Macshane – Profits from jail


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Denis Macshane looks set to profit from his jail time with the publication of his latest book, Prison Diaries: . . . . . . . . Daily Mail covers this major literary event with this: MacSHAMED – The diary … Continue reading

Shamed expenses MP Denis MacShane jailed for six months


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Breaking News: Shamed expenses MP Denis MacShane jailed for six months! According to some press reports, Denis did not take kindly to being “taken down!” Some describe him as the epitome of ‘scum labour’, how do you feel? From the … Continue reading

Denis MacShane – Are the Met going to reopen their enquiries?

Dear Rotherham Readers,

Evenin’ all, Dixon of Dock Green ‘ere. Just put my duty armband on and wanted to assure you that I’m pounding the beat and lookin’ for hooks n tea leafs n peter men.


Scotland Yard re MacShame’s Standards & Privileges Committee “We are aware of the report and will be assessing its content in due course.”

On Friday 2nd November I was proceeding in a norf-sarf-east-westerly direction in accordance with station fixed beat standing orders when I observed a suspicious figure skulking in the vicinty of da Palace of Westminster …

Night all,

MacShane – Who do you believe?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

A question for all you canny readers.

Who do you believe in the latest MacSh**e saga that’s now Rotherham Politics frontpage?

1. Him?

2. House of Commons committee?

I just love a good weepy story, don’t you? I’m weeping with joy, mirth and amusement

Yours in mirth, amusement, happiness, exultation, rib-tickling chuckling n guffawing,

“type of man of the left for whom the essential and intrinsic virtuousness of his public positions allows him to retain his sense of personal rectitude even when his private conduct is deplorable.” Dominic Lawson Seems to sum up the situation pretty well to me!

Guido Fawkes’ on MacShame!

Our Denis has featured many times on Guido Fawkes’ blog but recently has been savaged using mostly his own views!

Guido Fawkes’ on MacShame.

Why do Rotherham Labour tolerate this awfully arrogant and exceptionally greedy man to continue as their Parliamentary representative?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention goes to our observant reader who does not wish to be identified.

The MacShane Files are a mine of useful information on the subject.