Jahangir Akhtar the unauthorised version

Or the rise and fall of a street thug?


The Jahangir Akhtar Files
Jahangir Akhtar the authorised version

Jahangir Akhtar the unauthorised version, will start to appear when Rothpol has read all the responses which provide insights into Rotherham’s most unpopular politician.

In 2010 with the benefit of a simultaneous General Election, Akhtar obtained a vote share of just 42.6% but his Ward colleagues obtained vote shares of 61.7% and 62.3% in 2011 and 2012 respectively! Least popular then, by a country mile! If I were Jahangir, I would be very concerned indeed at my prospects for re-election next year?

For comparisons read: More Elections Information.

Thanks everyone, should you wish to contribute, please email Rothpol.

A good example of reader involvement, would concern, the recent exposure Jahangir Akhtar’s claimed involvement in the Steel strike, as bogus. This has been subject to challenge and now looks like simple embellishment, of a threadbare political history, with significant omissions! Rothpol and it’s readers have the opportunity, Wiki style to tell a rather more truthful tale than the Authorised Edition is turning out to be

Are there any more such examples just waiting to be exposed? Email Rothpol, or just leave a comment, thanks.

Jahangir Akhtar the full story

Or, The Emperor is losing all his clothes?

And now, The emperor has just lost all his clothes!

Early Days:

Reported to have been quite a ‘Jack the lad’ in his youth, an understatement, perhaps?

Further information most welcome on this subject, as Akhtar the boy informs us about the character of Akhtar the man! Rothpol.

An example of how he embellishes his background: on his personal history page of the council’s website. He states that during the 16 week steel strike of 1980 he fought hard for employee rights. The truth is the strike which I was involved in actually lasted 13 weeks and Asbo would have been 2o years old then, and I and many of my ex-workmates had never heard of him!

Jahangir’s claim to a martial arts black belt, is also now subject to considerable doubt! More information required, Rothpol.

Was a Hackney Carriage Taxi driver at one time a group he has allegiances with, to this day!

Political Influences:

A member of the Biraderi, Akhtar insists on a strict interpretation of Biraderism! The ‘keep it within the community’ and therefore kept quiet in public and certainly complaints to the Police are simply not allowed!

Those same ‘Community Leaders’ have betrayed everyone!

Whilst the ‘guilty ones’ escape responsibility, for their own  outrageous behaviour and actions the ‘Community’ are subjected to increasingly desperate harassment and intimidation .

Thankfully this appeal to tribal loyalty is being ignored by many, as the full extent of Jahangir Akhtar’s activities are exposed?

Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili & Lev Davidovich Bronshtein

Niccolo Machiavelli 1469-1527

Allegiance to the Labour Party is far from total. Akhtar sees it as a means to an end only! Just like most of the members of Rotherham’s,  dead beat, Labour Group in fact!

Rotherham Politics, is said to be off limits to his fellow community members! Akhtar and Hussain are forbidding their own ‘community’ from reading this blog, what are they frightened of? Should make it required reading, then!

There appears for all the world as though there is a culture of impunity in Rotherham. These words are most illustrative and illuminating, as to mindset; They had “fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!” Sajid Bostan.

A Conviction Politician:

One conviction for selling cigarettes to children.

One conviction for Affray, quite a family outing! Councillor joined drunken brawl.

Akhtar, as well as being charged with affray, he was also charged with assault causing actual bodily harm and stealing a watch. He pleaded not guilty to these  two charges and the trial judge allowed these charges to lie on the file!

The Akhtar Family Business:

Collectively known as Asbo’s Army.

Jahangir Akhtar has two brothers, Shabbir Akhtar and Tesadiq Hussein

Sons Azzizum Akhtar and Tanweer Akhtar.

All except Tanweer were convicted of affray in ‘the Minar Balti affair! Tesadiq Hussein got a 14 month prison sentence, the rest Community Service!

