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Rotherham By-Election Full Result

Rotherham By-Election 29th November Full Results: Name Description Vote % Vote Share M Beckett LibDem 451 2.1 C Bristow EDL 29 0.1 S Champion Lab 9966 46.5 J Collins UKIP 4648 21.7 S Copley Ind 582 2.7 P Dickson Ind … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election – Polling Stations now closed!

Something to keep you entertained while we wait. The last vote has been cast. The Polling Stations are now closed! The candidates and their agents along with their counting agents are assembling at Magna for the count. The ballot boxes … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election Day!

Excitement at last! Heard that UKIP has been involved in an altercation, labour says they are not involved! Continues in comments. The Rotherham Star has this today, By-election candidate’s criminal past, oh dear! Guido Fawkes, the notorious right wing blogger, … Continue reading →

Labour – falling apart as we look on?

A RikiLeaks source has provide this interesting insight into the disarray at the heart of Rotherham labour, it begins: Here is the latest desperate begging letter from Rotherham Labour’s John Healey. This has obviously fallen on deaf ears as did … Continue reading →

Election Day Coverage Starts Early

Rotherham Politics readers will be interested in this insightful piece, which we hope the source intended for publication, we are grateful to you. “As a Rotherham resident I am appalled that my taxes contribute towards paying some council workers/politicians who … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election – Logic of numbers?

Rotherham Politics has always tried to keep as neutral a position as possible, none more so than when covering elections. With labour in dire trouble with their campaign, mainly due to the apparent boycott by locals, at all levels of … Continue reading →

By-Election Hangover For Labour! Exclusive!

Rotherham Politics has learned that labour’s problems at the ballot box, have only just started! We have learned that Respect, will from now on maintain a presence and a base in Rotherham, after this by-election is over. Evidence seen by … Continue reading →

Rotherham Voters are in the mood for revolution!

The litany of Labour failure in Rotherham over many years is legendary! Despite the history of poor performance, greed, sleaze and corruption that labour has swept under the carpet with very few paying the proper price for their wrongdoing. Rotherham’s … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election – Tuesday’s Campaign News

Rotherham labour’s hand picked candidate, has been abandoned by her Svengali and promoter in chief, one Kevin Barron the member for Rother Valley! Barron’s constituency office reports, Kevin will not be back now, “for several weeks.” That was quick, just … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election – The Pivotal Moment?

The unacceptable face of Rotherham labour politics showed itself for what it is, as a result of their own botched selection. This resulted, not in a candidate of undoubted ability and track record such as Richard Burgon, but a complete … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election – TUSC Rally

Rotherham Politics can report, Mondays TUSC pre election rally was well attended and supported. The message was clear the condem cuts in this area are devastating local jobs and services not to mention peoples lives. Meanwhile the labour party are … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election – Labour Blind Panic Edition

Breaking News: Labour has pulled their candidate from tonight’s hustings event, broadcast and organised by Radio Sheffield! Bottling it! Never looks pretty! Source BBC. Latest announcement: Sarah Champion has pulled out of the Radio Sheffield debate tonight at New York … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election – Even More Labour Travails!

What has happened is clear: – REVENGE – the usual dirty trick from the local nulabor mafia to slur the name of the foster parents because they dared to leave nulabor – POLITICAL SABOTAGE – the usual dirty trick from … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election – More Labour Travails! Fresh Disgrace?

I’ve got a minor scoop for you, Rothpol types. Nothing too amazing, but it deserves to be brought to wider attention locally. I’ve been reading tweets from the twitter account of labour party campaign workers who have been seconded up … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election – Sunday Roundup!

A week ago the Rotherham by-election looked set for a routine, if unspectacular, labour victory. A week can be a truly long time in politics and none more so, than this last week for labour. There is a major link … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election – Saturday’s News!

Newsflashes: I feel like I am intruding on private grief here, with any news from the Labour camp as almost total disintegration of their campaign plan, seems to have taken place today! The Telegraph broke the UKIP fostering scandal last … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election – Simon Wilson, on Fostering Scandal

I thought it would be helpful to share my thoughts with readers on today’s disturbing events. My overriding concern is for the three young children; presumably they were taken away from their original home because Rotherham social services had genuine … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election – Labour Signs Of More Distress?

Breaking News coming in, of an astonishing outbreak of intemperance from labour! Imagine the scene today, outside College Road Mosque, Deputy Leader of the Council Cllr Jahangir Akhtar in the company of  Lord Nazir Ahmed, Maria Eagle MP and their … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election – Labour Distress?

