The Paul Lakin (Leader now gone) Files

Known to all as ‘lightweight’ Lakin, he has succeeded to the Leadership of RMBC.

This is where all relevant material can be found:

ITV News Calendar:

The full story, Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham.

Remember when we were told, CSE was a myth?

Not long after the first rumblings of the enormous problem Rotherham has, a blog by the name of Roth Brad Politics came into existence. On the 23 January 2013 this post appeared. It gives many clues as to the arguments … Continue reading

Breaking News – Two Arrests! Now three!

Police arrest two men over historical cases of sex abuse in Rotherham Two men have been arrested as part of an investigation into historical allegations of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham. and… and…. Three arrested over Rotherham child … Continue reading

Lakin the inadequate and his bullies

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You could not simply make it up. It’s like a series of Yes Prime Minister and then some. Only in Rotherham, the capital of rotten boroughs, can someone who presided over a national scandal then be promoted to leader. This … Continue reading

Another Interesting Ofsted Report Published

Ofsted has also published this interesting and informative report today: The sexual exploitation of children: it couldn’t happen here, could it? The sexual exploitation of children it couldn’t happen here, could it.doc The sexual exploitation of children it couldn’t happen … Continue reading

Breaking News – Ofsted Report Published

Ofsted brand’s Rotherham’s childrens services ‘inadequate’ in new report The actual Ofsted report is here: RR

not the Wednesday Press

Latest Update: Ukip overrules Reckless claim that EU migrants could be asked to leave Ukip’s Mark Reckless: immigrants may be asked to go if Britain quits EU (all the MSM are running versions of this story) reading

Wednesday’s News starts early

Grateful to or spotter for this which starts early today as there will be much in the media: The Guardian: Rotherham: 10 officers face inquiry South Yorkshire officers were identified in Jay report, which found that 1,400 children had … Continue reading

Meeting Toby Foster & Sarah Champion

There is a meeting Sunday next 2pm on the topic of Child Sexual Exploitation – I believe it will be “hosted” by BBC Sheffield – Toby Foster with Sarah Champion. Venue – The Unity Centre Rotherham – if you intend … Continue reading

News Round-Up Tuesday 18 November

They must be joking! Stewart Lee: The Imaginary Liberal Comedy Cabal will crush the Ukips into dust Right tactic, wrong target: Tories can’t beat Reckless with carpet bagging claims South Yorkshire’s blue light services working together more reading

The Communities and Local Government Committee – Report Published

The Communities and Local Government Committee will publish its Third Report of Session 2014-15, Child sexual exploitation in Rotherham: some issues for local government (HC 648), on Tuesday 18 November at 00.01am. 3rd Report – Child sexual exploitation in Rotherham: … Continue reading

Rotherham’s Panto Season

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Grateful to whoever sent me this by post. Fair made Rothpol chuckle, sure it will amuse you too:

Rotherham Safeguarding Adults Annual Report 2013/14

Another important report, spotted by RR. Rotherham Safeguarding Adults Annual Report 2013/14 has covered some points.

News Friday 14 Nov 2014

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Our round up of the news starts today with this interesting piece in the Star. There is more to this than meets the eye? Asian child sex abuse victims ‘yet to speak out’ due to cultural issues, says British Muslim … Continue reading

Private Eye – Double Trouble

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This weeks Private Eye features this interesting piece on whistleblowers, spotted for us by Regular Reader: .

The Jay Report – A 3 Part Critique

The report’s good, but not that good, and shouldn’t be taken as gospel. Part 1: “it’s all about race; it’s not all about race; it’s all about leadership; it’s all about reporting.  Whatever your agenda is, you’ll find something in … Continue reading

Rotherham’s new children’s director promises ‘sense of urgency’ – interview.

Breaking News: Note final para: “Ofsted chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw wrote to education secretary Nicky Morgan last month to warn of a “widespread and serious failure” to protect children in the town. A full Ofsted report on Rotherham’s … Continue reading

RMBC Planning Consultation this is where you can place your objection. There appears to only be 1 currently regarding LDF0208 and it needs more! Though that comment from Anita Webster is excellent so at the very least can you all copy and … Continue reading

News Wednesday 12 Nov 2014

Latest misery for Ed: – CON 32%(+2), LAB 29%(-4), LDEM 9%(+1), UKIP 14%(-2), GRN 7%. This is probably the most sensible. ES version  Blow for Ed Miliband as poll reveals just 13 per cent think he could be prime minister reading

Comments On Labour’s Failure In Rotherham

LP Central would never willingly have held an inquiry into their Rotherham Constituencies, if that’s what we have. Despite mounting evidence from such as the report of Keith Vaz’s Home Affairs Committee, the Andrew Norfolk articles and a number of … Continue reading

The suspensions that never were?

In the wake of the publication of Prof Alexis Jay’s report, Labour announced the suspension of four members in Rotherham. Fine words were spoken: “We’ve acted as we can to have the accountability and transparency we need in Rotherham. We … Continue reading

News Tuesday 11 Nov 2014

Star follows up on Sundays’ BBC2 Police under Pressure Sex Crime- with trial and verdict news. “Documentary reveals how grooming gang exploited Sheffield runaway” Program still available on iPlayer: Yorkshire Post comment on last night’s Inside Out “Rotherham … Continue reading

Press – Sunday 9 Nov 2014

Shocking hotel footage captures moment girl aged 13 is lured into room to be raped by paedophile The sickening footage, part of a grooming investigation which led to five men being jailed for a total of 27 years, will feature … Continue reading

Press – Saturday 8 Nov 2014

Four arrested over ‘vigilante action’ after 13-year-old girl is sexually assaulted near Rotherham South Yorkshire police chief wants to share buildings to save cash Diversity crisis in top ranks of region’s police forces exposed New Radicals 2014 … Continue reading

Star – Shame ‘keeping Asian girls in Rotherham silent on abuse’

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From today’s Star, spotted by RR:

Women Against Rape – Questions

Child Rape in Rotherham: Questions rape survivors, parents and the general public want answers to. WAR was founded in 1976. It has won changes in the law, such as making rape in marriage a crime, set legal precedents and achieved … Continue reading

Ed Miliband – the Albatrosses hanging round his neck?

The current Labour Leader, has failed to convince, even his own supporters, that he is genuine Prime Minister material at the General Election next May! In South Yorkshire the sense of abandonment by Labour, is palpable amongst the citizens of … Continue reading

Right on the button!

This below was left as a comment, just at the time I was giving some thought to what can be learned from recent events. I couldn’t have put it better myself: What is becoming clear is that certain individuals/groups would … Continue reading

Are Labour about to tell us the problem is fixed? Again!

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Right on cue, this group were available for a photo opportunity with a message. Rotherham’s citizens should be alarmed at this development, as it is pert of the strategy to convince voters that they can and will, fix our problems. … Continue reading

Press – 3 Nov 2014

The Scum return: Rotherham can become a beacon of Muslim hope (An old Mubeen puff-piece, first “featured” in the ‘tizer about a month ago – as I seem to remember). Eleven children reported missing in South Yorkshire – … Continue reading

Press – 2 Nov 2014

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From the Observer: Click on images to read the article in full. .

Saturday Press 1 Nov 2014

If readers spot something that should be highlighted here please leave the link in a comment please. Rothpol Rik. From the Star: Fiona Woolf quits as head of national inquiry into historic child sex abuse cases The chairwoman of a … Continue reading

Bullying culture at RMBC

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Dear Rothpol Readers post. Was this an attempted entrapment? If not I would be grateful for contact from the source. Rothpol. Disputed contents removed, to allow consideration and for the reasons stated below. A clear case of intimidation is beginning … Continue reading

Today’s Times leader

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Thanks again to Regular Reader for this scan.

