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Guilty of a crime of ‘thuggery’ – then objects to being called a ‘thug’!


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Down memory lane with this the second newspaper clipping! All I can suggest to Jahangir Akhtar, if he doesn’t like being called a ‘thug’, it would have been better if he hadn’t showed this side of his character to everyone! … Continue reading

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Down Memory Lane

John Wilkinson has reminded us of the time when Jahangir Akhtar got his nickname.

From the Guardian:

Councillor joined drunken brawl

A Labour councillor caught up in a drunken fight in a restaurant was yesterday given 130 hours’ community service.

“Jahangir Akhtar, 41, was spared a prison term because of his record of helping community relations in Rotherham, where the row broke out between diners last September.

Hull crown court was told that Akhtar, a member of the controlling Labour group on Rotherham council, played a leading role in kicking and punching a customer. Judge Simon Lawler described the attack as “a serious incident which led to a number of people being injured and needing hospital treatment”.

After the hearing, Akhtar said he would continue as a councillor. “I will serve my community no matter what happens. Whether that is in the Labour party largely depends on the reaction today.”

The court heard that Akhtar, a taxi driver in Rotherham, went to the Minar Balti restaurant in response to a mobile phone call from his brother Tesadiq Hussein, 31, who was drunk and abusive and falsely claimed that he had been attacked by staff.

Akhtar, his son Azzizum, 20, and his brother Shabbir, a 36-year-old martial arts instructor, arrived at about 11.30pm. Fighting broke out.

“Shabbir Akhtar struck a blow to a customer eating his meal and then Jahangir Akhtar joined in the assault on him,” said Rodney Jameson, prosecuting. “The man was kicked and punched and fell to the floor and was punched again. He got a black eye.”

Judge Lawler told Akhtar that he had been given glowing references including an accolade from a former police commander in Rotherham.

Hussein was jailed for 14 months for his part in the affray; Azzizum Akhtar was given 80 hours of community service and Shabbir Akhtar 130 hours”

One is forced to question why this bully and thug was ever allowed back in the Labour Party? This man and his sons are an utter disgrace and have no place in public life!

For students of Jahangir:

What may be perfectly legal but totally unacceptable politically?

It is often the case in politics that when lawyers get involved in pursuit of their clients interests, against the wishes of a reluctant party, when it becomes public it doesn’t look good to say the least and is often … Continue reading

What may be perfectly legal but totally unacceptable politically?

It is often the case in politics that when lawyers get involved in pursuit of their clients interests, against the wishes of a reluctant party, when it becomes public it doesn’t look good to say the least and is often totally unacceptable, politically!

Rotherham has, it would appear, a good example of just such a case.

Jahangir Akhtar joined labour as an adult in 1990 and despite apparently, the handicap of a prior conviction, now spent, was elected to RMBC as a labour councillor in 2000.

In 2001 Akhtar, his brother and his son were arrested in a Rotherham restaurant. In 2002 they were convicted at Hull Crown Court together with others, of affray. Akhtar escaped a prison sentence, after he produced a vast number of testimonial character references, which impressed the Judge.

Labour suspended him from the Labour Group Whip but not apparently, his labour membership. Although expected to fall on his sword and resign from the Council, upon conviction, he somewhat stubbornly remained on RMBC until his term of office expired in May 2004. Labour fielded an alternative candidate and that was expected to be that!

In plenty of time for the May 2006 elections, Akhtar, had persuaded the labour party that he should be allowed back on the council, after he deployed every weapon of persuasion, in his armoury. He returned to the council, he was re-elected in 2010 and his current term of office expires 2014.

Jahangir Akhtar joined the Police Authority and has been appointed to the new replacement, the Police & Crime Panel. The role of this committee is to support the Police & Crime Commissioner and Akhtar was it’s interim Chair on it’s inception and appointed Vice Chair after it’s first full meeting. At some point around this time, Akhtar’s involvement was apparently referred to and examined in detail by the Police Professional
Standards Department. They concluded at the time that, he is entitled to hold the position. Section 80 (1) (d) Local Government Act 1972 refers, apparently?

This is where the story ends up with our original question, What may be perfectly legal but totally unacceptable politically?

This is the perfect example of this phenomenon in action, it’s a bit like POA on a menu, if you have got to ask the price, you can’t afford it. So it is in this particular case, if they had to check to see if Akhtar was permitted to serve, with the Professional Standards Department, it might have warned someone that his membership of the Police & Crime Panel might not be the smartest idea?

Akhtar has, over the years, acquired two convictions the second for a crime of violence! This alone should have raised alarm bells and the best advice would have been a quiet strategic withdrawal. But no, Akhtar pressed on and, to add insult to injury, is the Police & Crime Panel Vice Chair!

