2012 – The full top ten

2012 a record breaking year in more ways than one:

Joyce Thacker’s priority? Find the whistle blower! 5,645
The Times – In full – heads must surely roll! 2,648
Rotherham By-Election 2012 1,828
The Uncomfortable Truth About Jahangir Akhtar! 1,444
Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 13th Nov 1,320
Rotherham By-Election – Polling Stations now closed! 1,266
The Shaun Wright Files 1,227
The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal 1,202
Vote Dave Smith – Independent Candidate Dinnington Ward 1,161
Rotherham By-Election – Labour Blind Panic Edition 1,052

Total hits 2012 updated 23:59 31st December 2012: 218,958

2012 A year of elections? Local elections in May, PCC election, mid November and the Rotherham by-election at the end of November, contributed to a very busy year and a distinct bias towards those associated posts.

The real surprises were in the number one and four position. The Joyce Thacker story went viral after the UKIP fostering scandal broke, towards the end of the by-election campaign and the resultant international interest. The second surprise is indicative of interest in the Deputy Leader and his antics from the now infamous walkout at the selection meeting to the present. A much clearer picture of Jahangir Akhtar is emerging.

Top Ten Posts last week – Total 1427 page views

Good week! Exceeding an average of 200 hits per day for the first time! Thanks go to all our readers, commenters and contributors, much gratitude to you all!!!!

Home page 501
Gerald Smith case goes international – Swedish ‘Kristdemokraten’ picks it up! 192
Principles in Rotherham Public Life? 62
Save our Greenbelt – Dinnington & Anston Action Group – Public Meeting 61
Community Champion – We deal firstly with his complaint 51
Save our Greenbelt Public Meeting Last night! 47
Grald-Hunter brings us this pearl from MacShane! 36
RMBC wins award from Disabled Motoring UK – Despite having the Blue Badge Abusing Councillor! 35
Labour can apologise – but not in ‘Scum Labour’ Rotherham 32
Grald-Hunter spots Wyatt tweet and asks new question of Gerald Smith? 29