally, the same Mike Britland,  who had a letter published under his name in the Advertiser of May 14th, just after the May elections, ridiculing Peter Thirlwall’s result** and asking him to stand down from the Council because he was elected as a Labour Party candidate.

I wonder if he is asking Denis to do the same now he is an independent? Although I don’t expect he will, as he is presumably paid by Denis, with our money!

I will do a review in a later post, when I review all our local MPs Web presences.

My! Denis has been busy on the internet!

I wonder if he has stopped his buy up of domain names, we shall see in due course no doubt? He has yet to add, or perhaps surprisingly to his portfolio of domains, mmmm?

Other Denis MacShane Sites you might be interested in:

Denis on epolitix there was a time when nearly all domains pointed in the direction of this site.

Denis Parliamentary information Confirms his present status as Independent. & now default to


Denis’s International Blog

Denis’s Re-election Site

Denis’s Twitter Page


** Peter Thirlwall in fact had a magnificent result, getting a 6.3% vote share, saving his deposit with ease. The fate of most Independent Candidates in May was a mere few hundred votes at best and over 95% lost their deposits!

Peter was the only Independent Network endorsed candidate, without the benefit of a pre-existing campaigning organisation and plenty of money behind them, to save his deposit!

It is now obvious to me, that the person that was humiliated in May, was Denis MacShane himself!

Getting an employee to send a letter to the Advertiser is a low trick indeed! No more that can be expected of Denis though!

The Letter will be published here as soon as I have found it. Now that it’s authorship is open to question, it’s contents may be very revealing indeed!

Rotherham Hangs It's Head in (Mac)Shame! Denis MacShane – Metropolitan Police Investigation! Suspended from Labour Party!

Another snout in the trough?

It has been revealed today, that Rotherham’s Labour MP, Denis MacShane is being investigated by the Metropolitan Police for his less than open and now it would appear, less than honest approach to his parliamentary claims.

The complaint of 7th July 2009 was indeed submitted by a BNP activist, who is being referred to as the ‘Sleaze buster’, one Michael Barnbrook. The responses to his original complaint can now be viewed here on the website of the BNP Reform Group. Despite the source of the complaint, we should all be grateful that this sorry saga is now to be thoroughly investigated. There are further issues, that go to the heart of our democratic procedures, that will be the subject of a later posting.

In the report of the 12th October Meeting, published 14th October, 2010 of the, Committee on Standards and Privileges reads:

‘the Committee agreed that the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards should report to the Metropolitan Police Service the conduct of the Rt hon Member for Rotherham, Mr Denis MacShane’.

This blog, Peter Thirlwall’s Parliamentary Website and Rotherham Independents has featured many of the questionable purchases made on Parliamentary expenses and has openly criticised him for this. Now we feel totally vindicated and Peter Thirlwall’s attempt to raise many of these issues during the General Election campaign now fully justified.

We warned the voters of the Rotherham Constituency and Denis Himself, that MacShane would be eventually forced to answer the many justifiable questions his constituents have asked him but have gone unanswered. Now it has come to pass!  We are willing to present our evidence of MacShane’s less than honest or justifiable expenses claims to the Metropolitan Police who we feel confident will be asking Denis many questions and they will. no doubt, get the answers we were denied.

This slippery, oily, arrogant and self-aggrandising politician looks set to follow ‘Honest’ Eric Illsley, Barnsley’s own disgraced MP, into Court to pay the price for his wrongdoing, along with Elliot Morley, Jim Devine and David Chaytor as well as Tories Lord Hanningfield and Lord Taylor.

Now suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party and presumably the Labour Party, it is further evidence that Labour did a very poor job at vetting it’s candidates prior to the General Election and gives the lie to Gordon Brown’s claims to have done so, yet again Labour has let us down so badly! How many more greedy MPs will will come out of the ‘woodwork’ into the light one wonders?

Denis MacShane claimed £125,000 in office costs for this! It's Rotherham! NOT Central London!

Attached to his house in Rotherham just off Moorgate Road this is his rather expensive Constituency office in Rotherham.

No services are provided to this ‘office’ so without using his house attached his staff could not possibly work there! This may be a good time for Kath Sims, his secretary who works in this ‘office’, to look for a new job, I would have thought?

His brother, Edmund Matyjaszek, is also embroiled in this expenses controversy as Denis made a number of payments to a rather shadowy organisation called the European Policy Institute for ‘research and translation’. Headmaster Edmund, may come to regret this grubby little arrangement with his brother.

