Seen Elsewhere: BNP, Voice of Freedom. Cynicism Exposed!

Ordinarily this blog is a nazi free zone, but an exception needs to be made in this instance. Despite it’s originator, Marlene Guest (Aka GOL), the results of her Freedom of Information (FoI)  request has yielded important information that should have been made public without the necessity to drag it out of them. I have had the following extract emailed to me and I now share it with you.

The people of Rotherham  are footing the medical health care bill for 70 black African immigrants who have been diagnosed with HIV, an article in the new Voice of Freedom newspaper has revealed.

According to the report, the services for those suffering from HIV and Aids in the South Yorkshire town have been swamped with just one operator, Shield, contracted to provide housing and support.
They can provide places for 49 clients with HIV, Aids and Hepatitis C which should be sufficient for Rotherham’s residents.
Out of a population of 242,000 traditional Yorkshire folk, there are exactly 49 cases of people who have been diagnosed with HIV.
But it’s the town’s new arrivals that have thrown the local health care in chaos, Freedom reports.
“From 800 black African immigrants, 70 have Aids-related diseases, while from other immigrant communities in Rotherham totalling 8,000 people, there are another 10 cases,” the article says.
“The extent of the disease amongst immigrants in Rotherham and the possible threat of infection posed to the host population only came to light thanks to the diligent work of local British National Party representative Marlene Guest and her team who uncovered the scandal.
When Ms Guest first heard from residents who were concerned about immigrants with Aids were being given priority in housing provision and the burden placed on local health services, she made a Freedom of Information request to NHS Rotherham to find out the extent of the problem.
She asked: “How many people in the Rotherham have HIV/Aids and what are their origins.”
At first NHS Rotherham claimed they couldn’t answer because they didn’t understand what Ms Guest meant by ‘origins’.
They then stonewalled again saying that she hadn’t stipulated a specific year for the information. Finally they said they didn’t keep such figures.
Not deterred, Ms Guest sifted through hundreds of council documents to find the information she required. “I have no doubt there has been a cover-up,” she told Freedom.
“There are two Rotherham councillors who have a very close connection with Shield. One has declared an interest but the other hasn’t.
“These councillors who knew about the implications and repercussions of HIV immigrants being housed amongst local residents and should have alerted them to what was happening.
“But they didn’t. They chose to keep quiet and cover-up the issue, just like Rotherham NHS tried to do, and that’s a scandal.”
How immigration has brought Aids to Rotherham will be a key issue when the British National Party contest local council elections in the town next May.

The last paragraph is extraordinarily revelatory. It clearly demonstrates the mindset of the BNP and their representative in Rotherham, Marlene Guest. The frankly nasty approach of this pernicious bunch of nazis exploiting for their own ends a situation that will require openness, tolerance and goodwill to address a problem as complex as this one, the exact opposite to the BNP approach in fact!