Sarah Champion – Maiden Speech

Sarah Champion (Rotherham, Labour)

“Thank you, Mr Deputy Speaker, for allowing me to make my maiden speech during this important debate on the economy.

My first job was in Rotherham and for the past four years I have been proud to manage Bluebell Wood children’s hospice, also in Rotherham. In that role, I have had the pleasure of supporting many local families. However, Bluebell, like all hospices, is a charity and, like everyone else, we are victims of the economic downturn. I am grateful that there is currently a national review of all palliative care funding as it seems deeply unfair that children’s hospices get no statutory support.

We are facing big challenges to protect the NHS in Rotherham. I am appalled that 750 jobs in our local hospital are under threat, under a Government who promised not to cut the NHS. The people of Rotherham can be assured that, as their MP, I will do everything possible to fight those cuts and to save the vital services on which so many people rely.

My immediate predecessor, Denis MacShane, was a distinguished Member of this House for 18 years. He achieved much good work for Rotherham by championing the steel works and trade unions, raising money for local medical charities and being vocal in his fight against racism. However, he also made a mistake, for which he has paid dear. I will build on all the good work that he has done for the people of Rotherham.

Having read the maiden speeches of previous MPs for Rotherham, I note with regret that a generation ago, in 1976, Stan Crowther’s principal concern was the growing unemployment in Rotherham and especially the plight of young jobless people. I am deeply saddened that, 36 years later, youth unemployment is still a major concern for the town. Across our nation, there are almost a million young jobless people. In Rotherham, a staggering one in five young people are out of work. We must all be worried about the danger of creating a workless generation—a generation without hope.

Rotherham people have never been afraid of hard work. Until the 1980s, tens of thousands of Rotherham men worked long hours in the town’s steelworks and coal mines. The pits have all but gone, and another round of redundancies at the steelworks was announced

a few weeks ago. So what options are there for young people when they leave school? The vast majority cannot go to university any more as they cannot afford tuition fees. Last week, the Prime Minister talked about the “bank of mum and dad”. That is not an option for most young people in Rotherham. With education maintenance allowance scrapped and tuition fees trebled under this Government, and with five people applying for every job in Rotherham, what future are we offering our young people?

I recently visited Rotherham college of arts and technology: meeting the apprentices and staff was so inspiring. This has to be the way forward. I will do all I can to secure placements, training opportunities and apprenticeships for Rotherham. With Tata Steel and Rolls-Royce planning to make big investments in the area, we do have opportunities and our young people need to be ready to take them.

The people of Rotherham are proud of their town, but they cannot understand why none of the good things are ever shared. Let me redress that. Seven out of 10 top Formula 1 racing cars are constructed of Rotherham steel. Every five seconds, somewhere in the world, an aircraft takes off or lands that is reliant on gear made from Rotherham steel. In recent years, Rotherham has embraced growing industries in advanced manufacturing, finance and IT services. Rotherham Ready, which was launched in 2005, is internationally acclaimed for its approach to integrating enterprise into learning for all children aged four to 19.

This year, 18 new independent businesses opened in Rotherham town centre, as well as two national retailers. The recent £7.5 million Clifton Park restoration is a benchmark of excellence. Rotherham Show is the largest free show in the north of England and welcomed 80,000 visitors during its two days in September. Rotherham United’s stunning new home, the New York stadium, opened its doors to a sell-out crowd this year. Rotherham is the only place in the country affiliated to the Athena international programme, the main aim of which is to secure balance in leadership worldwide. As the first ever woman to be elected as MP for Rotherham, I am particularly pleased with that affiliation and I will work to support more young women to reach their full potential.

I spent the past few weeks knocking on doors and talking to well over 1,000 Rotherham residents. As a vox pop goes, I think that is a pretty good sample, so let me be their voice. Regardless of their politics, and without exception, everyone was polite and welcoming and they were passionate about Rotherham. Rotherham people work hard, but the message they asked me to give is that no matter how hard they work they are being hurt by an economy that is flatlining and a Government who are helping the wrong people. Those in the lowest-paid jobs who are trying to do the right thing are seeing their working tax credits cut, yet at the same time millionaires are handed a tax bonus. All in it together? That kind of spin does not work with the people of Rotherham. Rotherham people want work—they are strivers, not skivers—and they need just a little support so that they can put food on the table and do the best for their children. The answer is to get people

back to work by real action to kick-start the failing economy, not to cut benefits that people depend on to survive.