Many questions are still being asked about the eight laptops he bought from his parliamentary expenses, where are they now? Where have they been? Who has been using them? All unanswered.

These issues and the many other questionable expenses arrangements he has made over the years look set to bite him on the backside, big style!

We may now have a clue as to why he is so upset with IPSA and the new arrangements, making it more difficult to conceal any ‘Spanish’ practises from the authorities, perhaps?

In some parts of the Rotherham Constituency Labour Party there are quiet celebrations at Denis’s discomfiture and the sound of knives being sharpened ready for another attempt to rid themselves of  this odious and disagreeable man, who they didn’t want in the first place. Power to their elbows I say!

There is also a small group of very embarrassed supporters who are ruing the day they signed his nomination papers only a few months ago. They should be suitably chastened, because their actions now look foolish indeed! I hope they are proud of themselves for the shame they helped to bring to our Town.

Roll Call of Dishonour, MacShane’s signatories to his nomination:

Anna Chester, Keith Brisland, Barry Kaye, Ian Barron, Julie Currie, John Foden, Ian Jones, Kath Sims, Richard Crow, Sarah Crow, Mahroof Hussain, Zlakha Ahmed, Tracey Jones, Nellie McHale, Christine Burgess, Quereshi Parveen, Diana Swanson, Roger Swanson, Dave Pickering, Subodh Kapoor, Jahangir Akhtar, James Burgess, Simon Currie, Rekha Kapoor, Stephen Parkin, John Price, Tom Henley, Craig Mitchell, Alan Buckley and Ruth Hobson.

In the Press:

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Belfast Telegraph

Daily Mail

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Next Years Crop?

Political parties throughout the country are beginning the process of choosing their candidates for next years round of local council elections.

This list below details the Rotherham councillors that successfully fought these seats the last time they were contested in 2007.

If this list ends up looking anything like next years field of candidates then both Labour and the Tories are definitely having a laugh at our expense! It must surely be time for some of of them to go if their respective political parties want us to take them at all seriously in the future.

Hens ‘earn their corn’ by laying eggs, when they stop laying, it is surely time for them to go!

So too it should be on the council, when they have out lived their usefulness, it is time for them to stand aside, not to continue on until carried out in a box!

Even the Labour Party insists that being a councillor is not a job for life, but it is a pity that the Labour Party’s writ does not run as far as Rotherham, never has!

Which is why we are landed with such poor candidates year after year because no one wants to give up their allowances that give them a good life. We must not forget the ‘State Funeral’ that is their due entitlement if they die in office. We must also not forget, that when there are ‘bodies buried’, it pays to be around lest anything gets out.

When a labour councillor dies, the relatives of the recently deceased are treated to an immediate search and removal of anything that appertains to the work on the council of their loved one, quite outrageous when you have seen it up close from the relatives perspective!

Anston and Woodsetts Ward
Iain St John – Labour -1394 (321)

Boston Castle Ward
Peter Wootton – Labour – 1282 (451)

Brinsworth and Catcliffe Ward
Reg Littleboy – Labour – 1515 (366)

Dinnington Ward
Jane Havenhand – Labour – 1216 (427)

Hellaby Ward
Brian Cutts – Conservative – 1516 (697)

Holderness Ward
Jane Austen – Labour – 1801 (713)

Hoober Ward
Jane Hamilton – Labour – 1531 (612)

Keppel Ward
Barry Kaye – Labour – 1190 (238)

Maltby Ward
Ben Slade – Independent – 913 (90)

Rawmarsh Ward
Neil Hamilton – Labour – 1495 (673)

Rother Vale Ward
John Swift – Labour – 1461 (917)

Rotherham East Ward
Barry Dodson – Labour – 1312  (826)

Rotherham West Ward
John Foden – Labour – 1305 (369)

Silverwood Ward
Roger Stone – Labour – 1088 (217)

Sitwell Ward
John Gilding – Conservative – 1901 (967)

Swinton Ward
John Doyle – Labour – 1436 (729)

Valley Ward
Paul Lakin – Labour – 1271 (668)

Wales Ward
Gavin Sharp – Conservative – 1045 (322)

Wath Ward
Alex Sangster – Labour – 1641 (717)

Wickersley Ward
Peter Thirlwall – Labour (Sits as Independent) – 1329 (233)

Wingfield Ward
Terry Sharman – Labour – 1411 (545)

For a quick look at photos of the Rotherham councillors all on the same page, not recommended for the nervous or easily shocked, you have been warned click here to view.