Assessments of overall wealth vary, this is one attempt to quantify it:

20+ houses owned by Akhtar, if each house is worth £100.000 then asbo has property over 2 million.
£450.000 azeezams house in leeds.
£100.000 porshe car driven by Azeezam.
£30.000 BMW driven by akhtar.
Shabana Ahmed missing £22.000

A man of property:

Jahangir Akhtar declares in his Interest Declaration a number of properties and some, like 91 Henley Grove Road which it turns out is not owned by Akhtar but the Council? The full story gets ever more interesting, the further we investigate:

57  Clough Road (Domicile)

37 Hartington Road
130 Henley Grove

8 Farm Drive

91 Henley Grove Road
95 Henley Grove Road
Original Declaration
Doctored Version

How does one procure an illegal alteration of the public record? Is this why they are such  slippery customers, when trying to hold them to account? Surely this is a major breach of legal requirements, the public record should not be altered like this? Does Ms Collins, the Monitoring Officer, know that this document has been retrospectively altered? We should be told!

More Akhtar ‘family’ properties:

61 Clough Road

111 Henley Grove.

89 Pitt Street, Rotherham. S61 2PB
52 Devonshire Street, Masborough. S61 1AG
35 Dovercourt Road, Rotherham. S61 1SQ

56 Old Wortley Road, Rotherham S61 1NH

We have received information that there maybe more? Can any reader help?

Declarations of Interests:

07 June 2006/15 Sept 2006

06 June 2007

26 Oct 2007

14 April 2009

28 May 2010

14 Aug 2012

14 Aug 2012 Backdated changes!

Unity Centre – Akhtar families ‘Goose that lays the golden eggs’? Has it become, as often described, the wholly owned subsidiary of the Akhtar Family Empire?

Governor Winterhill School – Strange his conviction for affray was missed by the award winning Head Teacher praised to the ultimate in the Advertiser only recently?
The Labour Party
Fitness First
Board Member Magna
Director Open Minds Theatre Group

Pseudonyms and Nicknames:

Asbo Akhtar, Agent Garbo and Jules, to name just three.

Agent Garbo, handler? One Grald Hunter. This is a two way arrangement, any information, falling into Grald Hunter’s hands is inevitably shared with Jahangir Akhtar.

Agent Garbo has to be the most disloyal Deputy Leader Rotherham has ever had! Amongst his and Grald Hunters many victims, are Roger Stone RMBC’s Labour Leader, Dominic Beck, Chris Read and Darren Hughes stand out, in addition to Mahroof Hussain and  Shaun Wright!

Disloyalty of the worst kind then. Why would they even consider letting Akhtar back!

Grald Hunter’s duplicity should not go unrecognised in this deceitful episode. Grald Hunter and his alter ego, Don Buxton have much to be blamed for, conning us would be one, his involvement with http://rothbradpolitics.wordpress.com/ would be another!

Shaun Wright is still falling victim to the collaboration of Jahangir Akhtar and Don Buxton, if the latest evidence is anything to go by:

“Dear Rovrum Reedaz,
I couldn’t get over the flaming cheek of Shaun Da Sheep, our £80k+ hapless hopeless Pawlees-n-Clown Commishna, who is “seeking volunteers to help the Police” –

Our toxic-salared ex-RMBC Cabinet Member and ex-head of the recently failed C&YPS drones on: ““This is not South Yorkshire Police looking for free labour, it is actually about giving the public the opportunity to get involved in local policing and building stronger links between their communities and the police”.

So what part of working for nowt-a-yard doesn’t Shaun Baby understand.

Of course it’s all about doing it for nowt, then there’s more ackers for toxic salaries for more non-jobs in the PCC office.

As if to prove the point, here’s an opporltunity for any ijjit to clean South Yorkshire Police cars for nowt-a-yard –

I think I’ll pass on the free-cop-car-cleaning jape for now Shaun,

The Rise To Power:

Commitment to Multiculturalism:

Can be summed up in two simple words, skin deep!

Practises the same approach of saying one thing in one language and quite another to English speakers, as Lord Ahmed, the disgraced former Labour Peer found out to his cost.

A question for readers, who or what is (a) Gora? Akhtar seems to be inordinately fond of the word.

“The word “gora” means European or light skinned. Asbo will be using it to refer to us when he’s talking to other Pakistanis! “Witch hunt” is another of his favourite expressions. Any one criticizing him, is said by him to be on one!”

Akhtar is also fond of accusing anyone who disagrees with him, of being racist, or Islamaphobic! Despite these accusations, it is undoubtedly the case that it is he who is the one who practises racism and uses the most derogatory of terms when referring to non Asians!

Kufar, is another word he also uses to refer to the non Muslim majority, but is significantly more derogatory, racist and insulting!