Andrew Norfolk – Interview by Sikh Awareness Society

Published on 21 Nov 2012 Cutting edge report with leading UK Journalist Andrew Norfolk and the Sikh Awareness Society on sexual grooming gangs in Britain. rothperson

Press Round-Up 29 Oct 2014

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Leader : Click on images to enlarge: __________ only other story is about Manchester (and that will not be properly out until this afternoon when Ann Coffee presents the report.) Regular Reader From the Star: Half … Continue reading

Star – 3 brothers story

As is all too often the case, the Star gets it only part right. In fact, Jay refers to four men from one family, responsible for 54 victims. Three or more of these may be brothers, but whatever, they are … Continue reading

One not to be missed? BBC Radio 4 – The Last Taboo?

On BBC Radio 4 tonight at 20:00 The Last Taboo? File on 4 As inquiries into child abuse in Rotherham continue, File on 4 investigates claims of a hidden problem of sexual abuse within Britain’s Asian communities. While the victims … Continue reading

Press 28 Oct 2014

Old Labour jailbird Denis MacShane causes division in Ukip: Three brothers ‘abused 54 girls in Rotherham – but remain at large’ DAVID BLUNKETT: Yes, specific parts of Britain are being ‘swamped’ by migrants – and we politicians must … Continue reading

UKIP’s Poster Campaign Launch

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These photos show the UKIP poster campaign launch at Parkgate recently. One with the kippers on parade and one without, interested to hear from readers of their reactions. Not just the Labour apologists, please. From the Elections Files: UKIP … Continue reading

Around the Press 27 Oct 2014

Starting us off this Monday a few press articles. Should reader see something we have missed then let us know, thanks Rik. From the Star: Jay report could be tip of iceberg when it comes to child abuse – special … Continue reading

Labour Party – No action for two full months!

It is now two months, since Prof Jay’s damning report into the past failures in Rotherham was published. The continuing problems she exposed afflict our Town, even today and go unrecognised and unpunished. There is still much to learn from … Continue reading

Suddenly Shy? Is Mahroof on ‘borrowed time’?

The list of questions for Mahroof Hussain grows ever longer. For a politician Mahroof, has suddenly become extraordinarily coy, when it comes to answering any questions at all, no matter who asks them. It is becoming evident that political cowardice, … Continue reading

Kevin invites you for coffee

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Regular Reader spotted this and couldn’t resist sharing it with readers:

Kevin’s got some front!

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No explanation necessary beyond our sources own comment, Kevin Barron proclaiming to be the answer to solving Rotherham’ CSE?:

Around the blogs – Maltby

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Much respect is due, by me, to maltbyblogger, for helping me to get going with rothpol, in the first place. Never dull and frequently provocative, maltbyblogger is always worth a read. To read this blog, please click on the image … Continue reading

Concerns ignored by Home Office

ROTHERHAM’s horrific abuse concerns were raised with the Home Office and the town’s MP but never acted on, The Yorkshire Post can reveal. …in 2009 they wrote to Denis MacShane with a five page letter detailing abuse concerns made … Continue reading

News and Shorts 24 Oct 2014

Exclusive: MP and Home Office failed to act on Rotherham grooming 11 years ago The article refers to the submission by PACE to the Home Office Select Committee, here: Other written evidence can be found here:

The Star – Rotherham child abuse case police officers face inquiry

The Star – Rotherham child abuse case police officers face inquiry Fourteen South Yorkshire police officers face investigation after a report criticised the force for its handling of child sexual exploitation (CSE) investigations in Rotherham. The officers have been referred … Continue reading

A Readers Tale

4 weeks ago I was on my way home from my business heading up Wellgate towards Clifton roundabout about 6.00pm, a black car pulled up and 3 Asian men got out leaving the driver inside, out of the rear drivers … Continue reading

Yet more questions for Mahroof

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The next series of questions relate to the same source, Denis MacShane’s book, Prison Diaries. Were you present at this meeting? What was your view? . . . . . . . . . . . A couple of other … Continue reading

Watch it on demand – Council Meeting Wednesday, 22nd October, 2014 2.00 p.m.

Next Council Meeting Wednesday, 22nd October, 2014 2.00 p.m. Watch it any time you like: Attendance details Agenda frontsheet PDF 35 KB Agenda reports pack PDF 2 MB Venue: Town Hall, Moorgate Street, Rotherham. S60 2TH

Blast from the past

Anston Parish Council last year: Other videos at: Lewis

Toby Foster interviews Paul Lakin and PCC candidate Alan Billings

Toby Foster interviews Paul Lakin and PCC candidate Alan Billings. It’s a very fragmented interview with Lakin.  No idea why they choose to break it up into separate parts. Fast forward is your friend. rothperson

Next Council Meeting Wednesday, 22nd October, 2014 2.00 p.m.

A reminder to readers: Next Council Meeting Wednesday, 22nd October, 2014 2.00 p.m. Expecting a good turn-out in the public gallery. Reports and reflections most welcome.

Anti Fascist Network Demo

Soap Dodgers On Parade ! Leeds Anti-Fascist Network will be staging a demonstration in Rotherham on Saturday 25th October. Allegedly, against child abuse and the far-right’s response to it. Unlikely to be anything like the scale of the recent EDL, … Continue reading

Home Affairs Committee to meet over child sexual exploitation

Home Affairs Committee to meet over child sexual exploitation The Home Affairs Committee has called for “greater transparency” after finding “compelling evidence” numerous complaints of abuse of children in Rotherham were ignored. It will meet again today to discuss the … Continue reading

Press – and what’s on the tele.

The Star – New Fiona Woolf child abuse inquiry ‘may examine stolen Rotherham abuse files issue’ The Article says: “The Home Office has said the terms of reference for the independent inquiry chaired by lawyer and Lord Mayor of London … Continue reading

More questions for Mahroof

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Mahroof Hussain has so far avoided answering any of the questions put to him by readers, by adopting the ‘Ostrich position’. There are many questions that flow from the pages of Denis MacShane’s latest book that Mahroof will be forced … Continue reading

The Devil is in the detail

As is often the case with Parliamentary Select Committee reports, in order to understand, it is necessary to study the detailed evidence supplied to the committee in addition, to the overall report, which is little more than an attempt at … Continue reading

Cabinet Webcast last Wednesday

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In all the excitement last week, I quite forgot about the Cabinet webcast. Click on image below to watch it yourself:

Straight from the horses mouth

We now have it straight from the horses mouth as it were. At the cabinet meeting of Rotherham Borough Council 15 October, I asked what were the duties of cabinet member’s senior advisers and advisers. The leader, councillor Lakin, stated … Continue reading

Some Star stories 18 Oct 2014

Joyce Thacker gets £40,000 pay-off from Rotherham Council Former crime commissioner Shaun Wright unable to back up claim of 100 messages of support Call to investigate suspected Rotherham ‘cover-up’ after key child abuse files stolen

Ged Knew. But What Did Ged Do?

Ged Knew.  But What Did Ged Do? Ged Fitzgerald allegedly warned child sex abuse inquiry was ‘being obstructed by his officials’ while in charge at Rotherham Liverpool Echo: Liverpool social workers call for Ged Fitzgerald to resign or be … Continue reading

Andrew Norfolk – Police officer took bribes from grooming gang, claims charity

Police officer took bribes from grooming gang, claims charity Andrew Norfolk and Richard Ford Home Correspondent Published at 12:01AM, October 18 2014 A corrupt police officer was on the payroll of men who targeted and sexually abused children in Rotherham, … Continue reading

Tip of the iceberg?