Rotherham voters are also worried about the impact and change that new immigrants might bring to their community. I know they are neither racist nor bigoted in raising those genuine concerns, but when opportunities are few and times are tough we must understand that people get more protective of what they have. We need a different approach; we need a grown-up debate to address people’s concerns and put sensible policies in place while recognising the richness that immigrant communities bring to the UK. We need a better-funded UK Border Agency with stronger controls to combat illegal immigration, but we also need help for those who come to my surgeries and are being forced to wait too long for legitimate immigration issues to be resolved.

Many of those proud to call Rotherham home are of Kashmiri descent and their relatives came to Rotherham to work in the steel industry or mines in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Their contribution helped to make Rotherham the town it is today, which is why I will stand firmly with them in support of Kashmir’s right to self-determination. I am also proud that peace and security in the middle east remains one of Labour’s most important foreign policy objectives, and as a new MP I will continue to work for the day when we see the creation of a viable Palestinian state that can live in peace alongside Israel. Sadly, during the by-election a number of candidates tried to bring race and immigration into the debate in a divisive manner. I am proud that the people of Rotherham politely sent them packing with a clear message: “We are one Rotherham.”

I believe in Labour’s one nation values of equality and fairness for all, and I thank the people of Rotherham for electing me as their representative to Parliament because they also believe in equality and fairness. During the by-election I met Barbara, an 84-year-old great grandmother, proud to be Rotherham born and bred. She is typical of all that is best in Rotherham and I want to serve people such as her.”

Rotherham By-Election Full Result

Rotherham By-Election 29th November Full Results:

Name Description Vote % Vote Share
M Beckett LibDem 451 2.1
C Bristow EDL 29 0.1
S Champion Lab 9966 46.5
J Collins UKIP 4648 21.7
S Copley Ind 582 2.7
P Dickson Ind 51 0.2
R Dyson TUSC 281 1.3
M Guest BNP 1804 8.4
Y Ridley Respect 1778 8.3
D Wildgoose ED 703 3.3
S Wilson Con 1157 5.4
Total 21450
Turnout 34.0%
Ballot papers issued 21496
Spoilt Papers 46
Electorate 63420


Rotherham By-Election – Polling Stations now closed!

Something to keep you entertained while we wait.

The last vote has been cast. The Polling Stations are now closed! The candidates and their agents along with their counting agents are assembling at Magna for the count. The ballot boxes are on their way to be opened, verified and counted.

The result is expected around midnight to one am. Shouldn’t take long, turnout is reported to be very low. There could well be recounts on the cards, most likely to confirm deposits lost, rather that the result itself. But you never know! Result should appear on this page of the councils website: UK Parliamentary By-Election for Rotherham Constituency. BBC news channel will have the declaration live, that will be fun.

Many thanks to all of you who have popped into Rotherham Politics, contributed or commented, during recent weeks, hope you pass by this way again.

Whom so ever is elected tonight, Rotherham Politics and it’s readers, will be there to scrutinise what they do, or not do, in the ‘name of the people’. As an example, the recent readership figures, show hits have now exceeded by far, the number of voters that make up the entire electorate of Rotherham constituency, during this short campaign. Politics is going on line, even in Rotherham it would appear?

We believe that the labour party must deal decisively with it’s own internal problems now and clean it up! At the moment, cesspit would be an apt word to describe the murky world of labour politics in Rotherham! I know Jahangir Akhtar doesn’t like the term, but when Michael Elmer first coined the term ‘scum labour’, to sum up the labour party in Rotherham it seemed, so appropriate!

Some news just in, that perhaps presages the future, for some senior council employees:

“Council Gossip – Corporate Management Team (CMT) has already lost Andrew Bedford and do not want to loose Joyce Thacker.  They are waiting to see the outcome
of today’s election – if Labour do well (even a win by 13 votes – well a win is a win) she will stay but if the rosette stops fluttering she and others will go. The politicians will sacrifice her to cover their own backs, so nothing new there.”

Results supplied by Anonymous:

Sarah Champion (Labour) 9866
Jane Collins (UKIP) 4648
Marlene Guest (BNP) 1804
Yvonne Ridley (Respect) 1778
Simon Wilson (Con) 1157
David Wildgoose (Eng Dem) 703
Simon Copley (Ind) 582
Michael Beckett (Lib Dem) 451
Ralph Dyson (TUSC) 261
Paul Dickson (Ind) 51
Clint Bristow (no descripton) 29

Rotherham By-Election Day!

Excitement at last! Heard that UKIP has been involved in an altercation, labour says they are not involved! Continues in comments.

The Rotherham Star has this today, By-election candidate’s criminal past, oh dear!

