Uber drivers’ ‘sex attacks’ across Britain


Uber drivers have been accused of more than a dozen sex attacks, including at least two rapes, outside London. Alleged sexual assaults were reported to six police forces outside the capital, according to data released under freedom of information laws, … Continue reading

60 children in Rotherham at risk of being groomed and sexually abused!

The BBC Radio Sheffield breakfast show, last week, ran a series of articles on the crime of child sexual exploitation. Using the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the information the programme makers say that last year alone 200 children in South Yorkshire were considered to be at risk of being abused, 60 of those children are from Rotherham.

Anyone seen anything on the RMBC website on how to protect your children?



Ronald Broxted for PCC?

It has been reported that an independent Ronald Broxted, is interested in trying for PCC in South Yorkshire or North Wales but he can’t make his mind up!

Who is Ronald Broxted anyway? Rothpol advises North Wales as his indecisiveness would only make him the subject of ridicule in South Yorkshire.

The real Ronald Broxted, might like to introduce himself to us?


Pin the red rosette to the donkey?

Those avid twitterers will have seen the result of labour’s selection of their candidate in Novembers’ Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Shaun Wright has been selected to carry labour’s red rosette!

More on this later.

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Superfast Broadband Chaos?

This interesting story of much woe in the roll out of the super fast broadband network that has promised much but delivered little, can be brought to Rotherham Politics readers due to the observant “A regular reader” to whom we are most grateful:

The story starts with this BBC post, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-16910835

Also here:  http://www.thinkbroadband.com/news/5020-ripwire-a-wireless-and-digital-region-reseller-ceases-trading.html

and here:  http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?p=8549632

Good stuff on the background can be found here:

http://www.thinkbroadband.com/news/4972-yorkshire-post-highlights-losses-for-digital-region.html includes link to a very good Yorkshire Post article.

No fun for those affected, but one could see something like this coming.

“A regular reader”

Tony Devoy – Independent Candidate, Barnsley Central By-Election – Speaks His Mind!

The Barnsley Chronicle has an interesting video on their website. Click here to view.

Tony Devoy, an Independent candidate at the Barnsley Central by-election spoke for all those frustrated by the greed and worse, embedded in local government, in Yorkshire and he spoke for us all when he expressed his frustrations and his desire to do something about it!

He also did very well in terms of his vote share, saving his deposit! No mean feat in itself! Knocking the Liberals into a cocked hat forcing them in to 6th place and losing theirs’ was a pure bonus! Well done!

Keeping Their Eye On The Powerful In South Yorkshire – New Website!

South Yorkshire’s newest political website went live this week. We wish them well for the future and look forward to further web developments as political debate increasingly goes online. Click on the image below of their banner to take you straight there.

Rotherham makes it on to the first posting with an interesting story about Alan Atkin, a Labour councillor, representing Wath ward and his freebie trip to York races.

Ex-Ministerial Payouts the final insult?

Labour’s rejected ministerial team have pocketed a cool £1,051,202 in severance payments due to them after being roundly rejected by the people in the General Election held in May.

These payouts are an outrage! They are rewards for failure and should not be made!

Presumably, Rotherham’s only serving former Minister, John Healey, has had a slice of this action? He might like to enlighten us as to how much he got from this bloated pot of money as a reward for being thrown out of office and to explain why it was proper that he should receive it?

How many of his constituents will be losing their jobs as the result of  Labours profligacy, deceit and cynicism?

They will have noted this outrageous example of greed and it will contribute to further local dissatisfaction with  the ‘peoples party’ and no doubt electoral reverses to come.

The ’empty’ promises, made by the Labour Government with RMBC acting as cheerleaders, have been exposed as pure  election gimmickry. They were unfunded, essentially fraudulent, promises of future funding that would, in all probability have been cancelled by Labour if the country had been foolish enough to have re-elected them!

Labour ‘heartland’ areas such as Rotherham, have been abused, ignored and taken for granted by a Labour Government over the last thirteen years. They will need more than a new Leader to change this around, the Party itself has imploded and no longer knows who they represent or where their loyalties should lie.

In short, we have been betrayed by the very Party that was supposed to speak up for us! Eternal shame on Labour for this ‘sell out’.


Eric Illsley Appears in Court. Labours' dirty secrets, gradually being exposed!

Eric Illsley, for the first time, attended City of Westminster Magistrates Court in London yesterday.

He is charged with dishonestly claiming more than £25,000 in expenses.

The allegations he faces are that he dishonestly claimed expenses for council tax, service & maintenance, repairs & insurance, utilities & communications at his second home in South London, between May 2005 and April 2008. Sound at all familiar to readers, anyone?

Eric Illsley indicated that he will be contesting these charges and will be pleading not guilty.

The Labour Party acted with unusually commendable speed on this and has suspended him from the Party, but the question still remains, why did they let him stand in the first place? None of this was news to them after all! See previous story here.

Another rather sad and seedy episode for the Labour Party that will further undermine trust in ‘the Party of the People’. As will the many other cases yet to reach the attention of you and me, that will punctuate the future on a regular basis.

Labour really didn’t do as good a job of checking out it’s sitting MPs before letting them stand again as the Tories. Brown’s assertions, during the campaign, that all his candidates were, ‘whiter than white’ and had been thoroughly vetted, now has a distinctly hollow ring.

Illsley was granted unconditional bail and his case committed to Southwark Crown Court for a plea and case management hearing on July 22nd.


See previous story, Eric Illsley, Labour Member for Barnsley Central, now first to have ‘unfinished business’ exposed!