What’s the story? Investigations In Full

What’s the story? Contains the details of investigations that Rotherham Politics has been involved in. A special thanks to all those individuals who have assisted with their own time and money.

If you have information that would contribute to our understanding, please contact Rothpol.


Time for answers?

Last October a group of despairing citizens sent this unsigned letter to two of the Rotherham Members of Parliament, Sarah Champion and John Healey. Action from those whose duty it is to establish the truth and then take the appropriate … Continue reading

Eastwood – more picture evidence!

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Another picture of a rental property in Eastwood. The evidence mounts up: Our thanks go to the supplier of this picture, has anyone else got similar? Be grateful if you would send it in, Rothpol.

Eastwood – problem in one picture?

This gallery contains 2 photos.

This photo was taken less than  a week ago, of a rental property in Eastwood. It would appear to be quite typical of the problem that afflicts the area: Our thanks go to the supplier of this picture, has anyone … Continue reading

Kazoku Questions?

The as yet unanswered questions, that relate to the Kazoku Karate Club, fall into two main areas of concern. The first relating to the premises from which they operate and secondly, the personnel that run the club and provide instruction … Continue reading

It gets more curious?

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Rothpol has received links to two pages on the RMBC website that seem to have relevance here. Easy to vote yourself taxpayers money if you are on the committee, it would appear? Our informant added their own observation, “What I … Continue reading

The money goes round and round!

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Thought readers might be interested in this document that appears to indicate public money is being used for a private club in inadequate, almost derelict, premises! Extracted from: Community_First_Allocated_Project_Year_3

That’s the way to do it!

Rotherham Politics seems to have stumbled upon two examples of practises long since dead in Russia and China, but still going strong in North Korea and Rotherham it would appear! What practise would that be? That of altering the public … Continue reading

Barry Dodson’s Progress!

Nearly went blue in the face, holding my breath for the answers to the questions we posed in our last post concerning the Deputy Mayor, Barry Dodson and McAllister’s, attempted deception of readers? Read: Barry Dodson’s Personal Trolls Exposed! The situation … Continue reading

This is the start of a new thread to our investigations.

What’s the story? ten

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Thanks to readers for spotting this, Rothpol can report on the latest addition to the Akhtar family property portfolio:

What’s the story? nine

A family of property it would appear? This summarises the extent of our knowledge at this time, of this burgeoning property empire: 57  Clough Road (Domicile) 37 Hartington Road 130 Henley Grove 8 Farm Drive 91 Henley Grove Road 95 … Continue reading

This link below shows, what we think we know and can rely on, may not in fact be correct, or reliable, once our readers get a chance to check it out?

Yorkshire Post – Political Censorship?

This gallery contains 1 photo.

The Yorkshire Post is alleged to be guilty of the most blatant act of political censorship. Please note the comments section of this article as of last night. Now look at the comments from yesterday. The comments of Chris Longley … Continue reading

What’s the story? Eight

Another addition to the Akhtar family property empire: 61 Clough Road Azzizum Akhtar ‘owns’ this property then. Rothpol is grateful to our spotter, who has ticked the no publicity box on this occasion. This series of posts started with a … Continue reading

What’s the story? seven

Seems ‘honest mistakes’ repeated continuously, since Jahangir returned to the council after the disgrace of his conviction for affray. Declarations of Interests: 07 June 2006/15 Sept 2006 06 June 2007 26 Oct 2007 14 April 2009 28 May 2010 14 … Continue reading

What’s the story? – six

Rotherham Politics’, thanks to our  doughty researcher, we are able to bring readers more on, the ever expanding Akhtar ‘family’ property empire: 89 Pitt Street, Rotherham. S61 2PB 52 Devonshire Street, Masborough. S61 1AG 35 Dovercourt Road, Rotherham. S61 1SQ … Continue reading

More signs of community anger and concern

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Rothpol has been sent this interesting letter from some, obviously concerned, members of the public determined to bring out the truth behind the façade: A cry for help, indeed!

What’s the story? – five

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Another Mistake? How many is it now? How many readers have forgotten they own a house? Akhtar’s explanation better be good? Should have been declared as his wife’s property, even if not part of the matrimonial estate.

What’s the story? – four

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Rothpol already knew Akhtar owned 95 Henley Grove Road, but had failed to declare it. Was the confusion deliberate? We should be told! Judge for yourself: More ‘innocent’ mistakes, it would appear? .

What’s the story? – three

Changes! Jahangir Akhtar’s interests declaration, pdf. Councillor_Akhtar_Register_of_Interests_Form_1_ pdf. Updated today! Grateful to our spotter for drawing my attention to these changes, they ticked the no publicity box. Is it permissible to backdate a declaration of this kind? Rothpol already knew Akhtar … Continue reading

What’s the story? – two

Received Land Registry 91 Henley Grove Road.the Land Registry information on 91 Henley Grove Road this morning, courtesy of Wil Ewart. Readers will be intrigued at the result! Land Registry 91 Henley Grove Road. pdf file. This raises more questions … Continue reading

What’s the story? – one

Was sat idly thinking the other day, my reverie was broken by a telephone call from a blog reader, asking for an explanation  for something they turned up by searching using Google for the search term; 91 Henley Grove Road … Continue reading


8 Responses to What’s the story? Investigations In Full

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Can you investigate a Grooming Awareness course set up and targetted at South Yorkshire (Rotherham )teachers to make them aware of signs of child being groomed. The details /address of organisation/website was based in Dinnington and surname of the female facilitator was “Dalton”. I received the emails for the course because I was a teacher and member of NUT. I did not keep the spam emails but was annoyed that my email had been passed on to organisation to promote their business which I had not given permission.
    I do note John Dalton who is based in Dinnington was the NUT Executive member for South Yorkshire at that time and assumed that the person running the Grooming awareness course was linked to him and that’s how I ended up on the email list. I also note there is a Councillor Judith Dalton from Dinnington.

    The question I wish to ascertain is Councillor Judith Dalton the person who set up the Grooming awareness course/business and is she related to John Dalton? Was she a Councillor during that time?
    If she was a Councillor , was she aware of the scale of CSE at that time?
    and what did she do about it?

    It is shame that I deleted the emails but the gist of the content of emails was day courses on spotting children who had been groomed or were being groomed.
    I believed other NUT union member teachers in South Yorkshire would also have received the same spam emails offering the grooming Awareness day course for about £120 (from memory). These emails were received after the conviction of the Rotherham grooming gang a few years back.

    Can anyone help investigate and join the dots?

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