Past Mayors of Rotherham

2015 Councillor Maggi Clark

2014 Councillor John Foden
2014 Councillor Barry Dodson (lasted 3 weeks)
2013 Councillor John Foden
2012 Councillor David Pickering
2011 Councillor Shaun Wright
2010 Councillor Rose McNeely
2009 Councillor Shaukat Ali
2008 Councillor Ann Russell
2007 Councillor Allan Jackson
2006 Councillor Peter A Wooton
2005 Councillor Hilda Jack
2004 Councillor F. Wright
2003 Councillor R. S. Russell
2002 Councillor A. Senior
2001 Councillor R. G. Littleboy
2000 Councillor Iain G. L. St. John
1999 Councillor M. G. Judge
1998 Councillor R. Windle
1997 Councillor G. Smith
1996 Councillor J. P. Wardle
1995 Councillor W. Winder
1994 Councillor S. Walker
1993 Councillor C. Kelly
1992 Councillor J. Carr
1991 Councillor O. Hartley
1990 Councillor M. Kirk
1989 Councillor R. Hughes
1988 Councillor M. Eagleton
1987 Councillor K. Billington
1986 Councillor J. Skelton
1985 Councillor T. Sharman
1984 Councillor S. Etchells
1983 Councillor J. Allott
1982 Councillor D. Thompson
1981 Councillor J. Johnston
1980 Councillor G. Bennett
1979 Councillor E. Manns
1978 Councillor C. Brett
1977 Councillor R. Benton
1976 Councillor F. Cooper
1975 Councillor S. Crowther
1974 Councillor J. Layden

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