SYPCC By-Election – Line up announced


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The South Yorkshire PCC By-Election is now on. The Star brings us the full list, click on image to read the article in full: Some details on English Democrat candidate David Allen and mention of Independent Candidate Ciaran Goggins, reading

SY PCC Elections – flip-flopping?

Slipping under the radar is the news that Shaun Wright intends to stand down from his role as Councillor!

This leaves the door open for the Rotherham Labour Party to impose Tory Boy onto the unsuspecting citizens of Wrights ward, sounds familiar it should.

On one hand they bleat about the NEC and their selection process for candidates and then ape the NEC in putting Tory Boy forward!

The full stench of Rotherham Labour hypocrisy!

To rub salt into the wound, in a previous role Tory Boy was involved with that secretive sect trying to build on green belt in Anston, surprise, surprise the sect are back with a modified application.

I wonder who has been advising them?

The Rotherham Politics Transparency Challenge.

Campaign funding became a major issue in the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner election, due to take place on November 15th.

In response to this, we issued the Rotherham Politics Transparency Challenge. We asked candidates to reveal the sources of their campaign funding, the amounts and give us a rough idea of how it is being spent. Additionally we asked if there was anything in the candidates past that might prove embarrassing once known.

So far Nigel Bonson, David Allen and Jonathan Arnott have risen to our simple challenge about transparency.

Sadly we can report to readers, Shaun Wright for Labour and Robert Teal for the LibDems, have failed so far to rise to this simple request.

David Allen – Rises to the Rotherham Politics Transparency Challenge!

It’s a good point. I have not had a CRB done ever, and was surprised as I arrived at the nomination meeting ,clutching a wad of identity proof that none was required. I ‘d be quite happy to have one done.

With regard to the expenses, it was raised as a question at the BBC Asian QT and I believe all the candidates gave a fair indication of the lack of funding they had. Mr Wright didn’t specify the amount but did reveal his sources. Personally I donated one thousand, the English Democrats two thousand pounds and the rest was made up from local party members. The leaflets have been paid for by local funds and friendly donations and don’t add up to more than a couple of hundred pounds.

I hope that suffices.

David Allen.