View from the top?

This letter, published in last Friday’s Advertiser, makes interesting reading:

Standards committee not run by any one group

“I refer to the article of  March 1 regarding disruption at a recent meeting of Anston Parish Council, in which it was suggested by Mr Smith that the Standards Committee of Rotherham Borough Council is “run by the Labour group so nothing will happen there”.

As the Chairman of the Borough Council’s Standards Committee, I believe it is important that your readers are informed of the true nature of the committee.

The committee is composed of eight borough councillors, two of whom are from the Conservative group, and there are three representatives from parish councils. In addition the council, recognising the importance of independent and objective input into the maintenance of high standards of ethical behaviour by elected members, appointed five independent members to act in an advisory capacity.

The council has gone far beyond the obligations of the Localism Act and the practice of other councils in this regard.

In addition the Independent Person (which is a statutory appointment) is regularly consulted upon standards issues and plays a pro-active role with regard to ensuring high standards of elected member conduct are maintained.

With such extensive independent involvement in the business of the Standards Committee I am sure the public will agree that the committee is not run by the Labour, or any other, group.”

Cllr Alan Gosling, Chairman, Rotherham Borough Council Standards Committee