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The Guardian front page story of today: . . . . . . . . . . . . . From the BBC: Police chief warns of more Rotherham-style abuse cases

Hot off the Press – UKIP ask further questions

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UKIP have been busy. This is the second of the day: Dear Rotherham Politics Attached is a Press Release issued this afternoon by UKIP Rotherham. The Press Release stems from letters Councillor Caven Vines has sent to Paul Lakin, Leader of RMBC.This … Continue reading

National Crime Agency Investigation Starts

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Spotted by Regular Reader:

Andrew Norfolk – Bullying rife at council that ignored child abuse

Bullying rife at council that ignored child abuse Andrew Norfolk Chief Investigative Reporter The Times, October 14 2014 The former leader of Rotherham council was at the centre of a bullying and sexist culture in which it was difficult for … Continue reading

Communities and Local Government Committee – Looks at Rotherham – Live!

The Communities and Local Government Committee, meets today to take evidence from those listed below. Business starts at 16:15 with Alexis Jay and Paul Lakin at 17:15 watch it yourself here, click this link . Webcast will appear at 16:15. … Continue reading

Reflections from a witness to an outrage! The Photos

This gallery contains 6 photos.

It has taken a while, but now I can now bring readers the Photographic evidence of the disgraceful and outrageous scenes outside a Labour Party meeting. I am wishing to identify those involved from these pictures. They are of variable … Continue reading

Paul Lakin in for a grilling and other matters

Just some media that may be interest and the notice of a Select Committee on 13th October. Rothperson. Taxi firm worker talks about grooming ————————————————————————— Following the Jay Report into child sexual abuse in Rotherham, the Communities and Local … Continue reading

No ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ this!

If you go down to the shops today, you’re in for a big surprise. But sadly that surprise is not the teddy bears picnic. In the Advertiser today is proof of what I have been hearing off many unsatisfied backbenchers … Continue reading

Recollections from one attendee

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In response to the call for every councillor, past and present to give their account of what they knew and what they did regarding the CSE whilst in office I submit my account as follows: I was originally elected as … Continue reading

Don’t miss – BBC Inside Out Tonight!

Been given the heads up about the Inside Out programme on BBC One tonight at 19:30. Not to be missed, I understand. To watch it on BBC iPlayer, click here. Samira Ahmed is the person responsible for the Rotherham section … Continue reading

Dave Smith – A Response to Robin Symonds & Co

Mr Symonds always want’s to cast doubt, even if only by innuendo, on the validity of information given on this blog by genuine people who care. So let him cast doubt on this information and let the people who are … Continue reading

United Multi-Cultural Centre – Questions for Parveen Qureshi

Check out the accounts of UMC on charities commission website which is tax payer funded charity and note £000’s (thousands) worth of transactions from UMC to Pumpoosh Enterprises LTD which both happen to be controlled by Parveen Qureshi with clear … Continue reading

The Star are really talking the Britain First demo up – totally irresponsible!

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A selection of the local news from Regular Reader: compare: and of course

Go Healey Go!

It’s crystal clear if the Labour Party are to regain a grain of the support they have enjoyed in Rotherham over the last 40 years then they must clear the stables, starting with John Healey. He has many questions to … Continue reading

The now notorious seminar of 5th April 2005

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Some evidence never before seen by readers. Thanks to our spotter who for the moment wishes to remain anonymous: .

Mahroof & Family – Taking advantage of us all?

It has taken until now to decide how to cover this story, as it  involves the ‘duping’ of our local Newspaper of record, the Rotherham Advertiser, by skillful manipulators determined to mislead us all. Rothpol does not blame anyone for … Continue reading

Press Round-Up Wednesday 1 October 2014

Regular Readers daily selection from the press and news: Another far-right group is to march through Rotherham – this time Britain First. I know nothing about this blog, but it seems to know a bit about Britain First – … Continue reading

Healey manipulates?

Reliable sources tell me that Sue Ellis and Alan Atkin who have both received letters from the Labour Party informing them they are to be investigated over the CSE issue were due to be suspended and removed from their positions … Continue reading

Press Round-Up Tuesday 30 Sept 2014

Regular Readers selection from the press and news: with video Good interview  piece on Radio4 Today at about 7:50

HMIC National Child Protection Inspections – South Yorkshire Police

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First post of today, background information useful to readers contained in this report: .

Some reading to catch up on

I am grateful to our reader, who didn’t want fellow readers to miss out on this important written statement from Eric Pickles: Or this Wikipedia page:

Hold the Front Page – Advertiser response

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A Regular Reader spotted this one: .

Guardian – Andrew Norfolk interview

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Sent this link by a friend. This is a very interesting article in the Guardian, not to be missed:

Diary Dates – Council & Cabinet

Two meetings that should be of interest to readers, especially given they have turned the cameras off. If the Labour Group continue to oppose the cameras, we should film it ourselves! Next Council Meeting Wednesday, 22nd October, 2014 2.00 p.m. … Continue reading

News Round-Up Sunday 28 Sept 2014

Regular Readers selection from the press and news: No trouble at Stand up to UKIP match. (I hate the way that the Star stretches images. This is how that cop image started out:!/image/1501958653.jpg Survation poll for the Rotherham … Continue reading

Mahroof’s Wikipedia deception exposed!

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Wikipedia having realised that Mahroof’s entry was simply an attempt to deceive readers into thinking he is a substantial politician, have warned readers that they will be deleting his entry due to his abuse of their rules. Mahroof set his … Continue reading

Muhbeen Hussain tries to re-invent the past?

Mahroof Hussain’s nephew, Muhbeen is really beginning to make himself look stupid with all his attention seeking. This is a naked attempt to rise to prominence in Rotherham Labour and to secure nomination to the Council, at the earliest opportunity, … Continue reading

Press Round-Up Saturday 27 Sept 2014

Regular Readers selection from the press and news: The Press appears to have no coverage today on the Rotherham CSE crisis. But lots on the UKIP Conference – and its emphasis on Rotherham. The one piece possibly worth reading – … Continue reading

Openness, transparency – not in Rotherham Labour!

This thought piece, comes courtesy of someone who does not wish to be identified other than as AP, Rik’s thanks go to them. I reproduce it here because I thought readers would be interested: As a citizen for whom going … Continue reading

Press Round-Up Friday 26 Sept 2014

Latest: Regular Reader’s selection for today, thanks: After Rotherham, councils are told to review child protection Doncaster child protection boss caught up in Rotherham sex abuse scandal breaks silence Bradford: Care home worker’s grooming concerns ‘not followed … Continue reading

Labour’s inadequate response

On the day that marks one full month into the latest exposure of the worst scandal to afflict any Labour Council ever in the UK. This scandal will also prove to be, the most expensive ever to resolve, without a … Continue reading

RMBC Improvement board announced

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Board membership: Independent Chair: Rob Vincent (Local Government Adviser to Public Health England, and former Chief Executive of two Yorkshire councils) Leader of Rotherham Borough Council: Cllr Paul Lakin Deputy Leader of Rotherham Borough Council: Cllr Emma Hoddinott UKIP Group … Continue reading

Day Thirty One – News Round-Up

Regular Readers selection of the press to start us off: News on Emma Hoddinott: Updates:

Why was that meeting of Boston Castle LP meeting disrupted?

Was it to stop the vote of no confidence in Mahroof and the two other Councillors? Only partly….he’d already got LP Central to ban any questions to the Councillors and any possible vote. The answer is in the paper that … Continue reading

Day Thirty – News Round-Up

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To start this morning, is this from the Star spotted by Regular Reader: . . . . . . . . . . . . . New info toward the end of the piece. “It comes as Rotherham Council … Continue reading

Mr Teflon – the questions that must be answered

An interesting set of questions? “Today Rothpol has supplied us with serious questions posed by the commendable Andrew Norfolk. Joyce Thacker was an influential member of the child protection body which was the safeguarding panel. On which details of the … Continue reading

Andrew Norfolk – Poses the difficult questions

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Thanks to Regular Reader for this full scan of Andrew Norfolk’s piece in the Times newspaper:

Day Twenty Nine – Questions for Thacker?