Moral Authority:



Jahangir Akhtar’s morals, have been likened to the local tom cat! That is by way of  an  understatement! Latest believed to be Shabana Ahmed, that would be Cllr Shabana Ahmed to everyone else. The Ibis Hotel, Bramley, is a favourite of theirs I understand. A budget hotel even, Jahangir knows how to treat his lovers, it would seem? Well there have been quite a few over the years! What of the poor cuckolded husband? He is forced to work his butt off, whilst Shabana is away for weekends with Akhtar!

Learned there is at least one child, Jahangir Akhtar has fathered out of wedlock!

Been informed he has a friend in the personage of some Scotch men. His favourite? Johnnie Walker, I believe he is called!

Political Leadership:

A true democrat, NOT!:

Come the by-election and ever since, Jahangir Akhtar, has spent some of his time un-booking venues, political opponents have contracted with, for rooms in which to have meetings! We will publish the full list as soon as we have it, but New York Stadium and the Unity Centre are certainly involved in this disgraceful and fundamentally undemocratic behaviour!

Jahangir Akhtar’s Un-Booking list, since last November:

Old Town Hall
Unity Centre
New York Stadium
Orient Express
Chapel Walk Mosque

More recently Homeflair at Parkgate, was booked by Respect to host a meeting, Jahangir Akhtar eventually got it un-booked at the last minute, citing public order issues!

Akhtar simply will not allow Respect to have meetings, if he can possibly stop them!

This is a democratic outrage of the kind that simply should not be tolerated by any Labour Party member, never mind, the Deputy Leader of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council! Why does Ed Miliband tolerate these examples of egregious undemocratic, behaviour?

The MO?

Rotherham By-Election – Labour Signs Of More Distress?

Scandals & Controversies:

Internet Trolling and Twitter outrages:

Jahangir Akhtar Tweets, Last 20 pages.

Yesterday’s Twitter Exchanges

Jahangir Akhtar and his abuse of Mohammed Shafiq in full

Other Scandals:

Nepotism, the game for all the family:


Strange case of the disappearing leaflet?

Azzizum’s contract terminated with the the Unity Centre as of 31st December 2012 when it emerged that his appointment was without evidence of a fair selection process having taken place.

One of Jahangir Akhtar’s other sons, Tanweer, left the employment of the Unity Centre on the same day, to join the Police! Did dad fix it for his sons to get jobs at the Unity Centre? Certainly looks like it. Why was Akhtar, not held to account for this? Others, in the past, have paid a heavy price for similar behaviour.
Why is Akhtar allowed to get away with this particular case of blatant nepotism? We have a right to know.
Rolpol has heard, there has been much ‘jiggery pokery’ going on with REMA, to ensure Azzizum’s income doesn’t suffer too much, after being forced to resign from the Unity Centre? Further reader input would be appreciated here.

Rotherham Taxi Problems and undue influence.

Posted on 29 November 2012: “A meeting took place at the Unity Centre a few days ago organised by ***** ******, a local Taxi Driver and part of Councillor Moofy’s Mafia (Councillor Mahroof nickname in Da Community). 30+ taxis drivers turned up for the meeting, as well as – you guessed it Councillor egg on his face Moofy and ASBO Akhtar. The meeting was to try and win back the Asian vote by any means necessary legal or not (their usual MO).

At this meeting both Councillors made a number of promises to the Taxis Drivers (all private hire) that if they and their families vote for Labour they will in return ensure that they support the Taxis Drivers with things they have been unhappy about for years. The Taxis Drivers recognised Labour’s desperation and that they had them over a barrel, so in advanced they produced a specific list of demands that they wanted the Councillors to deliver in exchange of votes. For example, Taxis Drivers no longer wanted to go to Maltby for testing, they want a town centre office. Both Councillors agreed to support the taxis drivers all the way and with all requests, as long as they receive their votes. So you give me your vote and ill do anything you want – sounds like a clear case of bribery to me-what do readers think?

So why would ***** ******, a bully and out spoken thug want to get involved with politics (well partly because he knew that he would fit right into the current culture) but more importantly he has been promised by both Councillors that they will give him a Councillor seat for his support to win back votes. A lot of the Taxis Driver do listen and are influenced by him, he is also the President of the Private Hire Taxis Association.

