Pilgrim’s Progress?

Emma Hoddinott, the Wickersley Borough Councillor, Labour Group Press Officer and Unison North Yorkshire County Council ‘Pilgrim’, lately at the Olympics, knows a thing or two about upsetting people does Emma!

Emma Hoddinott was elected to RMBC this May and was therefore the surprise choice as Labour Group Press Officer, a position normally reserved for someone more experienced.

Masterful inactivity usually characterises the role of this post holder and the twin mantras of Labour Group are there to guide them, they are of course “stay out of the Advertiser!” and “say nowt!”

Would she be an improvement, more open and transparent, maybe? There were some early encouraging signs that she would be a refreshing change and indeed an improvement on the past.

Our hopes were dashed when it transpired Emma Hoddinott was emailing the entire Labour Group membership, instructing them to seek prior approval from herself, before making any public utterances!

This did not go down well with certain members, not at all well! In fact she has single handedly ensured that Labour Group is so leaky right now, it resembles a colander! Thanks for that Emma.

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