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Rothpol has received links to two pages on the RMBC website that seem to have relevance here. Easy to vote yourself taxpayers money if you are on the committee, it would appear? Our informant added their own observation, “What I … Continue reading

Wil Ewart – says thank you!


Thank you to Keith Vaz, the Home Affairs Committee, Ann Cryer, Andrew Norfolk and the many others who are doing their best to expose and reduce the sexual abuse of children through grooming in Rotherham and other British towns. And … Continue reading

Yvonne Ridley’s reaction


There should, of course, be resignations, apologies and an investigation of those who have deliberately covered up this scandal for years. Rotherham is a rotten borough and Labour has attempted, in the past, to put a sticking plaster on the … Continue reading

Did Robert Colville Get It Spot On?


Rotten boroughs like Rotherham are poisoning British politics Robert Colvile Robert Colvile is a Telegraph columnist and leader writer, who tweets as @rcolvile. Last updated: November 26th, 2012 “What more does Labour have to do to lose the Rotherham by-election? … Continue reading

Exam Results.

I am disappointed to report that there has been criticism of the PPE exam question, a significant number of Elected Members have asked if they could have multiple guess type questions and if they could use their big thick bingo pens to mark the paper, not a problem.

Congratulations to all those industrious individuals who accessed the source data for the PPE question, Rotten Metropolitan Borough Council published spend over £500, Members register of gifts and hospitality and membership details of RMBC committees.

Well done to that individual who spotted that one senior Member of RMBC thought that canapes in Wickersley was a posh carport and somewhere to park his BMW.

I know the gift register is out of date, however a number of individuals have already spotted certain patterns involving the RMBC supply chain and the gift/hospitality register, well done a gold star to those eagle eyed sleuths, top of the class!

Exam questions on such diverse subjects as geography- Members travel claims, Ethics-the NHS, ICT-what Members should not be watching on their RMBC computers and history-the matter of Steel Action to follow.

Aneurin Bevan

Aneurin Bevan’s Examination Question?