Extra Time Called on Herringthorpe Plans

Rotherham Politics has learned that extra time has been ordered on the consultation about the current proposals before the Council concerning Herringthorpe.

Why? The Council failed to put an advert in the Advertiser for the second time and this infraction has caused this extension to the consultation period.

In light of this the Council have undertaken to comply with the following; Fresh advertisements will be placed in this weeks Advertiser, followed by another the following week, followed by one week for responses to be made.

We can also report that a petition opposing, signed by 4500 residents, has been handed in already and the petition has now also been re-opened, please sign if asked.

Herringthorpe Playing Fields Community Group

Last chance for comments over Herringthorpe Playing Fields

Interesting this letter only made it as far as the Advertisers online letters:

Published on 13 February 2013, by J Morgan of the Herringthorpe Playing Fields Community Group

LOCAL residents have asked me to draw reader’s attention to the Public Notice in the back of the newspaper advertising the “Disposal of Open Public Space” on Herringthorpe Playing Fields. This will enable Rotherham Rugby Club Ltd to lease and fence part of the field. It’s entitled “Local Government Act 1972”.

Please take this final opportunity to send your comments to RMBC by February 22. The club’s current home on Clifton Lane isn’t big enough to meet its current ambitions. The proposed development will fulfil its rugby needs and provide obvious benefits for amateur rugby in Rotherham, but to justify this with additional claims that it will meets the wider community and schools needs are misleading.

There is already a purpose-built stadium on the same site which the community can and do use now. It is also available for schools to use. It’s got everything needed by community sport, secure fencing, toilets, changing rooms, ample parking, floodlights and none of the flooding problems of the field. Does the “community” need two developments on the same field, one with ideal facilities and the other without? Read on……

J Morgan

See also: Herringthorpe Playingfields Developments Map and to sign a petition, Herringthorpe Playing Fields Lease Petition