More Jottings from Anston a “Quality Parish Council” from Mrs Overall

More Jottings from a “Quality Parish Council” from Mrs Overall

November 2011 Charity meeting 7pm start Finance meeting follows

Well it is in the air that Robin Stonebridge wants to step into Jo Burton’s shoes as Borough Councillor Will prince charming be offering the glass slipper! Anyway it is selection night for the Labour Party so what do you expect? Robin Stonebridge aka Prince (not) Charming and Cinderella not present at the Meetings.

Question: Are Parish Council meetings important?

Answer: Obviously not Labour Party firs!

Chairman Ireland – The captain of our ship is off cruising – However Cllr Beck chaired the meeting well. All was going beautifully, getting on with the business –

THEN – Roll of Thunder Flash of Light –Enter stage right at c7.55 Cllr St.John. Well hello sailor AND THEN THE PANTOMIME STARTS.

Loud and interrupting – does he have to be the centre of attention?

Immediatley – Cllr St.John yet again makes his disparaging remarks and gestures towards Cllr Thornton. Cllr Brindley now feels free to snort at Cllr Thornton throughout the meeting.

Question: What did Cllr Thornton do?

Answer: Followed the Code of Conduct, made a Point of Order, to ask the Chairman to bring Cllr St.John under control AGAIN!

Cllr Ireland – Nominated himself to be elected to the NATIONAL Association of Local Councils!! – The High Level parliamentary lobbying group – Oh dear – What a BUGGERS MUDDLE HE MAKES OF Things at Anston .

Interestingly Cllr St.John said John is doing a good job and doing his best. It is known that Cllr Ireland puts it around freely that he is Iain St.John’s puppet hence he is Parish Council Chairman.

Despite opposition Cllr St.John proposed the nomination – he was elected by Cllrs St.John, Liz Bridges, Joyce Brindley & Helen Wardle

Questions: Isn’t the country in enough mess?

Answer: Not half as much as Anston!

Cllr Thornton made his point re his ejection from the last Finance Meeting

He was correct – Items cannot be introduced on to the Agenda at the whim of the Chairman.

Question: Was Cllr Thornton’s eviction politically motivated?

Answer: You decide – Cllr St.John has proposed, nominated or seconded this Cllrs eviction every time!

Local Development Framework (LDF)

Cllr St.John shouted PASS very loudly to keep things quiet?

Question: Do Labour want this discussing?

Answer: No they do not!

Borough Cllr Darren Hughes – The Defector

LDF Meeting at Dinnington, assured everyone present that Borough Councillors will not be voting on the LDF Core Strategy. Surprise surprise – It appears that Borough Councillors will be voting on the Core Strategy early in the New Year

Question: Was Cllr Hughes deliberately towing the Labour Party line to keep things quiet?

Answer: You make your mind up – he is up for election in May 2012!

Goodnight All

Mrs Overall

Why Save Our Green Belt Campaign won’t sign RMBC’s proposed press release!

Council Ask S.O.G Group To Sign Joint Press Release

The group has had a meeting with Karl Battersby and other top planning officials at the Town Hall last month, the Council are trying to be more open which is a giant leap forward from two years ago.

However RMBC has now asked our group to issue a joint press release. A thumbs up for them if you like.

This was a key issue for the group and was voted on at our meeting held on the 7/08/2011 the vote was unanimously against the press release. The group felt that a joint release was totally unacceptable, the wording alone speaks volumes, see for yourself, click on image to enlarge.


Pinched with permission and grateful thanks to all involved in the campaign.

LDF Consultation – leaked emails speak volumes?

The following leaked email exchange between Simon Collett and Karl Battersby of RMBC is most illuminating! Thank you to our RikiLeaks informant.

From: saveourgreenbelt []
Sent: 04 September 2011 19:12
To: Battersby, Karl
Subject: Rotherham Show

Hello Karl,

The Save Our Greenbelt group would like to distribute objection letters at the upcoming Rotherham Show.

We feel it is only good manners to ask if this would this be acceptable in the eyes of RMBC.

Simon Collett

From: Battersby, Karl
Sent: Monday, September 05, 2011 9:08 AM
Cc: Hatton, Lesley
Subject: RE: Rotherham Show

thanks for the email. I appreciate the heads up.
I have spoken to the organisers of the Rotherham Show and they have a policy of not allowing distribution of any leaflets at the event unless they are on a prebooked stand. The reason for this, as I am sure you will understand, is that if flyers are distributed they end up littering the show ground and as such we have already turned down a number of organisations. There are stewards on the day who ensure that this policy is adhered to. I have no problem with flyers being made available at the remaining consultation events. Rotherham Show is not a political event, and we decided ourselves not to run LDF consultation at it for that very reason.

On a broader scope I have to say that I have been disappointed with the continued adversarial stance that your group seem to be taking. We have been open, provided you with any information you have asked for, welcomed your attendance at the drop in sessions and answered all your questions, and I am therefore disappointed with the approach that has been taken, and the language that has been used in statements by the group. We don’t see this as a “fight”, we are actually on the same side, and we both want a good plan for Rotherham, which minimises any impact on the green belt. I was particularly disappointed that efforts to put together a joint press statement were misinterpreted and that you chose to publish our suggestions on your web site – and that you contacted the press about it. As you are aware our statement was a starting point and it was made very clear that you could remove any parts or ask us to rephrase any points that you did not agree with.
I think it would be useful to have a discussion at the next meeting so we can fully understand what the group’s position is. We therefore need to meet this week if possible.  If you have already had the leaflets printed, I would be grateful for sight of one. I am interested in what the leaflets would actually say. Is it an objection to the plan itself, the housing numbers, the principle of any development on green belt, or the principle of any development of the Bassingthorpe Farm site?
I can only repeat what I have said throughout the consultation. I am keen to ensure that our plans are clearly debated and that we work with your group to ensure the best result for Rotherham as a whole. When this consultation is over I would very much wish to be in a position where the Council and your group can say that we worked together to create a LDF that is truly fitted to people’s needs. We are genuinely trying to work with your group and are willing to be flexible and responsive to cement the relationship. By the same token we have to represent the views of the people of Rotherham – many of whom will understand the necessity for the development of a local plan as opposed to a top-down dictated solution that we have not shaped between us.
Would it not be something worth sticking at if we genuinely can help you in your proposals. I welcome the alternative suggestions you are developing and look forward to seeing your proposals.


Karl Battersby
Strategic Director
Environment and Development Services
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Tel: (01709) 823815
Internal from old:  7423815
Internal from new:  223815

Visit our website:

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