Sajid rose in prominence in the Councillor Moofy Mafia a few years ago, and recently during the EDL march. He also is a strong and dominant figure in the Boston Castle Ward (his local Neighbourhood). Originally Councillor Moofy promised his seat to Sajid when he thought he was going to be selected as as, the Next MP for Rotherham. They are now trying the very best to look at how they can slot Sajid in as a Councillor as soon an opportunity arises. You heard it here first- Sajid Bostan for Councillor!!!!!

ASBO Akhtar has never done so much back peddling – he thought he had out grown the Taxi Drivers, so they loved the fact that he was grovelling back for their help.”

Sajid Bostan! That’s the man who told me they had “fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!”

“Allegations? I could easily make an allegation about anyone innocently walking past me in the street and if it was a serious one of the nature we are talking of then it would, rightly so, have to be investigated to the full yet go no further due to “no evidence” but all of a sudden a totally innocent person (the one I made the allegation against) is now  labelled as having made threats against me.”  July 28, 2013 at 2:15

Photographs and other media:

machaneJA PhotoAkhtar Admits AffrayCouncillor Upset At Thug Claimsscan0001scan0002scan0003scan0004


25 Responses to Jahangir Akhtar the unauthorised version

  1. most unpopular? says:

    most unpopular? on average you get 20 comments a story, that hardly constitutes to representing the voting public now does it?

    • rothpol says:

      The number of comments is only part of the story! the average number of hits per day exceeds 1,200 and as for 20 comments a story! If that’s the case, the RP blog is doing rather well.
      Believe me, Jahangir Akhtar is the most unpopular Rotherham politician, just ask any member of Labour Group, they can barely disguise their contempt for him! Jahangir Akhtar lives in blissful ignorance of that fact. Remember, in politics, your opponents sit opposite you, your enemies sit behind you!

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  3. Asbo top dog says:

    I was at the taxi meeting at the community centre and can categorally say that I never heard anyone mentions votes for favours if you want to call it that

    **********Labour Troll Alert!***********

    I suppose you will be claiming your usual 300 witnesses as to fact, pretty soon?

  4. Sally Kate Taylor says:

    I was heavily involved in the Steel Strike. Can’ t remeber him at all. I’ve asked my friend too – no memories of him too. Maybe he was Sir Bil Sirs in disguise

  5. asbo top dog says:

    i get it because i was genuinly there (you weren’t) and i disagree with the story youve got i am now a troll working for labour? yep thats the response i was expecting……..i get it- if we dont tow the line with rothpol and sing from the same sheet then we are trolls?

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Another Lutfur Rahman in the making? The Labour Party has no truck with biraderism, any more than Freemasonry, but seems incapable of dealing with it within their own ranks!
    This is one of the issues Ed Miliband must challenge, if he is to convince voters he is a Leader, in charge of his party organisation, rather than giving power to our less than savoury biraderist elements!
    Why is the Labour Party incapable of enforcing their own rule book? That’s how Lutfur established control. Does the Labour Party want to create another, in Rotherham?

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  10. It is unfair and outrageous to compare Lutfur Rehman with Asbo. Lutfur is the Mayor of Tower Hamlets because he was democratically elected as an independent mayor; he got the popular vote and became the peoples’ choice ahead of Labour’s man when he courageously stood as an independent.
    Akhtar is now finding out that he’s as popular as a bag of pork scratchings at a Muslim wedding and at the next election, if he has the audacity to stand, I doubt if he will be elected.
    Was he pushed or did he jump? Time will tell, but he represents just one frog in a slimey bucket (RMBC) full of others who are busy scrambling over each other to avoid the line of fire. One down and many more to go.

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  14. Thinker says:

    Duck and dive Mahroof Is very quiet these days. Is it because he has a few skeletons in his closet. Yes he is a bit of a ladies man himself.
    The truth will be revealed very soon.

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  19. heskey says:

    What does his son do at South Yorkshire Police? Is he an officer? You couldn’t make that one up!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I learned that Shabana Ahmed was an employee at Unity Centre. She was in charge of the Nursery. Rather odd that she does not have a bio page on RMBC website

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  22. nickyone says:

    This sister f….. (Pakilanders marry their cousinSisiers) should watch his backside, his family girls like the 1400 are going to be in same predicament so I h ave heard through the grapevine. Also in the same boat are the other Pakilanders who were convicted. The word ‘stan’ is a very Hindu Sanscrit word and they hate this so it is Pakiland and Pakilanders, for everyone’s information. In the East the country is call Pak.

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