Rotherham Elections 2014

Borough Council Elections 2014


European Parliament Elections 2014

A first look at those who’s term of office comes to an end in 2014.

Anston & Woodsetts Ward: Jo Burton Lab
Boston Castle Ward: Rose McNeeley Lab
Brinsworth & Catcliffe Ward: Alan Buckley Lab
Dinnington Ward: Jaquie Falvey Lab
Hellaby Ward: Lynda Donaldson Con
Holderness Ward: Gerald Smith Lab
Hoober Ward: Brian Steele Lab
Keppel Ward: Ian Barron Lab
Maltby Ward: Amy Rushforth Lab
Rawmarsh Ward: Shaun Wright Lab
Rother Vale Ward: Richard Russell Lab
Rotherham East: Shaukut Ali Lab
Rotherham West: Jahangir Akhtar Lab
Silverwood Ward: Pat Russell Lab
Sitwell Ward: Tony Mannion Con
Swinton Ward: Neil License Lab
Valley Ward: Dave Pickering Lab
Wales Ward: Jennifer Whysall Lab
Wath Ward: Alan Atkin Lab
Wickersley Ward: Sue Ellis Lab
Wingfield Ward: Keith Goulty Lab

Those on this list will be featured on a regular basis leading up to the 2014 Local Elections.

The first of this next cycle of elections may well prove the most interesting for a while given the high proportion of dinosaurs in 2014’s cohort!

2014 elections – first look at the battleground

Posted on July 30, 2012 by

The 2014 Battleground, first look. These are the incumbent Councillors who’s Term of Office, expires May 2014. Ward Incumbent Party   Anston & Woodsetts Ward Jo Burton Lab Boston Castle Ward Rose McNeeley Lab Brinsworth & Catcliffe Ward Alan Buckley … Continue reading →

3 thoughts on “Rotherham Elections 2014

  1. Av just had a brief look at candidates for2014 borough elections 2 names jumped off the page.1st for keppel ward Ian barron brother of our Kev.2nd Maltby ward Amy rushforth daughter of our Kev.Must read more.


  2. George Valentine says

    What a breath of fresh air UKIP have made to the people of Rotherham in the recent Local Election results.Congratulations to those successful candidates.and those who came so close
    to getting rid of Gerald Smith. and a few others, great effort from Peter Short. The Labour deputy leader has gone. Now we just need to get rid of Roger Stone the man that has done so much for the disabled and elderly of Rotherham .What Roger has done for them you could write on a postage stamp with enough room left to lick it and what he has taken away would fill a sheet of A 4.

    The very man we would all love to see challenge and defeat Roger Stone next, for his seat is the man rejected by this Labour Council but loved by the citizens of Rotherham. Peter Thirlwall .he is the man to rid us of the man who stood by Denis McShane our MP. but did nothing to support him when he was arrested. Come on UKIP try to persuade Peter to come out of retirement to challenge Roger this would be his finest hour. Unless as I suspect if he was forced to take on Peter he would retire before the election and take the easy way out.. .


  3. Lie down with dogs and you’ll get fleas. There’s not one name on the voting slip that fills me with hope for a better future.


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