At first glance, there are an awful lot of very old pictures here, time surely for an update?

The Sitwell By-Election What it Reveals!

A by-election was held on August 5th 2010 in the Sitwell Ward of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, the results reveal much about the rapidly changing fortunes of the main political parties and the overall political climate nationally when recent by-elections held in July in Walsall (15th) and Wolverhampton (29th) are factored in.

Here are the Sitwell Ward Results:

Rotherham MBC Sitwell Ward August 5th 2010
2008 Result 2008 % Vote 2010 May Result 2010 May % Vote 2010 By-Election Result 2010 By-Election % Vote % Change since 2008 % Change since May
Tory 2300 58.5 2684 41.5 1213 45.5 -13 4.5
Lab 768 19.5 2238 34.6 864 32.4 12.9 -2.2
R Ind 751 11.6 252 9.5 -2.1
UKIP 793 12.3 241 8.9 -3.4
Lib 867 22 98 3.7 -18.3
Totals 3935 100 6466 100 2668 100

The picture painted by these results is very mixed, with Labour failing to increase vote share from May. Actually losing 2.2% of their share of the vote in 4 months, they must be beginning to feel they are still losing ground in Rotherham and local opinion polling continues to bear this out with the most disaffected being their own core supporters. Trust, it would appear, is at breaking point amongst Labour’s formerly loyal supporters and as more revelations of their cynicism pre election are made clear this is set to get steadily worse as the Labour Council is also obliged to cut essential services against increasing local opposition and their continued personal greed in these times of austerity sickens all but the most tribal of voters.

Liberals must be in despair, not only in Rotherham have the voters deserted them but as can be seen from the results below of recent by-elections in Walsall and Wolverhampton there too. This catastrophic loss of votes for the junior Coalition Government partner must be shaking Liberals across the whole country to their foundations. This pattern of voting in areas formerly having significant Liberal votes is not going to change any time soon.

UKIP also suffered a reverse losing vote share for the first time in Rotherham in an election battle with an extraordinarily poor candidate, John Wilkinson the local Party Secretary, who seems to be intent on proving his own ignorance in the letter columns of the Rotherham Advertiser almost every week, it seems, for many months! His views on global warming would be amusing if they were not so seriously wrong in terms of  the scientific ‘facts’ he insists on repeating mantra like as if something becomes true simply by endless repetition.

Dave Ridgway standing for the Rotherham Independents improved their position coming in third place as opposed to last in May, a creditable result in the circumstances.

Two other by-elections for local council seats have taken place since the General Election on May 6th, here are the results:

Walsall Bloxwich West Ward 15th July 2010
2008 2008 Vote % 2010 May 2010 May Vote % 2010 By-election 2010 By-election Vote % % Change since 2008 % Change since May
Tory 1436 53.1 2329 40.7 800 37.5 -15.6 -3.2
Lab 465 17.2 2008 35.1 1142 53.6 36.4 1.3
Dem Lab 365 13.5
UKIP 286 10.6 91 4.3 -6.3
Lib 102 3.7 563 9.8 71 3.3 -0.4 -10.2
Green 97 1.7 28 1.3 -0.04
BNP 722 12.6
Totals 2704 5719 2132 100

There will be another by-election later in Walsall after the death of a second councillor was announced this week.

Wolverhampton Bilston North Ward 29th July 2010
2008 2008 Vote % 2010 May 2010 May Vote % 2010 By-election 2010 By-election Vote % % Change since 2008 % Change since May
Tory 1272 44.6 1481 29.6 460 23.1 -21.5 -6.5
Lab 1180 41.4 2262 45.3 1292 64.9 23.5 19.6
UKIP 55 2.7
BNP 589 11.8 131 4.4 -7.4
Lib 209 7.3 663 13.3 52 2.6 -4.7 -10.7
Green 189 6.6
Totals 2850 4995 1990


Sitwell By-Election No1

In a surprise move the Sitwell by-election has been called for August 5th.

The field of candidates is:

Dalton, Judy. Labour.
Middleton, Christopher Norman. Conservative.
Razaq, Abdul. Liberal Democrat.
Ridgway, David. Rotherham Independent.
Wilkinson, John. UKIP.

To download the Statement of Persons Nominated click Here .pdf