Pin the red rosette to the donkey?

Those avid twitterers will have seen the result of labour’s selection of their candidate in Novembers’ Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Shaun Wright has been selected to carry labour’s red rosette!

More on this later.

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Special South Yorkshire Police Authority 23/09/2011 11:30 – Isn’t technology wonderful!

South Yorkshire Police Authority is meeting tomorrow at 11:30 for a special session about the police helicopter. View this at 11:30 23rd September.

The good news is, we can all see it as it happens, thanks to wonderful technology!

The same technology is installed in our very own Rotherham Town Hall but has never been used for anything yet, beyond providing the current Mayor Shaun Wright with a nice souvenir of his installation.

Personally speaking, making any meeting is quite a challenge, therefore I welcome this development and would ask why RMBC do not use the technology at their disposal to webcast their meetings? We, the people of Rotherham Town and Borough, deserve nothing less!

Watch out for Terry Sharman in action, most likely to be inaction though, from the comfort of your own armchair! Click here at 11:30 23rd September.

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