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Andrew Norfolk continues exposure: Doubts over evidence of Joyce Thacker, former childcare chief at Rotherham Behind the paywall, I’m afraid. . . . . . . . . . An interesting FOI: Newspapers: This facebook account, has … Continue reading

Day Twenty Eight – News with a Common Purpose

A selection of News, first up a couple of references to Common Purpose: An old post that is now suddenly being read again: Now  a couple of Twitter links: An interesting Daily Mail piece: reading

The Star – VIDEO: Muslim protest against Rotherham child abuse held ‘without incident’

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Thanks to the ever observant Regular Reader, for spotting this online report. The Star reports on Saturday’s Rotherham Demonstration. Click on image  to read in full and to watch the video, maybe the start of some objectivity at last, unless … Continue reading

Dinnington Guardian Report

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Events at the last meeting have excited press coverage of the last meeting of Anston Parish Council. The Dinnington Guardian reports them thus: This comment from ‘the Badger’ seems appropriate to post here, to introduce this topic: I am great … Continue reading

Has multi-culturism failed us – new model required?

The thing about these reports (links below) is to read them for yourself, and make your own mind up. Don’t let others tell you about them, or pass their own views on without you reading them yourselves. As the author … Continue reading

Why did this report cause chaos at Boston Castle Ward?

Below Rothpol publishes the document, presented as a digest of Alexis Jay’s Report,  to the recent meeting of Boston Castle Ward Labour Party. It’s contents are indeed challenging, but no more so than the Report itself. But not sufficient surely, … Continue reading

Mirror Mirror on the Wall….

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is the highest paid councillor of all ??? Of course ladies and gentlemen you may be forgiven for thinking its our problematic leader Councillor Lakin but you would of course be completely wrong. Its … Continue reading

Reflections from a witness to an outrage!

Rothpol has received this from a witness to events outside the Town Hall last night. Clearly alarmed by what she saw she felt moved to write: Outside the Town Hall: Bullying and intimidation I was walking past the town hall … Continue reading

Day Twenty Five – News Round-Up

Newsflash: Thacker Quits!! First up is this selection from the news by Regular Reader:

Disarray at Rotherham Ward

Intercepted from t’internet: Just back. When I got to the meeting there were insufficient seats for the numbers there. It was packed with Asians who I had never seen before (sleepers). Before the meeting commenced, a member asked (through the … Continue reading

Day Twenty Four – News

News Latest: There is a van going down Moor Lane South Ravenfield, with a loud speaker calling Rotherham Council Out repeatedly! From the Star: ————————————————————————— Healey denies Times report: Odd set of candidates reading

The plot thickens and friendships revealed?

This gallery contains 5 photos.

How on earth could Leader, Cllr “flaky” Lakin vote in a motion of no confidence to oust close and trusted friend Shaun “Im All” Wright after holidaying so many times with him and enjoying the Wright Families hospitality. I presume … Continue reading

Private Eye’s Rotherham Coverage

This gallery contains 2 photos.

These two pieces taken from the latest copy. PE certainly don’t pull any punches: Rotten Boroughs, gives Rotherham a good mauling: .

Hard Hitting Times Leader Article

This gallery contains 1 photo.

The Times Leader of today:

Andrew Norfolk – The Main Course

This gallery contains 1 photo.

From Page 4 of today’s Times. Norfolk’s finest!

Day Twenty Three – News Round-up

Too good for anyone to miss: This is the first article that contributes much to the discussion going on in most homes in Rotherham. Sarfraz Mansoor  is the first to point to a potential way forward based on a different … Continue reading

Sarfraz Mansoor’s – New York Times Publication

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Very good and thought provoking piece: Thanks to our spotter Regular Reader.

Day Twenty Two – News Round-up

Rotherham Star: Shaun Wright quits as Police and Crime Commissioner in wake of Rotherham scandal Shaun Wright has resigned as South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner this morning. Politicians welcome Shaun Wright’s decision to quit Breathless News: TV crews galore … Continue reading

Where was Dominic on Saturday?

This gallery contains 1 photo.

This is a screen grab from business growth Tzar Dominic Beck’s face-book page: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . It was taken and posted on the day when Rotherham was invaded by … Continue reading

Day Twenty One – News Round-Up Updated

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Newsflash: To start us off today, Regular Reader noticed this in the Daily Mail: And spotted this piece about Jane Collins, in the Yorkshire Post, a bit old but revealing nonetheless: 15 July 2005 “Katie Bloom and … Continue reading

Todays Sunday Politics on iplayer now. Starts 37:10 minutes in  for Sarah Jane rotherham cse etc Starts on Shaun, Regular Reader

Day Twenty – The day our town became a battleground!

I bring you a selection of press reaction to the day, some very nasty people came to try and spread intolerance and hatred. This post is definitely not an opportunity to pour out more hatred in the comments on this … Continue reading

Be careful what you wish for

This piece captured from cyberspace, is doing the rounds. Thought readers would appreciate seeing it too: Paul Lakin is walking through a market while on his £1000, VIP bargain trip in China. He stops at a table and noticed an … Continue reading

Emma Hoddinott – An interesting exchange

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Grateful to our spotter who ticked the no publicity box. Caused me to lift more than an eyebrow, what do you think?

News Round Up – Day Nineteen

Thanks go to our spotters again for these links. If anyone has links they would like to share we would love to have them for readers attention, Rothpol.

Andrew Norfolk – Serious questions for John Healey and Kevin Barron

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Now some more excellent journalism from Andrew Norfolk. This report raises serious questions for John Healey:

Andrew Norfolk – Reveals another missing file scandal!

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Andrew Norfolk reveals more:

News Round Up – Day Eighteen

Thanks go to our spotters again for these links. If anyone has links they would like to share we would love to have them for readers attention, Rothpol.

another who knew what story

This gallery contains 4 photos.

These are minutes from Rotherham young peoples board from 3/3/2005 and 7/4/2005 these minutes were also given to the Social and Community Support Scrutiny Panel. This is a list of the Councillors on this scrutiny pane:. Russell (chair) Doyle (vice … Continue reading

Just Go!

During the last few days Rotherham citizens and voters have seen two sessions of questioning of Joyce Thacker and Martin Kimber by Parliamentary Committees. Shaun Wrights questioning by the HASC, yesterdays Council Meeting and today’s Police and Crime panel, that … Continue reading

Andrew Norfolk – Reveals the missing files!

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Andrew Norfolk reveals more about threats to the Home Office researcher. Don’t strain your eyes, click on image to enlarge:

News Round Up – Day Seventeen

Thanks go to our spotters again for these links. If anyone has links they would like to share we would love to have them for readers attention, Rothpol. Yorkshire Post: The Shaun Wright show, Meeting ends with no-confidence motion. … Continue reading


ABUSE-ROW COUNCIL FACES INSPECTION By David Hughes, Press Association Political Correspondent Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has announced that Rotherham Council will face an independent inspection after a report revealed 1,400 children were sexually abused over more than a decade. … Continue reading

A Reminder – Council Meeting Wednesday, 10th September, 2014 2.00 p.m.

Council Meeting Wednesday, 10th September, 2014 2.00 p.m. This meeting  is at the Town Hall, open to the public and available online, Agenda Papers

Day Sixteen – News Round Up

Grateful to all our spotters for these links. If you see something not yet featured please let us have the link, Rothpol. Embattled PCC Shaun Wright serves on Home Office child abuse task force reading

Shaun Wright – “Only in it for the money, edition”

This is your opportunity to tell us what you think?

Council Meeting Wednesday, 10th September, 2014 2.00 p.m.

Council Meeting Wednesday, 10th September, 2014 2.00 p.m. This meeting  is at the Town Hall, open to the public and available online, Agenda Papers

Day Fourteen – Latest

News from elsewhere in West Yorkshire: Rotherham and the Roma on Inside Out tonight 1, Daily Star is really making a big issue over Rotherham CSE The article they are referring to is in this publication reading

Andrew Norfolk – The Times – Shaun Wright Knew!

