The Mahroof Hussain Files

Affectionately known to us at Rotherham Politics as, Cllr Look, Duck & Vanish MBE, because he always disappears when there are problems for which he should be held to account. Within his own community he is known as Cllr Moofy, and his supporters are referred to as Moofy’s Mafia!

Funny, he is always in camera shot however, when there’s credit to be taken.

But he is still avoiding the $64,000 question:

“What did you know about the sexual exploitation of our children, when did you learn of it and what did you do to prevent more of our children from falling prey to Rotherham’s, Kashmiri sexual predators?”

Like other parts of Rotherham Politics, we rely on readers for information, in the case of Mahroof Hussain, we would particularly like to receive insights into the character and politics, of this rather enigmatic local politician. Rothpol.

It would appear that Cllr Look, Duck & Vanish MBE, has Looked, Ducked & Vanished! Not a tweet out of Moofy for a whole week! Send out the search party!

Councillor Mahroof Hussain

Mahroof Hussain.

A very interesting question?

9 Responses to The Mahroof Hussain Files

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have some information about “moofy” that I can tell you if you would like to know. To be perfectly honest I don’t mind sharing it with everyone else either. It’s in everyone’s interest to know!!

      • Anonymous says:

        To be quite open and frank with you as a resident of Boston Castle I cannot fault him for the invaluable service he provides. He is available day and night, literally, to help those who have elected him and beyond. He works tirelessly for the whole of Rotherham and is a fantastic ambassador for us. As a Christian who is not well versed in the finer details of Islam, I see the passionate work he does to bring communities in Rotherham together. He does so because he believes it is an article of his faith. If more young British Muslim can look up to him and take him as their role model and not the two bit celebrities of today and radical Islamists such as Abu Hamza and the ilk, then we will be better for it. We need more Muslims like Cllr Hussain who can help takcle the threat of radical Islam and to build more cohesive and resiliant communities. I think your overzealous desire to ridicule and belittle the hard work this man has done speaks volumes of your true motives and intentions. Stop feeding off the rumour and gossip mills that is being perpetuated by those who have a personal vendetta against Cllr Hussain, and show a degree of professionalism in your writings. Lay of the flack and when there are serious questions to be answered then by all means bring them to light. However your present attitude towards him is quite frankly ridiculous.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Mah-roof has a leak all around there are spies.But he may yet prevail with taquiya and lies.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hussain as is said, is always there to take the credit, and is annoyed about the whole sexual exploitation that has been ongoing since the 1990’s. Now as a Cllr who works for the people of Rotherham, when the cameras are there for his face to be all over making him look good, is this because he has only just found out about it? or is this because the dirt is coming out and he is up for election very soon? The latter stands out predominantly! He is and has wanted to be the next MP or European Minister for many years now, thinking of himself not others and his close relation with Cllr Ali and J Akthar says it all to me. No doubt he was and is fully aware of what was happening. In relation for ‘doing’ for the people of Rotherham, I have friends who live in his ward and he, like the others have done nothing at all for any of their causes and is continuously playing on his mobile rather than listening to people within his surgery. To me that is takiing the vote for granted and pure ignorance and a lack of care for the people he is to represent!

  5. Anonymous says:

    There are lots of questions to be answered by Mr Hussain.
    Related to councillor Ali, related to the drug baron in rotherham who was arrested and serving 22 years.
    Related to a bigamist Sabir Hussain the owner of Sabir’s Fast Food.
    Close connections to Jahangir Akhtar, minion to Lord Nazir Ahmed, Mrs Parveen Qureshi and Mr Abbasi.
    If we are to believe that they are a close knitted community them some where along the line most of these knew what was going on.
    Shows his face when credit is to be taken but no mentioned or condoning any of the above for the wrong doing.
    They were elected by the public to serve them but they have abused those powers and every one or the vast majority have lost confident in them.
    Rotherham will be doomed if these people were given another chance in office.
    There needs to be an independent public enquirey into their dealings and what they knew, why they did not do the right thing knowing all this.
    Everything they did since they have been in office scrutinised before they ever are given any chance at all.
    By the way he is related to the owners of the Taxi firm that has been banded about in the equiry.

  6. derek says:

    Amusing to read Mahroofs young upstart nephew – the one who toured Rotherham recently looking for camera crews so he could ‘represent’ the Asian community sic promote his political ambitions – in the tiser last week espousing that the council knew, the police knew, social services knew, but the Asian community didn’t know. Honest gov.

    What a load of old bollocks (as in a rambling speech). The paedophiles, and it seems they numbered in the hundreds, are the Asian community he spoke about that “didn’t know”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Parveen Qureshi told the Daily Mail that everybody knew.

      Even she knew so can Moofy’s nephew say nobody knew when their own leaders are saying they knew.

      Some thing is not right here Rotherham people.

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