Grinning goon gets roasting in ‘Tiser!

Reg Littleboy - Grinning Goon!

My 60p for the Advertiser was well spent this week on the letters pages alone. Last weeks announcement by Reg Littleboy, that, ‘we we’re all in the same boat’ was met this week with howls of criticism and derision liberally sprinkled throughout the published responses from letter writers!

I have always regarded him as Littleboy by name, littleboy by nature! ever since a now deceased Councillor of this Borough told me most in Labour Group spoke of him thus.

Never known for his abilities this underachiever has been the Labour Group Secretary for some time as well as a long serving Borough Councillor. I don’t think Rotherham has had value for money from Reg, let’s hope his replacement is an improvement, but I won’t be holding my breath!

Just the one is published on the Advertiser website, ‘You’re having a laugh, Reg’ by Michael Conlon, from Maltby, Gives a good flavour of the views from correspondents.

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