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Andrew Norfolk is still on the case! Don’t strain your eyes, click on each image to enlarge: . .

Yorkshire Post – Questions Ed Miliband must Answer

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Thanks again to our spotter for pointing this out, well worth a read. Click on image to read in full:

Standard Magazine – Rotherham’s Collaborators

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Thanks to our spotter for pointing this out, well worth a read. Click on image to read in full:

What is required – one perspective

I have stated before and I will say it again. EVERY single councillor and Senior Official (of RMBC and associated private / charitable agencies) from the period of 1997 – 2014 (perhaps before) should prove what they officially did to … Continue reading

Seen Elsewhere

The following collection of links to press and media coverage sent in to Rothpol, latest received, first. Not necessarily in order of publication, if there are others you think readers should see please send me the link. Andrew Norfolk’s wonderful … Continue reading

Time to prove Saj wrong

Time for some plain speaking: Rotherham’s sexual exploitation scandal, was caused and facilitated by, strict adherence to the Pakistani clan biraderi system. This was at the heart of the 16 year cover-up and persists in Rotherham to this day! Both … Continue reading

Alexis Jay Report

The political fallout begins – Roger Resigns! “Of course there is Akhtar and his infamously propounding the ‘myths’ surrounding grooming and child sex abuse. His unconvincing repetitions of what the Council has done right since, denials that it could happen … Continue reading

Rotherham, Jim Cadman, Steve Eling and the Sandwell Connection?

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Had this brought to my attention through the medium of twitter. There appears to be something fishy about Jim Cadman’s operations? Click on image to read in full: Declaration of Interests Steven Charles Eling click here.

New Director of Safeguarding Children and Families at Rotherham Council

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Thanks again goes to our observant spotter, Regular Reader. As always, click on image to read in full: .

Visions of China – Termination talk!

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Spotted for readers by Regular Reader:

Advertiser treatment: Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014

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Our esteemed spotter, sent this scan from the Advertiser: .

Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014

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The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 came into force on the 6th August. This report was received at the last Cabinet meeting, Click on image to read the report in full: Doesn’t inspire much confidence Rotherham Labour Group … Continue reading

Gifts from China

Gifts from China Will they come With the Roger Stone dynasty back in Rotherham this week Will they come back bearing gifts as they promised With the aim of securing £100 million For the dear leader’s vision of china project … Continue reading

Mayor’s Knees up cost £7,732.89!

In past years as a way of justifying the cost for this function the Labour Party has “spun” the issue of collecting money for Charity as an excuse for their ” Freebie knees up”. We now know the cost far … Continue reading

As if by magic?

Readers might like to see another example of illegally backdated changes, to a councillors entry in the Register of interests. Compare these two entries for Barry Dodson: Councillor_Dodson_Register_of_Interests_Form Councillor_Dodson_Register_of_Interests_form collected 1 Aug 2014 RMBC seem to have a problem with … Continue reading

Left Foot Forward – Britain’s Councillors

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This study shows that British councillors (Rotherham being a prime example) are increasingly old, white and wealthy. Only one in eight councillors are under the age of 45. It certainly makes an interesting read. After all we are supposed to … Continue reading

Whilst the cat is away?

Whilst the cat is away The mice will play Roger hood and his merry men are having a whale of a time Whilst trouble is brewing at home Cllr Jo Burton re-elected in May Actively going around telling all those … Continue reading

Visions of China – back on!

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No sooner than the greedy oiks are off on their family holidays to China? Click on image to read in full: .

Labour wouldn’t be that stupid, would they?

Labour’s rules, now stipulate, all potential candidates, including sitting Labour Party Councillors, must go through the entire selection process, including examination and interview, before they are admitted to the panel, from which Ward Labour Parties may choose to be their … Continue reading

South Yorkshire Police’s Response to Child Sexual Exploitation – Re-visit

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South Yorkshire Police’s response to Child Sexual Exploitation re-visit information now available. Click on images to read in full:   Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary report referred to:    Download your copy here: Careful study will be required before … Continue reading

The scale of Labour’s problem?

Nothing quite exemplifies the scale of Labour’s problems in Rotherham, than the list of Labour councillors, whose term of office expires next May. There are some real incompetents, deadbeats and worse, among this bunch. They are also all signed up … Continue reading

China trip and other greedy folk in the Advertiser

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The China trip as told by the Advertiser and the ‘silly season’ short on expenses! Previously on Rotherham Politics: Off to the Orient? Posted on July 22, 2014 by rothpol Off they go on the Oriental Express To a ancient land … Continue reading

Barry makes Private Eye!

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Dropped through my letterbox today, Private Eye, contains this in Rotten Boroughs: .

Off to the Orient?

Off they go on the Oriental Express To a ancient land far and beyond Visions of China Theme Park Research is the official given reason Hard at work they shall be Not another jolly surely Those who are going on … Continue reading

RMBC – Members’ allowances scheme

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Tucked in towards the back of this weeks Advertiser, amongst the public notices section of this weeks edition, is to be found this interesting legal order: .

The annual troughers’ report!

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Readers might have missed this in the Advertiser of last week. The annual troughers’ report! Published previously: When Austerity Ends – Scandalous Councillor Greed Returns!

Dodson’s downfall – An Arrest

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The Barry Dodson’s story has moved on with reports of his arrest last Friday! His alleged crimes? Sexual abuse of a minor! More soonest Previously on Rotherham Politics: Ex-Mayor Barry Dodson Rothpols thanks to commenters, there are an increasing number … Continue reading

Crickey Sonia!

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The quite wonderful Crikey, the antipodean private eye, brings us a news update on Sonia Sharp. Click on image to read the full article: Looks like trouble ahead?

Dodson resigns Labour Membership!

In a surprise move today Roger Stone, the Leader of Rotherham MBC, announced in an email, that Rotherham East Councillor, Barry Dodson, had now resigned from the Labour Party with immediate effect! Speculation is rife amongst labour insiders as to … Continue reading

Two Houses at War

Two Houses at War Barely on Speaking terms In the Deputy Leadership contest Lakin of valley won by a marginal amount Beck of Wales was seen on the day Whipping votes from the backbenchers All for lakin’s gain With the … Continue reading

Barry’s fall from grace, not yet complete?

Rotherham Politics has been taking a keen interest in the goings on at the Kazoku Karate Club in Eastwood, involving Barry Dodson, Ian and Ellen McAllister. One of the strands of the problem, will reach a conclusion, with the sentencing … Continue reading

Leadership? There was none!

Last night the Labour Party did meet With a bumpy recent past They congregated with ambitions to start the fightback Spirits were high Leadership and strength is what they craved They all paraded in with optimism From Summer in Timbuktu … Continue reading

Like a blind man walking towards the cliff’s verge

Like a blind man walking towards the cliff’s verge Labour cllrs now returned to the comfort zone A protest vote is what they keep on reiterating to each other In belief that the more they say it The closer it … Continue reading

Diary Date – Council Meeting Wednesday, 2nd July, 2014 2.00 p.m.

First reminder to those who prefer to watch their Council meetings in person. Diary Date – Full Council Meeting Wednesday, 2nd July, 2014 2.00 p.m. at the Town Hall This will be the first proper run out for the UKIP … Continue reading

Diary Date – Cabinet Meeting Wednesday!

The Cabinet meeting taking place in the Town Hall on Wednesday 18th at 10:30 am, has some very interesting business to transact, not the least of which concerns the SureStart children’s centre closures. This will also be the first run … Continue reading

Mandelson’s Law – No longer holds true in Rotherham?