From RikiLeaks. Labour emails are getting more desperate as they grow ever frequent, it would appear? Judge for yourself, this is the last couple to come our way: “Dear One week to keep Rotherham Labour There are just seven days … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election – Countdown Begins

It is only a short time since Denis MacShane fell on his sword after being unmasked as a ‘crook’, by no less a figure than Kevin Barron. Kevin Barron has himself, been exposed just this week in Channel 4 Dispatches … Continue reading →

One Conservative’s View! Lessons Learned?

What has shocked me in recent weeks is the attitude of Rotherham Labour to anyone even daring to challenge them. Gillian Radcliffe and I did it repeatedly during the PCC campaign, because questions needed asking in the public interest. At … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election – Last Week Before Polls

One breathless week left in the Rotherham by-election campaign! This has become a fascinating by-election to observe. Labour Party selection travails have shone a spotlight on Rotherham Constituency Labour Party, as never before. What has been revealed is decidedly disturbing … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election Some Reflections

Last week was quite a week, one way or another! Election campaigns always remind me of this quote from Sir Walter Scott’s poem, Marmion, which reads thus: “Oh! what a tangled web we weave When first we practice to deceive!” … Continue reading →

Labour success spoilt once again by selection shenanigans

This I simply had to share with readers, on Left Futures: Labour success spoilt once again by selection shenanigans This could have been entitled, Rotherham Child Sex Grooming Scandal Claims First Casualty! Next please!

Respect Launch Party Today!

LAUNCH PARTY….George Galloway & Yvonne Ridley at their HEAD OFFICE BASE @ 43 Effingham Square, Rotherham S65 1AP (formerly known as Shaheen’s Shop) opposite Rotherham bus station and white taxi rank stand Saturday 16th November 2012 @ 2.00 pm. Not … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 15th Nov

The day the election starts in earnest! The full candidate list: Michael Beckett Liberal Democrat Clint Bristow Independent (EDL) Sara Champion Labour Jane Collins UKIP Simon Copley Independent Paul Dickson Independent Ralph Dyson TUSC Marlene Guest BNP Yvonne Ridley Respect … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 14th Nov

The morning after the night before edition. Labour last night selected Sarah Champion with the grand total of 13 votes! John Healey, MP for Wentworth & Dearne has already been appointed ‘minder’ to Sarah Champion, an interesting job, I would … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 13th Nov

This will be another very interesting day in the by-election lead up. Labour members meeting tonight at New York Stadium, the shortlist: – Sarah Champion is the Chief Exec of Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, a role she has held since … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 12th Nov

We can predict with some certainty that the Rotherham by-election will be the dirtiest campaign ever, in Rotherham! Already we have seen Respect locked out of a meeting room they had booked for their rally and confirmation of their candidate … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 11th Nov

Welcome to you on this beautiful Sunday morning, the day that Labour members realise that they have a real fight on their hands! Respects Yvonne Ridley, has a reputation as a formidable campaigner, that will go down well with the … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 10th Nov

Respect are announcing their candidate this afternoon at a rally. Newflash: George Galloway MP has announced Yvonne Ridley as Respects candidate in the Rotherham by-election. Many people there! That will concentrate Labour’s mind? Not half, this is as far as … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election – Omar Mehban Declares Candidacy

Important Announcement… by sirm1991 At the end of the 2012 local elections, I had learnt an important lesson. I didn’t like our politics, and I knew Rotherham deserved better. Unfortunately, we have had cover-ups and political scandals of epic proportions in … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election 2012 – Previous results to focus minds!

Time for some information. Firstly the Rotherham Constituency 2010 General Election Result: Rotherham Name Description Votes Vote% Guest BNP 3906 10.4 MacShane Labour 16741 44.6 Elected Taylor Liberal 5994 16 Thirlwall Independent 2366 6.3 Vines UKIP 2220 5.9 Whitely Conservative … Continue reading →

Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 9th Nov

The notice of election, now available: Notice of Election. UK Parliamentary By-Election for Rotherham Constituency Labour News: We gather that Cllr Neil License is also attempting to get Unite’s backing. There are, also those with a national profile, chasing the … Continue reading →

Respect and Rotherham

Should Respect decide to field Yvonne Ridley as their candidate for the forthcoming by-election the once impregnable 10,000 Labour majority may well be at risk for the first time in many generations. I raised the issue of Respect taking soundings … Continue reading →

MacShane – Do the Tories know something we don’t?

Posted on March 28, 2011 by

In a very surprising move Rotherham Tories have selected their proposed candidate for the Rotherham Constituency, despite the next General Election being four years away. Could it be that they know something we don’t? An upcoming by-election for Rotherham, perhaps? … Continue reading →

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