Rotherham’s Disgrace – The questions begin?



As an active and empowered citizen and unpaid community volunteer with an interest in the costs and activities of RMBC Elected Members and Officers I read the following article with profound concern –

I note with deep concern that “Rotherham Council dropped its application for a High Court injunction to prevent the disclosure of all the findings” and I wish to know –

1. The total cost of the High Court injunction and any and all of the cost of legal advice and/or opinion given to RMBC from either within or without the organisation, in relation to the Serious Case Review mentioned in the article.

2. Please provide a specific itemised cost and date breakdown in relation to the legal costs requested in (1) above.

Please provide the above information in electronic format and within the timescale specified in the Freedom of Information Act.

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton

Rotherham Politics would be delighted to make this report available to readers, if someone would oblige us? Send as an attachment to, Rothpol.

Rotherham’s Disgrace – Why has no one been called to account?

So, once again, RMBC has been publicly shown to be completely inadequate in its ability to protect a Rotherham child from harm and sexual exploitation by despicable, wicked, evil Rotherham men.

And, once again, all the multitude of warning signs were there for all to see. But being RMBC, once again they gave those signs the “Nelson’s eye” and it’s all turned out to be such an unpredictable horror for them.

Has this failure to act to protect the town’s children cost any of the highly-paid RMBC Elected Members and Officers their jobs?

Has there been a very public apology from Da Dodger at this corporate failure which occurred within his organisation and on his watch?

No not a bit of it.

No public apology or confirmation of sackings, reprimands, lessons learned, demotions – in fact no penalties for failure at all on the part of those who are well-paid and tasked with the legal duty of protection of our town’s children.

No, everyone will have moved on to bigger and better things. Some will even delude themselves into thinking themselves as worthy candidates to head-up our county’s statutory crime fighting agency. And the Elected Members will continue to draw higher than Sheffield Council remuneration for yet another lack-lustre discharge of their public duties.

Yours in continued abject disappointment,


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