Rotherham East Ward – Labour’s candidates revealed


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Rotherham East Ward – Labour’s candidates revealed: Perhaps these three of Labour’s finest, would like to introduce themselves to our readers? Something in the comments should suffice. Shakoor Adalat is the candidate it turns out, in addition to our old … Continue reading

Down Memory Lane


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John Wilkinson has reminded us of the time when Jahangir Akhtar got his nickname. From the Guardian: Councillor joined drunken brawl Martin Wainwright The Guardian, Wednesday 19 June 2002 08.47 BST A Labour councillor caught…

Mob Rule?


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Yesterdays outrageous scenes outside the Town Hall were followed by more at Riverside House: Readers may not wish to miss this insight into the mindset behind this kind of outrageous behaviour that has no place in a democracy: Time to … Continue reading

Lunchtime Town Hall Protest


Reports are coming in of an impromptu Lunchtime Town Hall Protest by Taxi Drivers! They are reported to be unhappy with the new arrangements for the licensing of Companies and Drivers, together with new standards for vehicles. The old ‘system’ … Continue reading

Kazoku Questions?


The as yet unanswered questions, that relate to the Kazoku Karate Club, fall into two main areas of concern. The first relating to the premises from which they operate and secondly, the personnel that run the club and provide instruction … Continue reading

Guilty of a crime of ‘thuggery’ – then objects to being called a ‘thug’!


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Down memory lane with this the second newspaper clipping! All I can suggest to Jahangir Akhtar, if he doesn’t like being called a ‘thug’, it would have been better if he hadn’t showed this side of his character to everyone! … Continue reading

Akhtar, the BNP and the English Defence League need each other; or why he hates Respect


Asbo is happiest on the anti-fascism, anti-racism soap box, becoming the leader, the man of substance he wants to be. He is sure of his ground and the support of his community. With Respect he changes tone, more the abusive … Continue reading