Guido Fawkes, the notorious right wing blogger, has tried to talk up UKIP’s chances from London! UKIP are not a party Rotherham voters will vote for in large numbers! Doubling their vote would put them on 12-14%, no where enough to pose a significant challenge to labour’s hapless and hopeless candidate, whose sole selling point is Bluebell Wood and that’s all!

UKIP also seem to have a supporter determined to have their say:

“Whilst you are all fretting over the Rotherham election result tens if not hundreds of thousands of Rumanians and Bulgarians are busy booking their tickets to the UK in 2013. Where they will be instantly entitled to FREE health care , education housing benefit family allowance and unemployment benefits all paid for by you the tax payer.
So think before you vote LIBLABCON why you should pay for all this and consider voting UKIP”

Rotherham voters will not be seduced in to voting for these petty ‘little Englanders’!

Neither will they have forgotten this:

Rotherham Politics – BNP & UKIP Two sides of the same coin?

Posted on May 10, 2012 by

During election periods Rotherham Politics is remarkably free of mentions of the BNP and BNP-Light, known to local voters as UKIP. This is to ensure that we don’t assist them by giving them publicity, all be it, of a negative … Continue reading →

Full candidate list:

Michael Beckett Liberal Democrat
Clint Bristow Independent (EDL)
Sara Champion Labour
Jane Collins UKIP
Simon Copley Independent
Paul Dickson Independent
Ralph Dyson TUSC
Marlene Guest BNP
Yvonne Ridley Respect
David Wildgoose English Democrats
Simon Wilson Conservatives

If you haven’t voted for your chosen candidate yet, advise you vote soon it’s already getting very cold out there!

The Rotherham labour selection omnishambles makes in into Private Eye, bring it to readers as soon as I get the scanner out!

Labour – falling apart as we look on?

A RikiLeaks source has provide this interesting insight into the disarray at the heart of Rotherham labour, it begins:

Here is the latest desperate begging letter from Rotherham Labour’s
John Healey.

This has obviously fallen on deaf ears as did the last six sent by
other party big wigs. They can get on the ground and do the dirty
work themselves. The strange thing is he still sounds as though the
media have got it all wrong and his Labour Party has no
relationship with the Labour Council! Desperate, deluded and
hopefully defeated.

“Dear friend

Tomorrow’s polling day – for Rotherham’s new MP

This has been a short and intense campaign, after a very difficult
selection process and with negative media coverage about Rotherham.
Everyone involved in the campaign has worked really hard to make
sure we keep Rotherham Labour and stop the other parties from
creating divisions within our town. I’ve spent almost all of the
last two weeks out on the campaign trail with Sarah, and she’s
worked harder than anyone to take people with her.

We need one last push to get out Labour’s vote. And I’m emailing
tonight to ask for your help tomorrow.

We’ve got four different campaign centres operating tomorrow
covering all the wards of the constituency – they’ll all be open
from 7am till 10pm, so please head to your most local one and lend
a hand for as little or as much time as you can.

From John Healey”

Election Day Coverage Starts Early

Rotherham Politics readers will be interested in this insightful piece, which we hope the source intended for publication, we are grateful to you.

“As a Rotherham resident I am appalled that my taxes contribute towards paying some council workers/politicians who have no moral compass. I have had the unfortunate pleasure of working for some of these unscrupulous characters who collude in a joint pact of turning a blind eye. It’ s why we have some of the highest paid politicians and senior council officers even though we are one of the most deprived boroughs in the country.

The foster-gate scandal from my experience will lead to no insightful investigation; the very senior teams and politicians are specialists in cover-up. They will cover their tracks without morally flinching about the impact they have had on three young children and their foster parents.

I used to call them Orwellian Wizards – they develop a myth, they find and twist the evidence which supports their myth and shockingly in unison they spout out a version of reality that never happened. Amazingly they believe their own lie which becomes the evident truth – in trying to convince others they convinced themselves.  

This ability is only matched by their desperate desire to collect awards, which completes the circle – outside adulation proves they are the best, never mind the experience of local people. There are many examples I could share but one that comes to mind (and most relevant to multiculturalism) is their eagerness to be the first Council to gain Excellent in equalities (yes the irony) and guess what, these overpaid corrupt Orwellian Wizards achieved this.

I am only attacking some of the higher levels of leadership; huge amounts of the council’s workforce are decent and committed to the people of Rotherham. I urge those workers to join us and share what you know; it is a rare and overdue opportunity to get rid of the arrogant, corrupt, delusional bullies that are running our town.”

Rotherham By-Election – Logic of numbers?

Rotherham Politics has always tried to keep as neutral a position as possible, none more so than when covering elections.