Peter Mandelson allegedly said that traditional Labour voters in the North would vote Labour regardless because they had “nowhere else to go.” Well it seems they have now. The local Labour Group has very much reflected the Mandelson attitude, treating … Continue reading

The May 2014 Deputy Leadership Election

Labour Group met last week and elected a new Deputy Leader of RMBC. These are the  results for the two rounds of voting: May 2014 Deputy Leadership Election 1st round 2nd round Sue Ellis 17 20 Mahroof Hussain 2 Paul … Continue reading

CSE Lawsuits Announced!

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ITV News Calendar: Further developments, click here.

The Star – Child exploitation team receive award

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An award? There was me still thinking that they are still subject to an independent inquiry to determine how to fix it! Rotherham Council Press Release: National Award for Child Sexual Exploitation Partnership Published Friday, 21st March 2014 News Breaking … Continue reading

Undeclared Interests and the Ombudsman?

This has come in from an ‘Old Labour’ source that brings some illumination on the issue of undeclared interests, a common problem in Rotherham: “Amy Rushforth, daughter of Kevin Baron is currently being investigated by the Local Government Ombudsman for … Continue reading

News of developments – Rotherham CSE Inquiry

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Today’s Yorkshire Post has news of developments in the Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation Inquiry, click on image too read the full article:

Remarkable Progress?

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Gareth Dennison’s, Friday Jan 10 2014 article, published in the print edition of The Rotherham Advertiser takes an altogether different and ever so slightly more balanced view of this never ending saga that shames us all. Read here: A review … Continue reading

Don’t Journalists read the reports they report on?

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Rotherham Politics brings readers yet another example of lazy journalism when it comes to reporting on serious matters, without it would appear, reading the report in question! This time from The Star the last local Newspaper to report on Steve … Continue reading

BBC More Balanced?

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The BBC are now covering the Rotherham Child Exploitation issue with a little more balance:

Exercise in Self Delusion?

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Read the; Review of the response to child sexual exploitation in Rotherham. Click on image to download/view .pdf document, use your back button to return: Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board Website. Thanks goes to our anonymous source and to @mlilleker for … Continue reading

Very difficult to believe?

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The Advertiser is featuring this on their website today:

It gets more curious?

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Rothpol has received links to two pages on the RMBC website that seem to have relevance here. Easy to vote yourself taxpayers money if you are on the committee, it would appear? Our informant added their own observation, “What I … Continue reading

You Kazoku if you want to?

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Rothpol came across this rather out of date website relating to the Kazoku Karate Club: Hope no one is relying on this information? Unless I have missed it, there is nothing about child protection policies?

The money goes round and round!

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Thought readers might be interested in this document that appears to indicate public money is being used for a private club in inadequate, almost derelict, premises! Extracted from: Community_First_Allocated_Project_Year_3

Priceless Publicity For Sarah

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The December 27th edition of The Advertiser, devoted to Sarah Champion’s inquiry concerning ‘child sexual abuse’. You couldn’t do better than this, in terms of favourable exposure! Why might this be? Click on image to enlarge, use your back button … Continue reading

Rotherham Council to be sued

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Fresh in from The Star: Are you a victim or a victim’s parent who would like to contact David Greenwood? They are close at hand, ring 01709 890400 and you will be sure of a sympathetic and an understanding reception, … Continue reading

Sarah Champion Progress on CSE

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The Star updates readers on the progress of Sarah Champion’s all party inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation:

More smoke and mirrors

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This piece published in yesterday’s Star moves the story on: Not bad spinning when you think Akhtar was never accused of any criminality by anyone!

Akhtar & Co – Dirty Tricks An Explanation

Just listened to Eastern Air from last night and thought readers might appreciate this piece (reprised) as an antidote to the complete rubbish that Akhtar was spouting. I would simply pose the question, are these acceptable actions from a Labour … Continue reading

Akhtar & Co – Dirty Tricks Explained

Saw the article headline in RothBradpol about an interview with Rik and was interested to know what he had to say to Akhar’s organ. So had a look and was amazed to see that despite the title he has no … Continue reading

Another Update from Chris Longley

From Chris Longley MBE Dear Rothpol I have received today the following information from RMBC QUOTATION BEGINS “Dear Mr Longley Freedom of Information Act 2000 – Request for Information 547 I refer to your request for information dated 9 September … Continue reading

Barnardo’s joins abuse fight!

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Charity team join South Yorkshire Police in abuse fight Four specialist charity workers are to help youngsters in South Yorkshire escape child sexual exploitation. The quartet, from children’s charity Barnardo’s, joined South Yorkshire Police for the launch of a new … Continue reading

Rotherham Is In Rotten Boroughs

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Private Eye brings us some more ‘guilty ones’ that must not be allowed to escape blame: .

Rotherham is the ‘rotten borough’

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At Rotherham Politics, we would have no disagreement with either another excellent comment piece and two letters from last Friday’s Advertiser. Other viewpoints welcome: .

Did everyone at RMBC ‘play down’ grooming?

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From last Friday’s Advertiser: Seems to Rothpol, that everyone from the Council Officers, elected members and the Police have let our vulnerable children down in the most despicable ways! It is time to hold them all to account! See also: … Continue reading

Fresh ‘Independent’ inquiry announced

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Many thanks to our spotter Regular Reader: .

The shame of the Rotherham Labour 57!

Rotherham’s Labour Group Shabana Ahmed Jahangir Akhtar Shaukat Ali Jenny Andrews Lauren Astbury Alan Atkin Ian Barron Christine Beaumont Dominic Beck Alan Buckley Jo Burton Maggi Clark Simon Currie Judith Dalton Barry Dodson John Doyle Sue Ellis Jacqui Falvey John … Continue reading

Is this the Leadership Rotherham needs?

From: Holmes, Tracy Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2013 05:19 PM GMT Standard Time To: Members Subject: STATEMENT TO THE TIMES – CHILD SEXUAL EXPLOITATION The Leader has asked me to share with you the statement below which is the Council’s … Continue reading

Andrew Norfolk on PM

You have six days to listen to an excellent interview with Andrew Norfolk about how the system fails children who have been sexually abused. On BBC I-player it is in the PM programme, so you have to be patient for … Continue reading

Now here I go again! A personal viewpoint.

I thought this was just too thought provoking to leave this unnoticed: “Now here I go again – whilst I will fight RMBC tooth and nail to get to the truth re the malpractice and criminal deceit regarding the cover … Continue reading

Yvonne Ridley on Radio Sheffield this morning!

Child sexual exploitation, the story that won’t go away. Not until it’s fixed, at least in South Yorkshire. How will we know when that has happened? There will be quite a number of men behind bars, that’s how!!! Toby Foster … Continue reading

Yvonne Ridley and CSE – for one week only

Rothpol can now publish a link to the politics event of the week. Just when Jahangir Akhtar thought he had seen the back of Yvonne Ridley she puts in a re-appearance: The Yorkshire session starts about halfway through.

Confirmation from Parliamentary Review

A Parliamentary Review confirms what Rothpol has always said. “There is no evidence that children are any safer fro sexual abuse because of the Councils meaningless new paper policies. Right then, that’s where we are. Bit embarrassing, but we can … Continue reading

Andrew Norfolk wins Paul Foot Award

Andrew Norfolk of the Times has won this years Private Eye Paul Foot Award for investigative journalism for his two year investigation into the child sexual exploitation phenomenon in Rotherham and Rochdale. Thoroughly deserved! The Paul Foot Award 2012 – … Continue reading

In times of universal deceit?

In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act. George Orwell Unfortunately for us citizens of Rotherham, Orwell’s quotation seems to have great resonance in our Town of today. The Labour Party has always taken the … Continue reading

Tangled Web Indeed!

Oh, what a tangled web we weave When first we practise to deceive! Sir Walter Scott, from his poem Marmion. Almost as soon as Yvonne Ridley’s candidacy for the Respect Party in the Rotherham by-election was announced, she found herself … Continue reading

Why did Labour overlook Mahroof Hussain – Further Speculation?

