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Stuart Thornton gets a response to his Freedom of Information request and makes the following observations. It seem as though Dazza gets the Town hall for free to run the interviews for the Labour Party selection process. Dazza is not … Continue reading

Daz gets selected/shortlisted?

Darren Hughes

Darren Hughes


Shortlisted MEP Candidate for Yorkshire and the Humber Region. Labour/Coop Party. Chairman of Shield HIV and Rush House Ltd. All tweets in a personal capacity

Rotherham · http://www.darrenjlhughes.com

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From Tales from The Town Hall:

Darren Hughes – One To Watch

(Posted 01/05/12)

Don’t take your eye off Darren Hughes. Look away for just a brief moment and all could have changed. This is the Conservative who was elected to Rotherham Council by supporters in the Anston and Wooodsetts ward in 2008, became leader of the Conservative group on the council, and then quit the Tory Party two years later. Read on…

Lower than a snakes belly!

This just in from Cerberus:

It just goes to show how low two Labour supporters will go to score a political point, this Tweet on Darren Hughes site with comments from Cllr Chris Read, they should both be ashamed of themselves.

“Gillian Radcliffe withdraws as an independent candidate for SYPCC. Anything to do with working for SY Police press office at time of Hills D 35 minutes ago”

Scoring political points when 96 people lost their lives says it all  about these two.

A retraction and an apology?

An apology from the Rotherham Labour Party?