Bad Habits?

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Bad Habits?

…..or worse!

Membership of the Labour Party generally, has been contracting for years!

The slide in Labour membership in Rotherham, has been spectacular. This has been assisted by the fact that the politically powerful, do not welcome the possibility of challenge and ‘cold shoulder’, anyone who might offer it.

There are so few members that Labours election machine is no more. The same tired faces appear on the photographs taken campaigning, to illustrate their lack of an election fighting machine.

Labour has adapted to this, by picking up some decidedly ‘bad habits’ of dubious legality, at best and illegal at worst!

Some Ward Labour Party’s have taken to paying for distribution companies, to deliver leaflets, albeit at a cost to them. This is perfectly legal, outside formal election periods, but is not, when it comes to delivering election materials, during the formal election period!

Some candidates have been able to enlist the help of many Taxi Drivers, to distribute their materials. Again this is acceptable outside election periods, but not during, as above.

Badged taxis have also been observed, ferrying campaigners and on election day itself, transporting labour voters to the polls! Both illegal!

It should be pointed out here, during election periods it is not acceptable, or legal, to use a badged Taxi for any electoral purpose, without first removing all evidence of it’s use as a Taxi. There would also be a problem with insurance for vehicles used in this way that would also need addressing.

These are just two ‘bad habits’, that Labour has developed in Rotherham.

Do readers have more?

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