Jahangir Akhtar’s Modus Operandi (MO)

This page is dedicated to documenting Jahangir Akhtar’s many tricks and dodges, that make up his MO.

Firstly Jahangir Akhtar suffers from delusions of grandeur! He has convinced himself that he is so important, he is above all codes of conduct, rules of behaviour and process  and even the law!

Rotherham then, is his Town to do with, how he wishes. He acts like a demagogue, with untrammelled power, accountable to no one!

Bullying and harassment are Akhtar’s main MO with variations depending on who he wants to intimidate. He reserves his very worst outrages, for members of his own community!

Source material:

More on Akhtar’s MO!

A reader who goes under the name Katarias left this interesting comment that brings an even greater illumination into Akhtars modus operandi: “Last thursday 30 january 2014 a fight broke out between two family members on the taxi rank, where … Continue reading

Strange case of the disappearing leaflet?

Fake election leaflets containing spurious information about labour’s challengers have been a common feature of elections in Rotherham for many a year. This however, is a particularly egregious example. Rothpol, was sent this photograph taken on an iphone on the … Continue reading


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