Sansome: Its ok to make light of the Jay and Casey reports

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Councillor Stuart Sansome thinks making light of the Jay and Casey reports in a pithy comment on Twitter is an acceptable thing to do. Curiously, the reponse is directed at something completely unrelated. Why? By-election anyone? Thorpe-Salvin-Cake-Eater

Sansome: “I dont like the town Im paid to represent”

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It seems councillor Sansome is rejecting completely the RMBC ‘love where you live’ campaign with his comments on twitter. As a previous area assembly chair and current serving ward councillor you would think he would show some pride in his … Continue reading

Sansome chewing a bone or is he just t’owd ‘bonehead’

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Despite Steven Kinnock, John Mann and even Peter Mandleson acknowledging the contribution that the current Labour leadership has made to their fortunes – and indeed the future of the country – Councillor Sansome still seems to be operating in a … Continue reading

Sansome sows labour discord ( already-!!!! )

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It seems like the anti-corbyn brigade inside Rotherham Labour are already at work. This tweet shows a complete misunderstanding of the position Labour find themselves in now, after not one, but TWO, sets of existential crises in the last 18 … Continue reading