Many readers of Rotherham Politics must be left scratching their heads, at this outrageous situation. Has this man no sense of how this looks outside the Town Hall? Disgraceful arrogance on the part of the labour cabal in the Town Hall, coupled with Akhtar’s hubris.

Back by popular demand: http://twitter.yfrog.com/0lv63lkcvnbonyqalnovcscwz

The Uncomfortable Truth About Jahangir Akhtar!

Rotherham Politics over the last four and a half years, has covered many of the issues that are indicative of the broken politics that afflicts Rotherham!

The Rotherham labour party believes that they ‘own’ the Town and are fundamentally undemocratic and profoundly intolerant, of any challenge to their hegemony.

The by-election for the Rotherham constituency has brought many of these problems into sharp focus. From the moment that It became apparent, that the outrageously greedy and dishonest MacShane was finished, the fun and games started.

Mahroof Hussain MBE was on the short list for the Middlesbrough constituency selection at the time and made the basic error of withdrawing at the last minute, leaving labour ‘high and dry’, saying he wanted to concentrate on the Rotherham constituency.

Rotherham constituency labour party selections, have had a long history of disappointment for ‘favourite sons’ and this selection followed that usual pattern, much to the chagrin of Mahroof Hussain and his supporters when he was omitted from the short list.

The most disgraceful scenes, ever seen at any meeting of the labour party in Rotherham, unfolded on the night of labour’s selection meeting which took place on a chilly Tuesday night at New York Stadium.

114 labour members of the Rotherham constituency assembled to select labour’s candidate for the forthcoming by-election. What can only be described as a display of, out and out ‘thuggery’ ensued!

Led by the ‘thug in Chief’ Jahangir Akhtar, who is currently labour Deputy Leader of RMBC, the most disgraceful scenes ensued, helpfully shared with the world, via Youtube and some camera phone footage!

When it became apparent that they, would not after all, get their way and clearly frustrated at not being able to get Mahroof Hussain inserted onto the short list, a walk out of 85 (75%) of those present, led by Akhtar and others who should have known better, occurred.

The remaining 29 then proceeded to select Sarah Champion as labour’s ‘clean break’ candidate.

Rotherham labour  and Akhtar in particular looked exceedingly foolish, as Len Tingle of the BBC, complete with a camera crew, were waiting outside to record events as they unfolded. Intemperate comments, from some of those who had led the walk out, even made it into print, talking about a local boycott of the campaign!

When Rotherham Politics started to cover the by-election and it’s twists and turns, Rothpol had an interesting phone call indeed, from Jahangir himself, in a state of agitation. During the final stages of which he told me he would sue Rothpol, if I had the temerity to make any negative references to himself! I formed a distinctly different impression of Akhtar to the one I had seen previously and I would characterise the phone call as aggressive, intimidating and threatening to the person of myself.

Phone calls from Akhtar have been a regular feature of the past, usually when he wanted to vituperate about one fellow councillor or another. He normally reserved the most venom for Roger Stone and Mahroof Hussain! Akhtar has also been an active and keen commenter on this blog but using pseudonyms to conceal his identity from readers, these comments were often extremely damaging, to the party.

It came as no surprise then, that an attempt to wrong foot Rotherham Politics, happened soon afterwards, with an email which was posted as a comment, closely followed by another on the same subject. Like all playground bullies, Akhtar, likes to get others to do their dirty work and Akhtar has suggested that the Taxi Drivers, will sue Rotherham Politics, via twitter! After whipping them into a frenzy of indignation over comments, he had arranged by means of deception, to get published and the welter of comments that followed. Readers should know, all evidence on this has been supplied to the legal team of a potential litigant.

Shame on you Jahangir Akhtar, for your naked attempt to destabilise this blog. Shame on you also for your attempt to hoodwink others to do your bidding, deliberately manipulating the feelings of others to get them to do what he wants them to do.

Taxi drivers you need look no further than Akhtar and his cronies for the source of your hurt, it is him you need to hold to account! Not Rotherham Politics.

Rotherham Politics and readers, stand by to provide to the labour party evidence that we have on wrongdoing by labour in Rotherham, to any enquiry they should have. Rothpol is very grateful to those of you who have contacted us recently providing more information. Always grateful for more, all can be assured that their identities will remain confidential.

Jahangir Akhtar, epitomises what is rotten in Rotherham’s political heart! The cancer must be excised and quickly, if the ‘clean break’, is to have any meaning at all for Rotherham’s citizens. How many ways, can one person bring the labour party into disrepute, before they deal with them?

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