Twitter-Twatter n RMBC

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

Having recently enjoyed the numerous public faux-pas of RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns and their muckers and the offensive and often juvenile twitter-twatter flutterings, I was somewhat amused by a recent comment that was weakly raised in their defence, ergo: “they weren’t making those comments as RMBC Councillors, but in a private capacity”.**See note below.

Well what other word is there to adequately describe a “turd”, as other than a “turd”, be it a private “turd” or a statutory authority “turd”?

Anyway now I have the definitive piece of evidence from their own hands that Cllrs Emma Hoddinott and Christoper Read do indeed sport and furnish their twitter-twatter addresses as an accredited means of citizens contacting and communicating with them, and vice-versa, in their capacity as Rovrum Laybah Wickersley Ward Councillors.

Don’t believe me? Well observe the attached pic on the left and see for yourself. Click to enlarge, use browser back button to return.

So feel free to scrutinise their twitter-twatter flutterings and anything that you may find offensive, or indeed gratifying, is there in their official capacity as RMBC Elected Members and thus will come within the RMBC Councillors’ Code of Conduct.

Simplez innit. Their words not mine

Mind how ya go



jules says: September 13, 2012 at 9:34 pm

I am assuming the 2 tweeters were posting in a private capacity and not as official labour Party spokesmen. If that had been the case an unreserved apology would defo be the right thing to do.”

Grald-Hunter spots Mahroof Hussain twitter outburst!

The Rotherham Politics active and empowered reader, correspondent and “critical friend” of Rotherham Laybah Grooip and RMBC, Grald-Hunter, came across this latest petulant twitter flutter outburst – – from our Aspirant MP, 1st Class Rail Travel Guru, Supporter of Section 106 £247,500 against RDGH and Man Of The People, Cllr Mahroof Hussain, in which he berates the Planning Inspector who has allowed the appeal by KFC who want to build a restaurant at Canklow and provide employment and dining opportunities for customers passing along Canklow Road.

Our “man of the people” takes it upon himself to dare to assume that Canklow residents, and any other potential customers, don’t have the life skills, educational intellect or willpower to decide how/when/where/what to purchase and eat …

Twitter: Mahroof Hussain

Did interview on @BBCSheffield Toby Foster show this morning on #KFC building nxt to canklow primary school even though everyone opposed it

Along with PAK Supermarket presented 2 Wii’s to Rotherham Children’s ward for Dr Ted appeal

Unbelievable!! #KFC wins appeal to build KFC at Canklow only 20 secs from primary school. Parents, kids, NHS, school, cllrs opposed it

He further goes rambling on about the unfairness that “everyone opposed” the KFC application. So let’s have a look-see who “the everyone” is that he alludes to –

1. RMBC Councillors – well that’s only 63 if everyone of them voted against it.
2. The School – maybe a headteacher, 20-30 staff, 150-ish children.
3. The NHS – wow, manpower next to the Chinese Red Army, and the Indian State Railways.

Now let’s do some Dolly Twin Peaks fantasy story digging into those figures above. Are you ready? Then I shall begin … Once upon a time …

a – The RMBC Councillors probably only relate to the Laybah chums on the Planning Board, aka a handful of muckers.
b – A headteacher and staff supports RMBC opposition’s to this enterprise. Well of course they will, the school is an RMBC one, and any teacher who wants their career and pension to flourish won’t go against the socialist bruvvaz-n-sistaz will they?
c – The NHS. At best it’s maybe a handful of muckers from Rotherham PCT Public Health who consort and support RMBC in its nanny-state interference in citizens’ lives.

I too share Cllr Hussain’s incandescent rage at communities who against their will have projects foisted onto them by arrogant out-of-touch statutory agencies and I strongly advise Cllr Hussain to consult with the people of Bramley village and area who have suffered the imposition of the Bramley Traffic Mismanagement Scheme purely on the myopic vindictive whim of the Caution Cabinet Clown …

Yes, Mahroof, we here on this side of the Borough are quite used to being overlooked, overruled, ignored and imposed upon by you and your gang of Corn Fed Hogs, Muppets and Clowns from RMBC.

We all share your pain but we’ve grown a pair and moved on. Maybe you can too.


Readers will not want to miss this from Mahroof, Rotherham councillor hits out at planning decision. Or this from the Advertiser, KFC wins battle for Canklow drive-thru.

Grald-Hunter spots Wyatt tweet and asks new question of Gerald Smith?

Grald-Hunter has just read this interesting piece of twitter info that Cllr Ken Wyatt has kindly supplied to a passport enquiry he received –!/kenwyatt/statuses/122636553179774976

Question – “Passport form. Do councillors count as ‘a person of standing in the community’ to be my counter-signatory?!”

Cllr Wyatt’s helpful answer: “Yes – and we don’t charge like some”.

An honourable and helpful response from an honourable and helpful man. No problem.

But now my own question to Rotherham Politics readers:

“Is an RMBC Councillor and Cabinet Member who has recently accepted and been given a Police Caution still able to claim to be “a person of standing in the community?”

My feeling is that such a person is most definitely no longer a “person of standing in the community” and that they should resign their RMBC position with immediate effect.