Shaun Wright – The Ex PCC Files

There is a considerable amount of detail in these links below, that may be of interest to future students of the ‘Rotherham CSE scandal.

Shaun Wright 2012
Shaun Wright 2013
Shaun Wright 2014
Shaun Wright 2015


15 Responses to Shaun Wright – The Ex PCC Files

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  3. Chris Longley says:

    Shaun Wright: I have received today from the Electoral Commission a copy of a ruling in regard to Councillor/Commissioner Wright. It is at and it is here for all to see. Given the comments and assertions made recently in this matter, it would be interesting to know what evidence was available to the Commission at the time they made this ruling. If additional, supplementary or new evidence is available in this matter and which was not made known to the Commission at the time of their investigation, it would be timely if it were now to be made available to the Commission. Doubtless those from whom it has been suggested selection campaign donations were made in support of Councillor Wrights Labour candidacy will wish to see the record put categorically beyond doubt. Then the matter may rest.

  4. Chris Longley says:

    Councillor/Commissioner Shaun Wright: To assist anybody who has any information about comments and assertions made about alleged donations made in support of Councillor Wrights’ selection (not Election) campaign to become the Labour candidate for South Yorkshire’s PCC, I give below the direct contact details for a senior official at the Electoral Commission:

    Martin Carr
    Senior Adviser
    The Electoral Commission
    3 Bunhill Row
    London EC1Y 8YZ

    Tel: 020 7271 0513
    Fax: 020 7271 0505; Martin Carr

    Clearly any organisations that have been alleged to have made such contributions will wish to ensure their position is made clear, and here is the contact to whom such clarifications can be made. In the circumstances, and with the Inquiries that now face the wider South Yorkshire Policing community, it is clear that transparency at every level must be absolute. The time for rumour is past because we all need to believe in the absolute integrity of all our Police and Crime Commissioners.

  5. Chris Longley says:

    Councillor/Commissionmer Shaun Wright: I am sure that readers of this blog are tiring quickly of the assertions and innuendos about whether Councillor Wright received donations to his selection (not Election) campaign to be the Labour PCC candidate that were not registered with the Electoral Commission. Among those who have an interest in this matter being laid to rest must be those organisations who have been suggested as the sources of such donations.

    The other issues facing the entire South Yorkshire Policing community including the Commissioner are far too serious for any doubts in this matter to linger. I am therefore showing below in this entry to this blog the full and direct contact details of a senior responsible official within the Electoral Commission:

    Martin Carr, Senior Adviser
    The Electoral Commission
    3 Bunhill Row
    London EC1Y 8YZ

    Tel: 020 7271 0513
    Fax: 020 7271 0505;

    If anyone has any evidence in this matter, they should contact this official directly or stop making assertions. It will not do that unsubstantiated rumour and assertion are being used as a substitute for evidence in such a serious matter as this. We are entitled to believe that any Elected Police and Crime Commissioner has always acted in full compliance with both the law and with all the appropriate rules and regulations that concern their Election. Time for that to be proven beyond all doubt.

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  9. l8in says:

    great blog matey and thank you.

  10. Tom says:

    Shaun Wright, I believe, is a product of the corrupted educational and institutional systems that are steadily eroding the goodness and honesty of true citizens of the United Kingdom. …

  11. peter smith says:

    He should not be asked to resign. He should be fired and charged with – Negligence?. or some other serious offence ( I am not a lawyer,) No pension, no pay off, just Jail.

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