Rotherham By-Election 2012

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The Rotherham By-Election will take place on 29th November 2012.

The candidates:

Michael Beckett Liberal Democrat
Clint Bristow Independent (EDL)
Sara Champion Labour
Jane Collins UKIP
Simon Copley Independent
Paul Dickson Independent
Ralph Dyson TUSC
Marlene Guest BNP
Yvonne Ridley Respect
David Wildgoose English Democrats
Simon Wilson Conservatives

19 thoughts on “Rotherham By-Election 2012

  1. Labour are in panic mode over the Rotherham safe seat bye-election, campaign war chests nearly empty, donations down and the spectre of another Bradford West at the front of their thoughts.
    The NEC will ride roughshod over local activists, they will take their subscriptions plague them with cold calls for donations and then when it matters ignore them.
    Hussain and Hoddinott for MP?
    I do hope not, both of them are tainted by the child abuse scandal, let’s hope Rotherham voters punish Labour for their complacency in not dealing with MacShane years ago and for the mess RMBC are making of Rotherham.


  2. Thought readers might like to know, just spoken to Peter Thirlwall and he confirms he is considering standing in the Rotherham by-election!
    That might just put the ‘cat among the pigeons’!


  3. From a labour prospective, Labour better hope Mahroof Hussain gets the seat. He is the only candidate that can win local support and actually stand for rotherham and not the party line. Labour need a candidate best for Rotherham and Mahroof will be a great choice for Rotherham.


    • I totally agree Gary. Some people on here dont even know the guy or ever spoke to him but are happy to make frivolous allegations. Its all well and good criticising people from the comfort of your arm chair but at least the guys got bottle to stand up and try and make a change. How you can judge a person without knowing him or without any sort proven wrongdoing or failing is tad unfair!!!


      • Are you by any chance referring to our 1st Class Rail Travel Guru?

        He’s got bottle alright, the bottle to insist on travelling 1st Class Rail Travel paid for by hard-pressed Rotherham OAPs, out-of-work miners and steelworkers, and others who have felt the chill wind of recession in Rovrum.

        Rein in his spending? Not a chance from His Nibs, he thinks he’s entitled cos he’s got a gong after his name.


  4. Speaking to a number of Rotherham residents of Pakistani heritage there is anger towards those criminals who abuse children and anger towards their community leaders who failed to take action.

    Respect will give the CLP a run for their money.


    • They certainly will. There’s only so many times you can condemn the said vile criminals before thinking you’re just banging your head against a wall.


  5. Sarah Champion ‏@sarah4rotherham
    2-1 to the #Millers at half time. Great atmosphere being generated by #Rotherham fans. Loads of people telling me they’re voting Labour too! she is some lucky charm Rotherham lost

    4h Sarah Champion ‏@sarah4rotherham
    I’m their lucky charm! 1-0 after 25 seconds!

    She is some lucky charm Rotherham lost .


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