Sandwell also seems to have issues with a dodgy BT contract!


From the quite excellent Sandwell blog, In The Public Domain? Jan Britton’s £16m Big Black Hole! It gets more incredible by the day…. Herewith a letter which I am sending to the Chief Constable of the West Midlands and to … Continue reading

Sandwell MBC – Publication of reports into land sales and other matters


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…… and the connection to Rotherham. Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council has had some difficulty with land sales it would seem? Click on the image to view the reports: ….. and the Rotherham connection? That would be the Leader, Steve Eling … Continue reading

Phantom rail trip that still haunts councillor


The Yorkshire Post published this piece in the wake of the Anti-Poverty Forum debacle and questions were being asked about Steel Action. Reg Littleboy was a Councillor and Secretary, Labour Group at the time. A distinctly ‘part of the past’ … Continue reading

Gone elsewhere but not forgotten


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The latest edition of Private Eye this week includes news of Chris Mallender and his disastrous activities at, Labour controlled, Corby Borough Council. Many will remember him at Rotherham, when he was an Assistant Chief Executive:

Exam Time Results!

Exam Results are in:

I know there are comments on this site that question the academic prowess of certain Rotten Metropolitan Borough Council Elected Members; however the 100% pass rate on the ethics papers may undermine this widely held view point.

No grade creep here, no exam marking changes a 100% pass rate, all candidates selected question three as the correct answer.

3 Try to shaft the hospital for £250.000 for a planning application   regarding car parking?

Well done boys and girls a gold star for everyone, no wonder it’s called Rotten MBC.
Now some controversy has crept into the news surrounding the exam results, some individuals who are not Elected Members have said that answer 2 is correct,
2 Adopt an open book approach to delivering community services and share back office resources to reduce costs?

Yes, they are right but not if you are a Labour Councillor at Rotten MBC.
Regrettably it has been brought to my attention (by the THT prefect) that following the heads up that the topic of Steel Action would feature in a future exam paper that the newer members of RMBC have been caught cheating by asking questions of their older and much wiser colleagues, they even asked some of those involved in the project, naughty, naughty.

It is also understood that the very mention of the words Steel Action resulted in a deathly silence descending on a room in THT with all eyes fixed on the big three, one started to perspire and loosen his tie, one started to cough and splutter so hard he went bright red and the final one clutched his chest while desperately looking for his GTN spray.

At this point a Member with First Aid skills considering the possibility of having to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation on one of the big three made himself scarce and let the GTN take effect.

Given the level of cheating on the topic of Steel Action the exam board are now looking how best to form the Steel Action question bank.

More exam papers to follow.

Aneurin Bevan.

Exam Results.

I am disappointed to report that there has been criticism of the PPE exam question, a significant number of Elected Members have asked if they could have multiple guess type questions and if they could use their big thick bingo pens to mark the paper, not a problem.

Congratulations to all those industrious individuals who accessed the source data for the PPE question, Rotten Metropolitan Borough Council published spend over £500, Members register of gifts and hospitality and membership details of RMBC committees.

Well done to that individual who spotted that one senior Member of RMBC thought that canapes in Wickersley was a posh carport and somewhere to park his BMW.

I know the gift register is out of date, however a number of individuals have already spotted certain patterns involving the RMBC supply chain and the gift/hospitality register, well done a gold star to those eagle eyed sleuths, top of the class!

Exam questions on such diverse subjects as geography- Members travel claims, Ethics-the NHS, ICT-what Members should not be watching on their RMBC computers and history-the matter of Steel Action to follow.

Aneurin Bevan

Aneurin Bevan’s Examination Question?