This is another contribution in the debate as to why Mahroof Hussain MBE was rejected by his own party for the Rotherham Constituency. The Labour Party, for quite some time now, has demonstrated a marked reluctance to present the electorate … Continue reading

Exposing the lies and half truths on Child exploitation

Exposing the lies and half truths on Child exploitation This deeply worrying headline is doing the rounds on social media networks including Twitter, what is being suggested here? That the Rotherham child victims lied about being sexually abused? That the Social … Continue reading

44 RMBC councillors still don`t care!

Reading the emerging  horrific details of the child abuse crimes  in Oxford you do have to ask why 44 RMBC have still failed to register their intent to attend child sexual exploitation awareness training? The three councillors from Rotherham … Continue reading

50 RMBC Councillors still don’t care

Another child sexual exploitation  (CSE) trial and still 50 RMBC councillors have not registered their intention to attend  CSE awareness training, and the training is free! Cerberus

50 RMBC Councillors just don’t care

50 RMBC Councillors just don’t care Responding to a news article on the BBC regarding child trafficking and sexual exploitation A Home Office spokesman said: “Child trafficking and child sexual exploitation are both abhorrent forms of child abuse and … Continue reading

Rotherham’s Thought Police

As if on cue, Rotherham Politics has learned of the apparent existence of a ‘banned words and phrases list’, in common use amongst council members and officers that inhabit Rotherham’s Lubyanka. This exercise in Orwellian ‘doublespeak’, for the most part … Continue reading

Hang their heads in shame!

Rotherham MBC has 63 elected members the majority Labour, the Times articles exposing the industrial scale of child sexual abuse in the Town confirmed the inadequacy of Labour councillors to deal with complex and deep rooted child abuse crimes. Using … Continue reading

Andrew Norfolk At The Select Committee.

Well if Cllr Jahangir Akhtar still believes the Times caused the problems with the systematic abuse of children in Rotherham he may wish to watch Andrew Norfolk give evidence at the select committee. Interesting Keith Vaz uses the word failure … Continue reading

Was Emma listening?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers, In case any readers were wondering just how dedicated and attentive our highly-paid Ms Stasi Commissaress is during the Council meetings of the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns, then feast your eyes on the dexterity … Continue reading

Barnardo’s Report – Everyone Needs To Read It!

Barnardo’s, the children’s charity, have released their report on child sexual exploitation: Puppet on a string, pdf file, should open in your browser, you can save a copy too. To return, use your browsers back button. This report should be … Continue reading

John Wesley’s Sound Advice

Dear Rotherham Politics readers, I just came across this most interesting item relating to the amazing John Wesley on 6 October 1774 and thought just how topical this is in the context of the forthcoming PCC elections. His items of … Continue reading

Shaun Wright – Makes Private Eye!

Rothpol could not resist bringing readers the good news, which just dropped through my letter box! Put this way, it seems incredible that Labour selected this incompetent oaf, as their candidate for South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner! It must … Continue reading

Crompton vs Select Committee – Unconvincing.

Poor performance in lots of ways! The link to the select committee: Today’s House of Commons Select Committee, Tuesday 16 October 2012 saw the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police David Crompton  and DCI Philip Etheridge give evidence on … Continue reading

Shaun Wright – being as transparent as mud?

RikiLeaks received this rather interesting email, seems Shaun Wright was being economical with the truth when responding to Don Buxton’s recent enquiries. Time for the truth from Shaun Wright!: “Cllr Shaun Wright has missed the point and failed to disclose … Continue reading

Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact three – A response – now running from the truth?

The full inconvenient fact three correspondence: Dear Mr Wright, Thank you for your eventual response the clarity and brevity of which is much less than I was hoping for. I had hoped that in order for me to be able … Continue reading

The Silence of the Lambs continues, UNISON, Unite all in it together!

Looking at an any number of blogs, Twitter accounts or even Facebook pages you will readily see the growing Trade Union strength of feeling towards the EDL march in Rotherham. You will read that Unison, Unite and other Labour leaning … Continue reading

Racists & Anti-brigade not welcome here!

Rotherham is to play host to some rather nasty people, who wish to use our Town as a backdrop in their own struggle for publicity. Firstly we had the EDL, now we have another bunch of nutters, the anti-brigade, determined … Continue reading

Does this ring a bell?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers, In the context of the recent wicked child sex exploitation and grooming scandal which continues to engulf our dear town I came across this jpeg which more than sums up my thoughts with regards to the … Continue reading

Rotherham Sex Scandal – Day 14 – Advertiser must tell us the truth!

Andrew Norfolk and the Times, finally brought to everyone’s attention, an issue Rotherham Politics had been raising for many months, with limited success beyond our readership. The Rotherham Advertiser has caught up somewhat for lost time in the last two … Continue reading

Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact three – still hiding the truth?

Dear Cllr Wright, I note with some concern, but no surprise, that you have now failed to either acknowledge or respond to my previous e-mails to you of Friday, 21 September, 2012, 11:14 hrs and Saturday, 29 September, 2012, 15:44 … Continue reading

Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact – Two

This time from a private source. It is revelatory and goes some way to explain why Labour have got themselves into the mess with their hopeless candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner, Shaun Wright: “We gave Shaun Wright the Mayoralty, … Continue reading

Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact – One

Thanks to another RikiLeaks correspondent we bring this inconvenient fact to your attention: “During 2012, Labour Cllr Shaun Wright stood for the Chair of the SY Police Authority. However, even his fellow SY Police Authority members (which by the way … Continue reading

Shaun Wright – From RikiLeaks Inbox

Over recent weeks RikiLeaks inbox has been busy. We bring you just a couple of today’s contributions. We are looking into the contents of several emails that will make for some good posts in the future, a huge thanks to … Continue reading

Shaun Wright – Gillian Radcliffe exposes bias shown by SY Police Authority? They must already know the election result!

“It’s totally wrong for a candidate to be involved in selecting staff for the elected PCC, regardless of whether or not Shaun Wright wins. It’s a governance issue and, dare I mention again, an integrity issue. I’ve previously called for … Continue reading

Shaun Wright’s stupidity – investigated!

Shaun Wrights campaign to become South Yorkshire’s first elected Police and Crime Commissioner has suffered another huge blow! Rothpol has learned of an investigation, by the Electoral Commission, into undeclared substantial donations to his campaign! Yesterdays revelation that Shaun Wright … Continue reading

How could Shaun Wright be so stupid?

Dear Rotherham Politics Readers, Last week I asked a few questions of our South Yorkshire Police Authority in relation to the recent recruitment and interview of the Interim Chief Executive of South Yorkshire Police Authority. Attached in this e-mail is … Continue reading

What have we learned?

Firstly, last week in brief: Monday last, The Times published the first front page story regarding sexual exploitation of children in Rotherham. Within a very short time the first out of the blocks, trying to defend the indefensible were South … Continue reading

Seen Elsewhere

Police candidate’s sex abuse pledge Published on Sunday 30 September 2012 02:15 A CANDIDATE in the running to become South Yorkshire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner has pledged more resources to tackle the sexual exploitation of children if elected. Coun … Continue reading

Eastern Air – Jahangir Akhtar and Lord Ahmed – Not to be missed!

Waheed Akhtar’s wonderful Sunday evening show, Eastern Air last night dealt with the issue of child sexual predation. No longer available, I am sorry. Mohammed Ali – Chairperson of the Pakistan Muslim Centre; Muhbeen Hussain – Chairperson of Rotherham Muslim … Continue reading

e-petition – please add your voice! Public Enquiry into organised Child Grooming, Child Prostitution and Paedophilia in the UK Responsible department: Home Office We the undersigned call for a full independent judicial Public Enquiry into organised Child Grooming, Child Prostitution and Paedophilia in the UK … Continue reading

Labour Speaks Out, but not in Rotherham!