With labour in dire trouble with their campaign, mainly due to the apparent boycott by locals, at all levels of party organisation, and their intention to vote against their party for the first time ever! This is quite simply, an unprecedented development!

Labour voters who haven’t even voted for years, are energised by the chance to punish the party, that they had trusted for years and are absolutely sick of it! This trust has been stretched beyond breaking point. They are now intent on punishing the party for their evident failings.

The voters of all the parties know, that this by-election, is crucial to our common future. If labour does scrape home with the trainee candidate nothing will be done to rid our town of the corrupt and fundamentally undemocratic, control freak ways, that have so characterised by RMBC and the recent fostering row.

UKIP have made a lot of noise, but have actually gained few votes. The 2010 result, may still prove, to have been the high-watermark of their electoral support in Rotherham constituency.

I am afraid that most of the eleven candidates are destined to lose their deposits as their supporters realise the logic of the situation.

This has been a two horse race, right from the start in reality. The situation is simple, if voters want to say, enough is enough, and a lot do, there is only one opponent to Labour’s Sarah Champion, that can prevent her wining is Yvonne Ridley.

This fact cannot be ignored by the voters casting their votes tomorrow. The whole town is hoping and praying, that they don’t wake up to more of the same with a new MP, hand picked for them, by Kevin Barron of all people!

So there we have it a stark chioce:

Sarah Champion represents the ‘more of the same’ with the local wrongdoing going on as before, with all the greed, sleaze and corruption that is entailed!

Or, voters can send ‘crooks’ like Denis MacShane the last MP, and the ‘crooked’ local labour party, a message loud and clear that they want a fresh start, by voting for Yvonne Ridley to be their next MP. With Yvonne as MP, the fresh start may be possible?

By-Election Hangover For Labour! Exclusive!

Rotherham Politics has learned that labour’s problems at the ballot box, have only just started! We have learned that Respect, will from now on maintain a presence and a base in Rotherham, after this by-election is over.

Evidence seen by us, clearly confirms this to be the case. Aren’t photocopiers wonderful when documents are left accidentally!

This cannot be a welcome development in the Lubyanka or Labour HQ, I Would imagine?

Fresh information still coming in about this new development, check back later for more.

Rotherham Voters are in the mood for revolution!

The litany of Labour failure in Rotherham over many years is legendary!

Despite the history of poor performance, greed, sleaze and corruption that labour has swept under the carpet with very few paying the proper price for their wrongdoing.

Rotherham’s voters are going to the polls, intent on nothing less than revolution! They are preparing, to make labour pay the price for this failure!  Also to send a clear message to labour, to get a grip in Rotherham and to have taken the proper action to clean up the party! Here are just a few:

National Local Government Forum Against Poverty
Steel Action
Little action against the guilty involved in the ‘Grooming Scandal’
Labours sorry tale of greed, sleaze and corruption in Rotherham
Jahangir Akhtar Deputy Leader RMBC twice! And his recent awful behaviour
A culture of nepotism has infected RMBC like lettering runs through seaside rock
The ‘crook’ Denis MacShane finally exposed
Mahroof Hussain MBE, exposed as merely a collector of titles
The selection shenanigans
The resulting labour candidate, selected with only 13 votes

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, I am sure readers can think of many more?

Recent events have shone an intense spotlight on the Council and they have been found to be wanting. Rotherham folk are both embarrassed and ashamed, because of the actions of the labour party and for their abject failure to deal with their dirty little problems be fore

In short, the labour party has covered up much that is wrong with Rotherham labour resulting in their problems now being visible for all to see!

Reflections on a disaster!

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

On last night’s national BBC TV news I watched the report from Rovrum on the developing story of the foster parents who incurred the wrath of the PC Stasis Lubyanka Brigade by daring to be UKIP members …

The news showed a flabby, grey-haired, corpulent, elderly-looking male running past the assembled media and muttering summat almost incomprehensibe that made no sense to me.

What a constrast to that Laybah Leedah who milked the media churn for all its worth when Dolly Twin Peaks hit town a few years ago and our citizens were hit with a mega-bill for the mother-of-all-civic-junkets that was filled to capacity with our RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns –

Oh how times have changed, now we have this barely recognisable elderly male who scurried into the Lubyanka bunker to escape from the media and press …

I remember reading of another leader with delusions of greatness who retreated to his bunker while chaos and destruction laid waste all around him …

Come Thursday cometh the peoples’ judgement.

Please God let’s be rid of this self-serving political patronge machine and return to honesty, integrity and transparency in local politics.

Yours Sincerely,