Mahroof Hussain the un-authorised version

Or, The Real Moofy!

Moofy is still avoiding the $64,000 question:

“What did you know about the sexual exploitation of our children, when did you learn of it and what did you do to prevent more of our children from falling prey to Rotherham’s, Kashmiri sexual predators?”

Councillor Mahroof Hussain

Mahroof Hussain

Ward: Boston Castle

Party: Labour


Councillor Duck and Dive, Councillor Look, Duck and Vanish and Moofy.

Moofy’s Mafia:

Sajid (Ten Bellies) Bostan and Haq Bostan are Mahroof ‘Moofy’ Hussain’s chief enforcers.

Vakas and Muhbeen Hussain, two of Moofy’s nephews

Sajid Bostan, one of ‘Moofy’s Mafia’, once said to Rothpol:

“We have fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!

Needless to say Rothpol, was deeply disturbed by the implications behind such a statement!

The true meaning of his claims, becomes more apparent and evermore disturbing, as every day goes by, and fresh revelations come in! To add your piece of the jigsaw, please email Rothpol.

A very interesting question?

Rothpol has been informed of an interesting story concerning Mahroof Hussain and Police Constable Arif Ghulam!

It is alleged, they ran off to Pakistan with £45,000 raised for earthquake relief, and dispensed their contribution from Rotherham, from the steps of the Marriott Hotel, Islamabad! Only returning once they had spent-up, enjoying themselves!

There are lots of questions to be answered by Mr Hussain:

Related to councillor Ali, related to the drug baron in rotherham who was arrested and serving 22 years.

Related to a bigamist Sabir Hussain the owner of Sabir’s Fast Food.

Close connections to Jahangir Akhtar, minion to Lord Nazir Ahmed, Mrs Parveen Qureshi and Mr Abbasi.

If we are to believe that they are a close knitted community them some where along the line most of these knew what was going on.?

Mahroof only shows his face when credit is to be taken, but no mentioned or condemning any of the above for their wrong doing.

They were elected by the public to serve them but they have abused those powers and every one or the vast majority have lost confident in them.

Rotherham will be doomed if these people were given another chance in office.

There needs to be an independent public enquiry into their dealings and what they knew, why they did not do the right thing knowing all this.

Everything they did since they have been in office scrutinised before they ever are given any chance at all.

By the way he is related to the owners of the Taxi firm that has been banded about in the enquiry.


One Response to Mahroof Hussain the un-authorised version

  1. aerfen says:

    Put people from corruption cultures in positions of power and they will behave as they always have.

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