Labour Speaks Out, but not in Rotherham! Extremely disappointing to see one of our local politicians refer to the Times reporting of the Rotherham child abuse scandal on their Twitter account as being sensationalist. I fail to understand why any … Continue reading

Myopia from Emma Hoddinott – Stasi Press Officer and Pilgrim

Dear Rotherham Politics readers, If any reader wants to know the depths of profound myopia and vision impairment that RMBC Elected Members choose to suffer from then read this latest piece of utterly astounding and enlightening twitter-twatter-fluttering from the Pilgrim … Continue reading

Don wants a response – will Shaun Wright oblige?

Dear Cllr Wright, I note with some concern and much puzzlement that I have had neither the courtesy of an acknowledgement or of a response from you in connection with the simple questions that I e-mailed to you over a … Continue reading

Joyce Thacker’s priority? Find the whistle blower!

In the week that the public of Rotherham found out just how incompetent its civic leaders were you would have thought that the Director in charge of Children Services in Rotherham Joyce Thacker would have been focused on ensuring our … Continue reading

Day Five – Labour LGC met last night

According to Labour Party Rules, the Local Government Committee, which meets tonight in the Town Hall, is responsible for Policy and is supposed to hold Rotherham Councillors to account. In Rotherham, the Labour Group runs everything not the LGC! There … Continue reading

Day Five Accountability? – Time for Action!

This was left as a comment but was too good to miss, thanks SJ, and welcome to Rotherham Politics: How could anyone in the police, council or social services say they did not know. The Times quote horrific examples of … Continue reading

BBC – Lord Ahmed speaks out!

Lord Ahmed calls on mosques ‘to speak’ about sex abuse Lord Ahmed has said the issues of morality need to be discussed in mosques Continue reading the main story Labour peer Lord Ahmed has called on mosque leaders in South … Continue reading

BBC Radio Sheffield, Andrew Norfolk demolishes Labour’s less than honest defence!

BBC Radio Sheffield, Andrew Norfolk demolishes Labour’s less than honest defence! Starts at 8 Minutes in! What was said Tuesday 25th September, 7 minutes in and 1hr 8mins Joyce Thacker in denial, shooting the messenger rather than addressing the … Continue reading

No cover up here!

No cover up here! The BBC Radio Sheffield interview on Wednesday 27 September 2012 will come back to haunt Deputy Leader Cllr Jahangir Akhtar. Two years ago Toby Foster interviewed the girl referred to as Amy in the Times … Continue reading

Shaun Wrights Supporters – Any Regrets?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers, Just been having a decko at the webpage of our hapless Laybah SY PCC candidate to see if he’s mentioning the unmentionable that’s lately descended on dear old Rovrum. Guess what? Not a sausage. Not … Continue reading

Shaun Wright – Stop picking on me!

Rotherham Politics and it’s readers, are enormously grateful to Andrew Norfolk and the Times, for bringing this scandal to public attention in a way that hopefully, will put an end to brushing this outrage under the carpet. Yet Shaun Wright … Continue reading

The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal – Day Three – Shaun Wright, Picking on Rotherham!

From The Times of 26th September 2012: Shaun Wright – the damning OFSTED report of 2009!

The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal – Day Two Part Three – Public Inquiry?

From The Times of 25th September 2012, Calls for a public inquiry: .

The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal – Day Two Part Two – Amy’s Story

From The Times of 25th September 2012, Amy’s Story: This dreadful tale, should be read by all parents, teachers and students, everywhere! .

The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal – Day Two Part One

The Times is still leading the charge on this story. Developing more legs than a millipede. .

The Police Respond

Seems SY Police have been stung in to action? Well, issuing a press release! South Yorkshire Police hits back at Times article The Times’ suggestion that South Yorkshire Police and its partners have been reluctant to tackle child sexual abuse … Continue reading

The story marches on!

From Today’s Yorkshire Post: From ITV Calendar News: From Glasgow wired: The Times of 25th September 2012: Amy’s parents thought she was safe. They were wrong Andrew Norfolk Published 1 minute ago Amy comes from a stable, … Continue reading

The Times – In full – heads must surely roll!

Rothpol is indebted for the work of our scanner reader who has provided these scans:

The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal

First look at the Times story that brings sharp focus to the issues Rotherham MBC has been trying to sweep under the carpet for so long: Exclusive: Files expose hidden child sex scandal Andrew Norfolk Chief Investigative Reporter Confidential police … Continue reading

Cabinet Member Paul Lakin – Answers

This is the text of Paul Lakin’s first, but not in fact his last, comment today: Dear Rothpol Calling people Clowns, Muppets, Grunters, Labour Scum and even worse, Low Life’s  when used in a way to goad, humiliate or spark … Continue reading

Failure means success for Cllr Wright

It appears that the route to success in the Rotherham Labour Party is by failure, it might seem a little odd but if you look at the PCC Candidate Cllr Shaun Wright you can spot the link. While taking home … Continue reading

Spot the difference!

Meg Munn MP is not one to stand back  on the issue of child exploitation as demonstrated by a visit  to support the work of agencies protecting vulnerable children, where is Cllr  Roger Stone, Martin Kimber,  the three local MPs … Continue reading

Only adequate!

Four years on from a damming report into Children Services and months on from attempts to block the publication of a serious case review RMBC are judged in a recent inspection to be providing Children Services that just meets the … Continue reading

Inexorable logic of numbers?

Firstly an examination of the current political make up of Rotherham MBC: Party Number Percentage Conservative 4 6.4 Independent 1 1.6 Labour 58 92 Labour’s overwhelming preponderance on RMBC, ensures that their untrammelled use of power is rarely challenged and … Continue reading

Rotherham’s Disgrace – Shabana speaks out while the silence of the lambs continues!

While the majority of Elected Members and Chief Executive remain silent on the issue of the grooming and sexual exploitation of children here in Rotherham at least two Councillors have had the courage and stand up and set out their … Continue reading

Rotherham’s Disgrace – Shabana Ahmed adds her voice to Jahangir Akhtars

Last night Borough Councillor Shabana Ahmed broke cover to bring us this statement: “I wasn’t intending to comment publicly this early in my political position but since my name has been mentioned along with the other women Cllrs I feel … Continue reading

Rotherham’s Disgrace – Denial + Silence = Culpability

It’s now over week ago since the publication of the serious case review into the death of Laura Wilson, the report made reference to the issue of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham. It was noticeable that the leader, deputy leader … Continue reading

Rotherham’s New Cabinet

Councillor Roger Stone, Leader Councillor Jahangir Akhtar (Deputy Leader) Councillor John Doyle, Adult Independence, Health and Wellbeing. Councillor Mahroof Hussain, Community Development, Equality and Young Peoples Issues. Councillor Paul Lakin, Safeguarding and Developing Learning Opportunities. Councillor Rose McNeely, Safe and … Continue reading

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Greediest Of Them All?…..

Let the figures speak for themselves! Greed by Individual Councillor 2009-10 Rank Name 2009-10 Ward Up Next Year 1 Roger Stone £45,407.72 Silverwood Yes 2 Terry Sharman £34,062.38 Wingfield Yes 3 Richard Russell £29,127.27 Hoober No 4 Gerald Smith £28,730.15 … Continue reading

Next Years Crop?

Political parties throughout the country are beginning the process of choosing their candidates for next years round of local council elections. This list below details the Rotherham councillors that successfully fought these seats the last time they were contested in … Continue reading

Rotherham’s Cabinet – What No Women!

Councillor Roger Stone Chairman Leader of Council Councillor Jahangir Akhtar Cabinet Member for Safe and Attractive Neighbourhoods Councillor John Doyle Member for Health and Social Care Councillor Mahroof Hussain Member for Community Development and Engagement Councillor Paul Lakin Member for … Continue reading



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