Rush House Project – New Information

Rotherham Politics is grateful to Trambuster for this latest information, which we bring you, to add to the information available of the many ways Rotherham is ‘joined up‘! Mr T thought this link ( should be more widely publicised. Thanks to Google we can also show you it’s location. This appears to be somewhere where Nick Cragg, Dominic Beck and Darren Hughes meet up in close proximity. Trying to establish exactly who is the Landlord of 10 Percy Street?

Trambuster points to Chris Read still being economical with the truth about his address!

Our thanks go to Trambuster, for pointing out that Chris Read, who outrageously concealed from the voters of Wickersley Ward the fact that he lived elsewhere by the unlawful and deceptive shortening of his address on his nomination papers, is still at it!

Chris Reads declaration of Members Interests, download click here, states;

I live in a rented flat at 2a Church Street, S64 8QA

What it should read;

I live in a rented flat at 2a Church Street, Swinton, Mexborough, S64 8QA

Quite when he will accept that this kind of deception is simply not acceptable and must not be allowed to go unnoticed or unreported! This continual attempt to confuse and conceal important information from the voters is quite outrageous and now surely tells us that Chris Read, the new councillor for Wickersley has hit the ground running in the dishonesty stakes!

Further examination of his interests declaration reveals that he works for the Labour Party, something else he didn’t tell the voters! Why not I wonder? How much more is to be learned about this, less than honest, Labour Councillor, foisted on the people of Wickersley Ward with a less than complete picture given to those he sought to ‘serve.’

Chris Read’s entry into the world of local politics has been less than smooth in reputational terms. His apparent lack of candour about his address speaks volumes about his basic honesty. He should fit in well in the controlling Labour Group therefore, but as a local councillor this party apparatchik, who is a local organiser/campaign co-ordinator for York Labour Party, will be less than useless if he can’t be relied on to tell the truth!

This of course begs the question as to what Chris Read is doing in Rotherham? When he works in York! Lives in Swinton! and does not have personal transport nor even drive!

Can we hear a new nickname for the hapless Chris Read? Chris ‘the deceiver’ Read, any other suggestions? click here.

See Chris Reads Tweets – click here.