Has an MP a super-injunction?

Rumours have been swirling around the Palace of Westminster that an MP has applied for or obtained a super-injunction.

Today, Members of Parliament have called for a debate on super-injunctions.

Leading the charge was Tory MP Matthew Offord who represents the people of Hendon.

Warning of the danger “if, as has been rumoured, a member of this place seeks a super-injunction to prevent discussion of their activities?”

Legal note: If a super-injunction exists? Then it prevents the revelation of the name, or indeed, the fact of it’s existence, quite absurd!

Bloggers and super-injunctions?

I am no lawyer, but anyone could be in danger of inadvertently breaking the terms of a super-injunction, without being aware that the super-injunction exists?

Because the Judges, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that no one may know even of the existence of the super-injunction, it is therefore impossible to respect the terms of it!

Am I the only one to find this invidious situation, absolutely absurd? Or should I up the dose of my tablets?